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52 Baseball Riddles with Answers

Hey there, baseball fans!

Feeling a little drowsy during a pitching duel?

Need a way to liven up a long road trip to the ballpark?

Then step right up, because we’ve got the perfect challenge for you.

These brain teasers will test your knowledge of the game, from the diamond itself to the iconic gear.

Let’s see how many of them can you solve.

Baseball-Themed Riddles

Riddle 1:
I can be wound but I’m not a clock,
I’m tightly sewn but I don’t block.
In fields I soar, yet I am not a bird,
What am I? The answer’s not absurd.

Riddle 2:
A guardian in dirt or grass,
I stay low, letting no grounder pass.
I wear a glove but have no hand,
Who am I, in this baseball land?

Riddle 3:
I’m a swift path from here to there,
Used by those who steal with care.
Though I’m not a thief in the night,
In baseball, I’m a common sight.

Riddle 4:
I’m a tower in this lively game,
Of judgment and calls, that’s my fame.
Dressed in black, yet I’m not a knight,
Who am I, keeping the game right?

Riddle 5:
I swing and hit, but I’m not in a fight,
I strive for the fences with all my might.
A tool in my hands, I use with skill,
Who am I, playing with thrill?

Riddle 6:
In a diamond, I’m a king,
Controlling the game is my thing.
I pitch and I throw, with great might,
Who am I, in this field of light?

Riddle 7:
I capture flies but I’m not a web,
In the outfield, my skills, I ebb.
I sprint and I leap, with great flair,
Who am I, catching with care?

Riddle 8:
I’m a part of the game, but I don’t play ball,
I keep score and records, big and small.
In a booth, I watch with keen sight,
Who am I, recording the fight?

Riddle 9:
I am round and hard, hit far and wide,
Around the bases, I smoothly glide.
In a park, I’m chased, under the sun,
What am I, in this game of fun?

Riddle 10:
I sit behind the plate, but I don’t eat,
Catching fast pitches, a feat not so neat.
I signal and guide, with gear so grand,
Who am I, with the mitt in hand?

Riddle 11:
Not a bird, yet I fly in the park,
Hit by a bat, I embark.
Over the fence, I’m a celebratory sight,
What am I, in this flight of might?

Riddle 12:
I guard a base, but I’m not a soldier,
Against runners, I’m bolder.
I tag and I catch, with agility and pace,
Who am I, in this base-race?

Riddle 13:
I’m a part of the game, but I don’t bat or throw,
I make decisions, sometimes slow.
In stripes, I stand, making calls so bold,
Who am I, in this game old?

Riddle 14:
I am old but not weak, in fields, I speak,
With stories and legends, my voice isn’t meek.
Where history is made, and dreams are spun,
What am I, where the game is won?

Riddle 15:
I dance and I dash, I’m quick on my feet,
Stealing bases, a task I find sweet.
Not a thief, but a runner so slick,
Who am I, with moves so quick?

Riddle 16:
I’m a part of the field, both loved and cursed,
For bounces unpredictable, I’m often rehearsed.
Green and vast, where players roam,
What am I, the outfielder’s home?

Riddle 17:
In the heat of the game, I offer relief,
When pitchers tire, I’m the chief.
A fresh arm from the pen, I come out to play,
Who am I, in this crucial fray?

Riddle 18:
I’m a master of stats, a lover of facts,
In the dugout, I plan all the acts.
Strategies and plays, from my mind they start,
Who am I, the team’s thinking heart?

Riddle 19:
You’ll find me in a mitt, but I’m not a hand,
At high speed, I land.
Thrown with spins, curves, and might,
What am I, in this dynamic flight?

Riddle 20:
I’m a path well-trod, by heroes and more,
Leading to victory, lore, and score.
Round and dusty, where legends tread,
What am I, where winners are led?

Riddle 21:
I ring loud in parks, a sound of joy,
For each home run hit by a girl or boy.
Not a bell, but I bring delight,
What am I, in this celebratory light?

Riddle 22:
I’m a number on the back, but I’m not just a figure,
In fans’ hearts and minds, I loom larger and bigger.
A symbol of skill, of greatness, and fame,
What am I, in this numbers game?

Riddle 23:
I’m worn on the head, but I’m not just for show,
In the sun and the lights, I’m part of the flow.
Colors and logos, I proudly display,
What am I, worn every game day?

Riddle 24:
I’m a swing and a miss, a batter’s dread,
A pitcher’s joy, when ahead.
Not a hit, but part of the game’s thrall,
What am I, feared by all?

Riddle 25:
I’m a collection of cards, but not just for play,
I hold heroes of the field, in my array.
Images and stats, for fans to adore,
What am I, a treasure trove of lore?

Riddle 26:
I’m a term for a hit, not soft but hard,
Sending the ball beyond the yard.
A name that implies power and might,
What am I, a hitter’s delight?

Riddle 27:
I am round yet not a ball, in parks, I’m seen by all.
A destination for those who run,
What am I, where the point is won?

Riddle 28:
I have stitches but I’m not a wound,
In the game’s lore, I am deeply entwined.
Thrown with skill, in curves and lines,
What am I, in the pitcher’s designs?

Riddle 29:
I’m not a bird, but I catch long flies,
In the diamond’s corners, my talent lies.
Jumping and diving, in grass or dirt,
Who am I, always alert?

Riddle 30:
I’m a part of the game, but not of the play,
In the stands, I watch, cheer, and sway.
Not a player, but just as keen,
Who am I, often heard but not seen?

Riddle 31:
I protect the shins, but I’m not a guard,
In the dirt, I squat, always on my guard.
Part of the battery, but not an electric cell,
Who am I, in this position so swell?

Riddle 32:
I’m a swing, not in a park,
But in a stadium, making a mark.
Not for children, but for the crowd’s cheer,
What am I, bringing hope or fear?

Riddle 33:
I am a tool in the pitcher’s hand,
Not a brush, but I paint the land.
With precision and speed, my work is done,
What am I, in this game of run?

Riddle 34:
I stand alone, often under the sun,
Watching plays, calling each one.
Dressed in blue, with judgment clear,
Who am I, with decisions to steer?

Riddle 35:
I’m not a queen, but I rule a diamond,
Over bases and players, my reign is common.
Strategies and signals are my command,
Who am I, with the lineup in hand?

Riddle 36:
You hear me crack, but I’m not a whip,
In the hands of a batter, I let it rip.
Made of wood or metal, in my grip,
What am I, part of the hit script?

Riddle 37:
I’m a fortress of sorts, with a glove as my gate,
Against balls and strikes, I decide the fate.
Behind the plate, my territory lies,
Who am I, with keen eyes?

Riddle 38:
I’m not a spy, but I steal signs,
In the game, within the lines.
Reading the opponent, a skill so fine,
Who am I, in this clandestine design?

Riddle 39:
I’m a tapestry of history, with scores and names,
Recording feats, triumphs, and games.
A book of sorts, but not for tales,
What am I, where history prevails?

Riddle 40:
I’m not a king, but I wear a crown,
In the outfield, I’m renowned.
Chasing down hits, with leaps and bounds,
Who am I, where the ball is found?

Riddle 41:
I’m not a bird, but in the air I soar,
Hit with might, hear the crowd roar.
Over walls, I make my flight,
What am I, in this powerful sight?

Riddle 42:
I’m a dance and a shuffle, not for fun,
But a technique under the sun.
In the batter’s box, a ritual seen,
What am I, part of the baseball scene?

Riddle 43:
I’m not a soldier, but in a field I fight,
With bat and glove, in the stadium’s light.
Not just a player, but a star so bright,
Who am I, in the fans’ delight?

Riddle 44:
I’m a term of success, not a bird in the nest,
In baseball, a feat that’s among the best.
A journey around the bases, a thrilling quest,
What am I, when the game is at its crest?

Riddle 45:
I am a sound, not a clap or cheer,
But in the game, I’m always near.
From the mound to the mitt, a path I clear,
What am I, in the pitcher’s sphere?

Riddle 46:
I’m not a fish, but I catch what’s thrown,
In a game of skill, my prowess is shown.
Behind the plate, a defender alone,
Who am I, in my protective zone?

Riddle 47:
I’m a part of the park, not a seat or a stand,
But a place where players often land.
A square in the dirt, where the game is grand,
What am I, part of the field so grand?

Riddle 48:
I’m not a clock, but I time the hits,
In the game, my role perfectly fits.
A device in hand, counting seconds in bits,
What am I, in the game’s analytics?

Riddle 49:
I’m a gesture, not a word,
In the game, often seen but rarely heard.
A signal from the coach, not absurd,
What am I, conveying without a word?

Riddle 50:
I’m a circle, not a ring,
On the field, a common thing.
For the pitcher, a place to stand and fling,
What am I, in the diamond’s swing?

Riddle 51:
I’m not a bird, but I have a roost,
In the stadium, my presence is introduced.
High above, my views are produced,
What am I, where the game is deduced?

Riddle 52:
I’m not a thief, but I cover a base,
With agility and speed, I embrace.
In the infield, my skills I chase,
Who am I, in this pivotal place?


Riddle 1 Answer: A baseball.

Riddle 2 Answer: The third baseman.

Riddle 3 Answer: A base path.

Riddle 4 Answer: The umpire.

Riddle 5 Answer: The batter.

Riddle 6 Answer: The pitcher.

Riddle 7 Answer: An outfielder.

Riddle 8 Answer: The scorekeeper.

Riddle 9 Answer: A baseball.

Riddle 10 Answer: The catcher.

Riddle 11 Answer: A home run ball.

Riddle 12 Answer: A baseman.

Riddle 13 Answer: The home plate umpire.

Riddle 14 Answer: A historic baseball stadium.

Riddle 15 Answer: The base stealer.

Riddle 16 Answer: The outfield grass.

Riddle 17 Answer: The relief pitcher.

Riddle 18 Answer: The manager.

Riddle 19 Answer: A baseball (specifically a pitch).

Riddle 20 Answer: The base paths.

Riddle 21 Answer: The crack of the bat.

Riddle 22 Answer: A player’s jersey number.

Riddle 23 Answer: A baseball cap.

Riddle 24 Answer: A strikeout.

Riddle 25 Answer: A collection of baseball cards.

Riddle 26 Answer: A “dinger” or home run.

Riddle 27 Answer: Home plate.

Riddle 28 Answer: A baseball.

Riddle 29 Answer: An outfielder.

Riddle 30 Answer: A fan.

Riddle 31 Answer: The catcher.

Riddle 32 Answer: A baseball swing.

Riddle 33 Answer: A baseball pitch.

Riddle 34 Answer: A field umpire.

Riddle 35 Answer: The team manager.

Riddle 36 Answer: A baseball bat.

Riddle 37 Answer: The catcher.

Riddle 38 Answer: A base coach.

Riddle 39 Answer: A scorebook.

Riddle 40 Answer: The center fielder.

Riddle 41 Answer: A home run ball.

Riddle 42 Answer: The batter’s box routine.

Riddle 43 Answer: A professional baseball player.

Riddle 44 Answer: A home run.

Riddle 45 Answer: The sound of a pitch.

Riddle 46 Answer: The catcher.

Riddle 47 Answer: A base.

Riddle 48 Answer: A stopwatch.

Riddle 49 Answer: A coaching signal.

Riddle 50 Answer: The pitcher’s mound.

Riddle 51 Answer: The press box.

Riddle 52 Answer: An infielder.

52 Baseball Riddles with Answers

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