40 Family Guy Trivia Questions

Welcome, fellow Family Guy enthusiasts, to a trivia adventure that will test your knowledge of Quahog’s most eccentric residents and their outrageous escapades! 

From Peter Griffin’s harebrained schemes to Stewie’s diabolical plans for world domination, Family Guy has been entertaining audiences with its irreverent humor and off-the-wall antics for over two decades.

So, grab your favorite beverage, settle into your comfiest spot on the couch, and get ready to dive deep into the wacky world of Family Guy. 

Let’s dive in!

Family Guy Trivia Questions

  1. In the episode “Road to the Multiverse,” Stewie and Brian travel to various alternate realities. What is the designation of the universe where dogs rule over humans?

  2. Which historical figure does Stewie become obsessed with to the point of building a time machine to meet him in the episode “The Big Bang Theory“?

  3. In “And Then There Were Fewer,” a two-part murder mystery episode, who is the killer responsible for the deaths at James Woods’ mansion?

  4. What is the full name of Lois’s maiden name before she married Peter Griffin?

  5. In “Back to the Pilot,” Brian warns his past self about an upcoming event to prevent it. What is the event?

  6. What is the name of the barbershop quartet Peter forms with his friends in the episode “Petarded”?

  7. In “Patriot Games,” what is the name of the English gentleman who becomes Peter’s archenemy after a disagreement at a football game?

  8. What is the title of the fictional children’s book written by Brian Griffin that becomes a bestseller?

  9. In the episode “Meet the Quagmires,” Peter uses Death’s time machine to go back to the 1980s. What specific year does he travel to, and who does he try to impress during this trip?

  10. What is the secret ingredient in Peter’s beer that wins him a brewing contest in the episode “Wasted Talent”?

  11. What is the name of the novel written by Peter Griffin that he finds out has been published by Carter Pewterschmidt without his knowledge?

  12. In “Brian Goes Back to College,” which famous journalist does Brian Griffin work with at The New Yorker?

  13. What is the name of Quagmire’s baby daughter, whom he discovers he has in the episode “Quagmire’s Baby”?

  14. In “The Griffin Family History,” when the family hides in a panic room, Peter tells the story of his ancestors. What is the name of the Griffin ancestor who supposedly accompanied Moses?

  15. In “Stewie Kills Lois” (Part 1), Stewie buys a ticket to a destination to escape after his presumed successful attempt to kill Lois. Where is he headed?

  16. What is the name of Stewie’s teddy bear?

  17. In the episode “You Can’t Do That On Television, Peter,” Peter creates and stars in his own children’s TV show. What is the name of the show?

  18. In “I Dream of Jesus,” Peter becomes obsessed with a certain song after discovering it at a diner. What is the song?

  19. Who is the artist that Peter and Lois go see in concert in the episode “Let’s Go to the Hop,” leading to Peter’s high school alter ego, Lando Griffin?

  20. In “The Fat Guy Strangler,” what is the name of Lois’s long-lost brother who has a deep-seated fear of fat people?

  21. In the episode “Ocean’s Three and a Half,” what is the name of Bonnie and Joe Swanson’s baby?

  22. What rare disease does Peter get diagnosed with in “Peter’s Got Woods,” which makes him intelligent overnight?

  23. In “Brian Writes a Bestseller,” Brian appears on a talk show to promote his book. What is the name of the talk show host?

  24. In “Pilling Them Softly,” Stewie gets addicted to ADHD medication. What is the name of the medication?

  25. In “Underage Peter,” Peter uses a fake ID to buy alcohol. What name does he use on the ID?

  26. What is the name of the high school that Peter, Lois, and other adult characters attended?

  27. In the episode “Road to Rhode Island,” Brian goes to pick up Stewie from his grandparents’ house. In which state do Stewie’s grandparents live?

  28. In “Not All Dogs Go To Heaven,” which Star Trek: The Next Generation cast member does Stewie kidnap to create his own version of the Enterprise bridge?

  29. What is the name of the cult that Lois joins in “Not All Dogs Go To Heaven”?

  30. In “The Courtship of Stewie’s Father,” where do Stewie and Peter go to bond, leading to Stewie becoming more aggressive?

  31. What is the name of the vaudeville-style musical number Peter and Brian perform in “Road to Rupert”?

  32. In “Prick Up Your Ears,” Lois becomes the school’s sex education teacher. What controversial method does she advocate?

  33. What is the name of the fisherman with the wooden board for a hand in “A Fish out of Water”?

  34. In “One if by Clam, Two if by Sea,” which British pub replaces The Drunken Clam after it is destroyed in a hurricane?

  35. What is the name of the Italian playboy who becomes Peter’s best friend in “Boopa-Dee Bappa-Dee”?

  36. In “Sibling Rivalry,” after a fight with Peter, what competitive eating event does Lois enter?

  37. What is the title of the movie that Peter shoots in his backyard in “April in Quahog”?

  38. In “Brian’s a Bad Father,” what is the name of Brian’s son?

  39. What is the name of the retirement community where Peter’s mom moves in “Mom’s the Word”?

  40. In “The Man with Two Brians,” the Griffins adopt a new dog to invigorate Brian. What is the new dog’s name?


  1. Universe 5-23.

  2. Leonardo da Vinci.

  3. Diane Simmons.

  4. Lois Pewterschmidt.

  5. The 9/11 terrorist attacks.

  6. The New England Patriots.

  7. Nigel Pinchley.

  8. “Wish It, Want It, Do It.”

  9. Peter travels back to 1984 to impress Lois.

  10. Pawtucket Pat’s secret ingredient is toxic waste.

  11. “Faster Than the Speed of Love.”

  12. George Plimpton.

  13. Anna Lee.

  14. Moses Griffin.

  15. Cuba.

  16. Rupert.

  17. “Petey’s Funhouse.”

  18. “Surfin’ Bird” by The Trashmen.

  19. KISS.

  20. Patrick Pewterschmidt.

  21. Susie Swanson.

  22. The “Seth Rogen” gene.

  23. Real Time with Bill Maher.

  24. Kidney Now.

  25. McArthur Parker.

  26. James Woods Regional High School.

  27. Rhode Island.

  28. Patrick Stewart.

  29. The Healing Church.

  30. Disneyland.

  31. “The Freakin’ FCC.”

  32. Abstinence-only education.

  33. Seamus.

  34. The Clam’s Head Pub.

  35. Paolo.

  36. The Quahog Pie-Eating Contest.

  37. “Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High.”

  38. Dylan Flannigan.

  39. Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory Retirement Village.

  40. New Brian.

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