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40 Clothes Riddles with Answers

Feeling a little bored?

Want to test your knowledge of the threads that keep us covered?

Well, buckle up (or unbuckle your belt, if you prefer) because we’ve got a wardrobe full of riddles just for you!

We’re talking about some brain teasers that will have you thinking twice about those everyday articles of clothing.

Who knows, when you try to solve them, you might even learn a thing or two about fashion history along the way!

Let’s play!

Clothes Riddles

  1. I have sleeves, yet I’m not a shirt; I’m worn in winter, comfort to exert. What am I?

  2. Often striped or maybe plain, in your wardrobe, I often reign. On your legs, I snugly fit, not too loose, and not a bit. What am I?

  3. I am a type of coat, sleek and fine, protect you in rain, my design so divine. I’m not heavy, but rather light, in wet weather, I’m just right. What am I?

  4. With buttons or zippers, I come and go, on your chest, my presence I show. In summer or winter, I can be found, keeping you stylish, all year round. What am I?

  5. Upon your head, I sit so neat, protecting you from sun or sleet. In many styles, colors galore, I’m what you wear when you step out the door. What am I?

  6. A pair I am, but not of shoes; in me, your feet, you’ll snugly infuse. To warm your toes, in cold I thrive, keeping the comfort of feet alive. What am I?

  7. A staple in fashion, I am indeed, in every closet, I take the lead. With pockets and loops, I am seen; in blue or black, or shades between. What am I?

  8. Long or short, I swing with flair, in summer winds, I dance in the air. Around your waist, I fit just right, making your outfit a delightful sight. What am I?

  9. I am worn in layers, not just one; in colder months, my job is done. Over shirts or under coats, I keep you warm, take note of my totes. What am I?

  10. I clasp and hold, but not with hands; around your waist, I meet demands. Through loops I go, in leather or cloth, I keep your pants from heading south. What am I?

  11. On your fingers, I am found, in various shapes, I am bound. A part of your style, subtle yet bold, sometimes silver, sometimes gold. What am I?

  12. I cover your feet, but not in socks; in gyms and parks, I endure hard knocks. Tied with laces, or maybe none, in me, your running or walking is done. What am I?

  13. Underneath it all, I reside, not often seen, but I provide. Comfort and support, in various styles, I stay hidden, behind your smiles. What am I?

  14. I dangle from ears, not quite reaching your shoulder, adding sparkle and style, making you look bolder. What am I?

  15. Often made of silk, around your neck, I twirl; I add a touch of class, for both a boy or girl. In knots and styles, many ways I’m shown, an accessory in fashion, elegantly known. What am I?

  16. I have many pockets, but I’m not a coat; I carry tools and gadgets, floating like a boat. Worn by many workers, my purpose is clear, holding essentials close, always near. What am I?

  17. In winter’s grip, I come in handy; covering your hands, I’m quite dandy. Made of wool or maybe fleece, I keep your fingers warm, at least. What am I?

  18. On your wrist, I’m tightly bound, in styles and colors, I am found. Not just a fashion, but practical too, I help you keep time, the whole day through. What am I?

  19. Close to your chest, I snugly stay, under shirts and sweaters, every day. I’m essential and basic, yet unseen, part of daily wear, for hygiene. What am I?

  20. You step into me, one foot then another; I’m not a shoe, but I do cover. Stretchy and soft, around your waist I cling, under your clothes, I’m hiding. What am I?

  21. In summer sun, I shield your sight, on your nose and ears, I sit light. Fashionable and functional, I protect your eyes, from the bright glare of the skies. What am I?

  22. For your legs, two tubes I’ve got, in winter cold, I’m needed a lot. Thicker than tights, warmer indeed, I’m what you wear under pants in need. What am I?

  23. I’m a small piece of cloth, but not for your face; on a jacket or shirt, I take my place. Often embroidered, a symbol or sign, indicating your style or a group you align. What am I?

  24. Around your middle, I snugly fit; often overlooked, but I do my bit. I hold up stockings, a vintage flair, once a necessity, now quite rare. What am I?

  25. I’m not a hat, but I cover your head; in showers and baths, I’m used instead. Keeping your hair dry, I’m worn tight, a cap of sorts, but not for daylight. What am I?

  26. Feathered or furry, on your head I perch, in olden days, a noble search. A symbol of status, elegant and grand, a headwear choice that’s quite high-end. What am I?

  27. I’m not a blanket, but I wrap around you; in colors and patterns, I’m often found new. Worn over shoulders or around your neck, in cold weather, I offer a warm check. What am I?

  28. Tall or short, I stand with pride; made of leather, or sometimes hide. Around your foot, and up your leg, I’m worn in rain, but never to beg. What am I?

  29. Buttons up front, but not a shirt; I cover your legs, in dirt or dirt. Worn by farmers, or when you paint, I’m practical, without any complaint. What am I?

  30. I have no sleeves, yet I’m a layer; over shirts or dresses, I’m often a player. In formal settings, or office wear, I add a touch of class, with flair. What am I?

  31. Upon your hands, these items rest, in winter’s chill, they pass the test. Matching your scarf, hat, or coat, they’re knitted with care, stitch by stitch, note by note. What am I?

  32. A close companion, from day to night; under clothes, I hold things tight. In various shapes, sizes, and hues, I offer support, that’s my main use. What am I?

  33. I’m not a shoe, but I cover your toe; in sports or workouts, I’m sure to show. Breathable and light, with a snug fit, I help your performance, bit by bit. What am I?

  34. A single piece, but not a dress; for workouts and yoga, I’m designed to impress. Stretchy and tight, I move with you, keeping you comfy, in all that you do. What am I?

  35. In the pool or at the beach, I’m what you wear, within your reach. Not quite clothing, but a must-have indeed, in water, I’m your basic need. What am I?

  36. Around your neck, but not a tie; when you’re feeling sick, I’m nearby. Soft and comforting, often quite plush, in cold and flu, I’m a must. What am I?

  37. Bright and bold, on your feet, I scream style, down the street. Not just practical, but a fashion statement too, in various designs, I come to you. What am I?

  38. I hang from your shoulder, always in tow; carrying your items, wherever you go. Not a piece of clothing, but part of your look, holding your essentials, like a book. What am I?

  39. Not a hat, but I cover your head; in cold weather, you bring me to bed. Made of wool, fleece, or cotton blend, I’m your warmth, a nighttime friend. What am I?

  40. In a pair, I’m often found, making soft, a comforting sound. Beneath your feet, I cushion your step, in homes and offices, I’m adept. What am I?


  1. A Sweater.

  2. Pants or Jeans.

  3. A Raincoat.

  4. A Jacket.

  5. A Hat or Cap.

  6. Socks.

  7. Jeans.

  8. A Skirt.

  9. A Sweater or Cardigan.

  10. A Belt.

  11. Rings.

  12. Shoes or Sneakers.

  13. Underwear.

  14. Earrings.

  15. A Scarf or Necktie.

  16. A Tool Vest.

  17. Gloves or Mittens.

  18. A Watch or Bracelet.

  19. Underwear or a Bra.

  20. Leggings or Long Underwear.

  21. Sunglasses.

  22. Thermal Leggings or Woolen Tights.

  23. A Patch or Badge.

  24. A Garter Belt.

  25. A Shower Cap.

  26. A Fancy Hat or Fascinator.

  27. A Shawl or Wrap.

  28. Boots.

  29. Overalls or Coveralls.

  30. A Vest.

  31. Mittens or Gloves.

  32. Undergarments or Shapewear.

  33. Athletic Socks.

  34. A Jumpsuit or Bodysuit.

  35. Swimwear or a Swimsuit.

  36. A Scarf.

  37. Fashionable Sneakers.

  38. A Handbag or Purse.

  39. A Nightcap.

  40. Carpet or Rugs.

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