40 American Dad Trivia Questions

Think you’ve seen it all in Langley Falls? 

From Roger’s ever-expanding personas to Stan’s hilariously outdated views, American Dad has entertained audiences for over 20 seasons. 

But are you a true Stan Smith of trivia, ready to test your knowledge of the Smiths and their wacky world?

Grab your martini (or alien brain fluid) and get ready to dive into these American Dad trivia questions that will separate the casual viewers from the die-hard fans. 

So, buckle up, true believers, and prepare to be amazed (or perhaps slightly disturbed) by the depths of your American Dad knowledge!

American Dad Trivia Questions

  1. In the episode “Rapture’s Delight,” what is the specific name of the anti-Christ who teams up with Stan to save Francine in a post-apocalyptic world?

  2. What is the full name of Roger’s alter ego who is a college professor specializing in archaeology, and in which episode does this character first appear?

  3. In “The Two Hundred,” after a catastrophic event leaves Stan all alone, he encounters versions of his family and friends based on what unique concept?

  4. Name the specific song by My Morning Jacket that plays a significant role in the episode “My Morning Straitjacket,” and describe its importance to the plot.

  5. What is the name of the high school that Steve attends, and in what episode is the school’s name first mentioned?

  6. In the episode “Lost in Space,” Jeff Fischer is sent to an alien space ship. What is the name of the emperor of the spaceship, and what unique characteristic does this leader possess?

  7. What is the title of the book written by Stan’s CIA double in the episode “The Longest Distance Relationship,” and how does it play a role in the storyline?

  8. During the episode “Blood Crieth Unto Heaven,” a unique storytelling format is used that differs from the rest of the series. What is this format, and how does it influence the episode’s narrative?

  9. In “Fartbreak Hotel,” Roger reveals he has a special talent that leads to a new career. What is the talent, and what alias does he adopt for this new identity?

  10. What is the name of the fictional country that Roger claims to be from in multiple episodes, and provide a detailed description of one of the customs or facts he mentions about this country?

  11. What specific event does Stan and Francine’s wedding anniversary coincide with, leading to annual conflicts in their episode-focused celebrations?

  12. In “A Jones for a Smith,” what is the name of the drug addiction Stan develops after mistakenly consuming it at a party?

  13. Roger has a birthmark on his body that resembles a famous historical figure. Who is the figure, and in which episode is this revealed?

  14. In the episode “The Vacation Goo,” what is the shocking truth about the Smith family vacations that Francine discovers?

  15. What is the name of Steve’s alter ego that emerges when he wears sunglasses given to him by Stan for a school dance, and what is the primary characteristic of this persona?

  16. In “The Phantom of the Telethon,” Roger attempts to sabotage a CIA telethon. What classic character does Roger emulate throughout this episode?

  17. Name the unique device invented by Klaus in “Da Flippity Flop” and its intended purpose.

  18. What is the title of the first episode in which Steve and his friends form a detective agency, and what name do they give to their group?

  19. In “Hot Water,” what is the name of the hot tub salesman who sells Stan a possessed hot tub, and what famous singer voices this character?

  20. What distinct physical transformation does Stan undergo in the episode “Wife Insurance,” and what causes this change?

  21. In “The One That Got Away,” Roger mentions he has a tattoo that only appears under what specific condition?

  22. What is the name of the fictitious board game that the Smith family becomes obsessed with in “Meter Made,” and what is the objective of the game?

  23. In “Stan Time,” what is the name of the pill that allows Stan to stay awake 24/7 without any need for sleep, and what are the unintended consequences?

  24. What is the hidden talent that Hayley reveals in “Bully for Steve,” and how does it impact the storyline?

  25. What are the names of the two characters introduced in “A Piñata Named Desire” who are actors and rivals of Roger and Stan in a community play?

  26. In which episode does Francine discover she has a secret talent for racing cars, and what triggers her to pursue this newfound skill?

  27. What is the name of the fictional reality TV show that Stan becomes obsessed with in “Tearjerker,” and what role does he play in thwarting its villainous plot?

  28. Name the historical figure Stan is revealed to be a direct descendant of in “The American Dad After School Special,” and how does this revelation impact the plot?

  29. What unique characteristic does the character ‘The Majestic’ possess in “Lost in Space,” and how does it affect the storyline?

  30. In “For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls,” what gift does Stan give Steve that leads to unexpected consequences during their Christmas celebration?

  31. Roger claims to have been a famous athlete in one of his personas. What is the name of this athlete, and in which sporting event did he supposedly excel?

  32. What is the name of the alien species that Roger belongs to, as finally revealed in later episodes, and what is unique about their reproductive process?

  33. In “Family Affair,” Roger starts dating a character’s sister. Whose sister is it, and what is the outcome of this relationship?

  34. What is the title of the song Steve writes for the school talent show in “American Fung,” and what unusual inspiration does he claim for the song?

  35. Name the fictional country where Stan sends Steve in “Camp Refoogee” to make him tougher, and describe one of the camp’s unexpected challenges.

  36. In “I Ain’t No Holodeck Boy,” what does Stan use the CIA’s holodeck for, and what iconic sci-fi series is this a reference to?

  37. What is the name of the high-stakes underground game that Roger and Steve become involved in “Cops and Roger,” and what are the rules?

  38. Describe the plot and the unique world that Stan, Francine, and Roger find themselves in during the episode “The Two Hundred.”

  39. What is the bizarre condition that affects Klaus in “Da Flippity Flop,” and how does he attempt to remedy it?

  40. In “School Lies,” what significant lie does Stan tell to secure Steve’s admission to a prestigious school, and what are the repercussions?


  1. The anti-Christ’s name is “The Anti-Christ.”

  2. The full name of Roger’s alter ego is “Professor Jordan Edelstein,” first appearing in the episode “The Lost Boys.”

  3. Stan encounters versions of his family and friends based on the various personas he has adopted over the years.

  4. The song is “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream, Pt. 2,” significant for its role in bonding Stan and the band, leading to a profound personal revelation for Stan.

  5. The name of the high school is Pearl Bailey High School, first mentioned in the episode “Pilot.”

  6. The emperor’s name is Emperor Zing, and his unique characteristic is that he is searching for true love.

  7. The book’s title is “A Hole in the Earth,” which helps Hayley move on from Jeff by believing he wrote it about their love.

  8. The format is a stage play, complete with theatrical lighting and asides to the audience, which adds dramatic depth to the family’s secrets and issues.

  9. Roger’s talent is for wine tasting, which he uses under the alias “Roger Smith, the Legman” to become a sommelier.

  10. The fictional country is “Moldavia,” and one custom mentioned is the celebration of “Frappe Day,” where citizens supposedly throw hot coffee on each other as a form of celebration.

  11. Stan and Francine’s wedding anniversary coincides with the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

  12. Stan becomes addicted to crack cocaine.

  13. The birthmark resembles Osama Bin Laden, revealed in “The One That Got Away.”

  14. Francine discovers that all their past vacations were fabricated experiences created in a virtual reality chamber.

  15. Steve’s alter ego is “Stefan,” characterized by his overwhelming confidence and smooth-talking abilities.

  16. Roger emulates the character of the Phantom from “The Phantom of the Opera.”

  17. Klaus invents the “Body Switching Device,” intending to switch bodies with someone else.

  18. The first episode featuring the detective agency is “Wheels & the Legman and the Case of Grandpa’s Key,” and the group is named “Wheels and the Legman.”

  19. The hot tub salesman is named Cee Lo Green, and he is voiced by the singer of the same name.

  20. Stan undergoes a transformation into a woman due to exposure to a CIA experiment gone awry.

  21. Roger mentions his tattoo only appears under black light.

  22. The fictitious board game is called “Best Little Horror House,” and the objective is to scare away the other players’ tenants.

  23. The pill is called “StayAwake,” and its unintended consequence is that Stan becomes increasingly detached from reality and his family.

  24. Hayley reveals she is an excellent marksman, which she uses to stand up to Steve’s bully.

  25. The characters are Juan and Eduardo, who compete with Roger and Stan in performing in the play “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

  26. Francine discovers her talent for racing cars in “The Fast and the Spurious” after accidentally entering a street race.

  27. The fictional TV show is “Tearjerker,” where Stan plays a James Bond-like character tasked with stopping the villain Tearjerker from executing his plot to make the world cry itself to death.

  28. Stan is revealed to be a direct descendant of Jack the Ripper, which he uses to justify his overprotective nature towards Hayley.

  29. The Majestic possesses the ability to see into the future, which he uses to help Jeff escape and return to Earth.

  30. Stan gives Steve an assault rifle for Christmas, which accidentally leads to them shooting a mall Santa.

  31. Roger claims to have been the famous figure skater Tonya Harding, known for her involvement in a scandal to cripple her competition.

  32. Roger’s species is revealed to be from the planet of the “Greys,” and they reproduce by laying eggs in a host, which then hatch into a new member of their species.

  33. Roger starts dating Hayley’s sister, Mel, but the relationship ends disastrously when his true identity is revealed.

  34. The song is titled “Daddy’s Gone,” and Steve claims it was inspired by the emotional absence of his father, despite it being a gross exaggeration.

  35. Steve is sent to “Camp Refoogee” in Africa, where one unexpected challenge includes navigating a minefield disguised as a soccer field.

  36. Stan uses the CIA’s holodeck to recreate a perfect day fishing with his son, a nod to “Star Trek’s” Holodeck technology.

  37. The game is called “Midnight Baseball,” where players must steal bases in real homes without getting caught, blending elements of baseball with burglary.

  38. In “The Two Hundred,” a toxic cloud forces Stan, Francine, and Roger to survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with hundreds of Stan clones.

  39. Klaus suffers from a condition where his fish body starts to reject his human brain, leading him to invent a device to switch bodies.

  40. Stan lies about Steve being a war orphan to gain sympathy and an edge in the admissions process, but the lie spirals out of control, leading to a veteran posing as Steve’s father.

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