36 Riddles about Apples

We all know and adore the humble apple – a delicious, crunchy friend that’s perfect for a snack, a pie, or even keeping the doctor away (allegedly).

But how well do you REALLY know this superstar fruit?

Get ready to have your mind blown (or at least tickled) with these riddles all about apples!

From their vibrant colors to their surprising history, these brain teasers will have you looking at your next apple with a whole new appreciation.

Let’s dive in.

Apple-Themed Riddles

Riddle 1:
In orchards I grow, on trees, I’m found,
Yet in most tales, I’m on the ground.
Snow White’s bane, yet health’s friend,
What am I, that’s often red?

Riddle 2:
I can be crunchy or soft, in desserts, I’m key,
In technology, though, an icon I be.
Not just a fruit, but a brand as well,
Guess my name, can you tell?

Riddle 3:
From blossom to fruit, I take my time,
In pies and juices, I often shine.
I can be golden or wear a blush,
What am I, that you should not rush?

Riddle 4:
In a barrel, I might be, amongst my kin,
A game in autumn, where teeth might win.
Or in a cider, sweet or tart,
Guess who I am, a fruit with heart.

Riddle 5:
New York’s symbol, yet I’m worldwide,
In a teacher’s desk, often I hide.
Green or red, sometimes in a pie,
What am I, that’s pleasing to the eye?

Riddle 6:
I’m often red, but I can be green,
In a famous phone, I am often seen.
I keep the doctor away each day,
What am I, that in lunches lay?

Riddle 7:
In a legend, I fell and caused a thought,
A gravity theory, by Newton was sought.
I’m not just a fruit, but a spark of the mind,
Who am I, that made Newton not blind?

Riddle 8:
In stories, I’m a symbol of sin,
Yet in daily life, good health I begin.
Often paired with honey at Rosh Hashanah’s start,
Guess what I am, a fruit that’s an art.

Riddle 9:
In a pie, I’m the star, no doubt,
With cinnamon, my flavor stands out.
Warm or cold, I’m a treat,
Who am I, that’s often sweet?

Riddle 10:
Eve’s temptation in many a tale,
In a tart or a crisp, I never fail.
Round and juicy, sometimes sour,
Guess my name, I’m more than a flower.

Riddle 11:
In fall, I’m picked, a family fun,
In ciders and sauces, my job is done.
Bobbing for me is a game at the fair,
What am I, with flavors rare?

Riddle 12:
I come in many varieties, over seven thousand in total,
In orchards I’m grown, in climate temperate and coastal.
Eaten raw or cooked, I adapt to your meal,
Who am I, with such universal appeal?

Riddle 13:
In myths, I’m a prize, golden to see,
In races and quests, sought eagerly.
Not just a fruit, but a trophy so bold,
Guess who I am, with a story untold.

Riddle 14:
Wrapped in dough, a delight I become,
In a strudel, my parts are not glum.
Sweet and tart, a balance so fine,
What am I, in this pastry divine?

Riddle 15:
When chilled, I’m a drink, refreshing and sweet,
In summer, I’m a thirst-quenching treat.
Made from my juice, a nectar so fine,
Who am I, in this summertime?

Riddle 16:
Atop a branch, I sway in the breeze,
A favorite of birds and bees.
Not just eaten, but often sung about,
Guess my identity, without a doubt.

Riddle 17:
In classrooms, I’m a symbol, an offering of sorts,
For teachers and knowledge, in schools of all sorts.
Red or green, a symbol so bright,
What am I, a delight in sight?

Riddle 18:
In cans or jars, I’m often found,
In pantries, my presence is sound.
Preserved or sauced, I keep well,
Guess who I am, with a story to tell.

Riddle 19:
In a pie, or just on my own,
With a crunch or a squish, my texture is shown.
I can be dipped or covered in caramel,
What am I, that in autumn does dwell?

Riddle 20:
With peanut butter, I make a great pair,
A snack that’s healthy, with flavor to spare.
Eaten raw, with a crunch and a munch,
Guess my name, a nutritious lunch.

Riddle 21:
In a tart, I’m the essence, the heart,
With sugar and spice, I play my part.
Baked until golden, a sight to behold,
What am I, in this story told?

Riddle 22:
I’m not just a fruit, but a color too,
In artworks and clothes, I come into view.
Often bright, with a cheerful hue,
Guess who I am, a clue for you.

Riddle 23:
In festivals, I’m a star, in autumn’s embrace,
In carnivals, you’ll find me in place.
On sticks, I’m dipped in a sweet, sticky sheen,
Who am I, in the fall scene?

Riddle 24:
I may be small or large, but always round,
In orchards and markets, I’m commonly found.
Eaten fresh or baked in a dish,
Guess my identity, what’s your wish?

Riddle 25:
I may be granny or fuji, names I wear,
In salads and snacks, I’m eaten with care.
Crisp and refreshing, a bite so clear,
What am I, throughout the year?

Riddle 26:
In a painting, I might be, a still life star,
Artists adore me, both near and far.
On canvas and paper, my form they capture,
Guess who I am, a muse of nature.

Riddle 27:
Once a year, I’m picked with joy,
In orchards, where girls and boys.
Gather ’round, in festive glee,
What am I, hanging on the tree?

Riddle 28:
In cider houses, I’m the main event,
Crushed and pressed, until I’m spent.
Juice so sweet, or turned to wine,
Guess my identity, a transformation divine.

Riddle 29:
In technology, I lead a revolution,
A brand, with a fruit as its solution.
Not just a food, but an emblem of innovation,
Who am I, a symbol of communication?

Riddle 30:
In folklore, I’m a fruit of discord,
Causing strife and battles aboard.
Golden and tempting, a cause of feud,
Guess who I am, in myths so shrewd.

Riddle 31:
In cold days, I warm you up inside,
In a spiced drink, where I reside.
With cinnamon sticks, a cozy delight,
What am I, on a chilly night?

Riddle 32:
Baked in a turnover, I’m a treat so sweet,
With pastry around, I’m a delightful eat.
Golden brown, a delectable sight,
Guess my role, in this culinary bite.

Riddle 33:
In science, I’m a term, for a model so clear,
Simplistic and fundamental, I appear.
Not just a fruit, but a concept, you see,
Who am I, in theories so free?

Riddle 34:
I can be a shade, in the world of design,
In clothes and paints, my color does shine.
A mix of red and yellow, vibrant and bright,
Guess my hue, a visual delight.

Riddle 35:
In pastries and jams, I often am found,
In kitchens and bakeries, my scent abounds.
Cooked down to a spread, or baked in a dough,
What am I, that chefs like to show?

Riddle 36:
I’m an icon in stories, from Eden’s own land,
In art and literature, my presence is grand.
Symbolic and ancient, a fruit so well known,
Guess my identity, through history shown.


Answer 1: An apple.

Answer 2: Apple (both the fruit and the technology company).

Answer 3: An apple, particularly a Golden Delicious or a blushing red variety.

Answer 4: An apple, often used in apple bobbing and cider making.

Answer 5: An apple, famously associated with New York, the “Big Apple.”

Answer 6: An apple, also depicted in the Apple Inc. logo.

Answer 7: An apple, famously linked to Sir Isaac Newton’s thoughts on gravity.

Answer 8: An apple, symbolically referenced in religious stories and Jewish traditions.

Answer 9: An apple, commonly the main ingredient in apple pie.

Answer 10: An apple, often portrayed in biblical tales and delicious in tarts and crisps.

Answer 11: An apple, a popular fruit for picking in the fall and used in various treats.

Answer 12: An apple, known for its vast varieties and versatility in cooking and eating.

Answer 13: The Golden Apple, often featured in mythology and legends.

Answer 14: An apple in an apple strudel.

Answer 15: Apple juice or apple cider, especially when served cold.

Answer 16: An apple, a common subject in songs and a favorite among wildlife.

Answer 17: An apple, traditionally given to teachers as a sign of appreciation.

Answer 18: Apple sauce or canned apples, a preserved form of the fruit.

Answer 19: An apple, often enjoyed in pies or as a caramel apple treat.

Answer 20: An apple, commonly paired with peanut butter for a healthy snack.

Answer 21: An apple, the main ingredient in many tarts.

Answer 22: The color “apple green” or “apple red,” referencing the fruit’s common colors.

Answer 23: A caramel apple, a popular treat at fairs and festivals.

Answer 24: An apple, versatile in size and preparation methods.

Answer 25: An apple, varieties like Granny Smith or Fuji.

Answer 26: An apple, a common subject in still life paintings.

Answer 27: An apple, often picked during harvest festivals.

Answer 28: An apple, used in making cider or apple wine.

Answer 29: The Apple logo, representing Apple Inc., a technology company.

Answer 30: The Golden Apple, featured in various mythological stories.

Answer 31: Hot apple cider, a popular drink during cold weather.

Answer 32: An apple, the key ingredient in apple turnovers.

Answer 33: The term “Apple Model,” used in science as a metaphor for simplicity.

Answer 34: Apple red or apple green, a color inspired by the fruit.

Answer 35: Apple, used in various culinary preparations like jams and pastries.

Answer 36: An apple, often associated with the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

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