32 Full House Trivia Questions

“Full House” is a sitcom that captured the hearts of viewers around the world during its original run from 1987 to 1995. 

With its endearing characters, heartfelt life lessons, and memorable catchphrases, the show has remained a classic in the world of television. 

If you’re a die-hard fan or just someone who enjoys a trip down memory lane, this Full House trivia quiz is perfect for you. 

Challenge yourself and see how well you know the Tanner family and their extended household.

Full House Trivia Questions

  1. In the episode “The Miracle of Thanksgiving,” which character does D.J. mistakenly call “Mom” while she’s preparing the Thanksgiving dinner?

  2. What is the name of the song Jesse writes for Becky, which he sings to her in the episode titled “The Wedding (Part 2)”?

  3. During the series, Joey Gladstone is known for his impressions. Can you name three celebrities or characters he impersonated throughout the show’s run?

  4. In the episode “Sisters in Crime,” what movie do D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle lie about seeing to instead watch a movie they’re too young to see?

  5. What is the name of the talk show that Danny and Becky co-host together?

  6. What specific advice does Jesse give to Michelle in the episode “The Last Dance,” which deals with the loss of a loved one?

  7. What is the name of the stuffed animal that Michelle carries around in several episodes, and what makes it unique?

  8. Before settling in San Francisco, where was Jesse Katsopolis originally supposed to have been from according to the show’s early episodes?

  9. What is the name of the song that the Beach Boys perform with the Tanner family in the episode “Beach Boy Bingo”?

  10. What future famous actor played Steve’s cousin in the episode “Just One of the Guys” and what is notable about his character?

  11. Which character accidentally cuts off a chunk of Jesse’s hair just before a very important event, and what was the event?

  12. What is the name of Stephanie’s friend who is also known for being a troublemaker and leads her into several misadventures?

  13. In the series finale, “Michelle Rides Again (Part 2),” what specific thing does Michelle recover that helps her regain her memory?

  14. What is the full name of Comet, the Tanner family’s golden retriever?

  15. Which famous musician guest stars as himself in the episode “Stephanie Gets Framed” and gives Stephanie advice about wearing glasses?

  16. What are the names of Jesse and Becky’s twin sons?

  17. In what episode does Kimmy Gibbler host a party at the Tanner house without Danny’s permission, and what was the occasion?

  18. What was the name of Danny Tanner’s wife, and how did she pass away?

  19. What unique talent does D.J. Tanner showcase in the school fundraiser episode “Our Very First Telethon”?

  20. Who is Rusty, and what prank does he play on the Tanner family during his first appearance in the show?

  21. What is the name of the episode where the Tanner family travels to Hawaii, and what is the reason for their trip?

  22. Name the character who becomes Jesse’s partner in the Smash Club after he decides to buy it.

  23. What is the name of the toy commercial that Michelle auditions for, leading to a rivalry with Stephanie?

  24. In “The House Meets the Mouse” episodes, what specific wish does Michelle make at Walt Disney World that upsets Stephanie?

  25. What career does D.J. Tanner aspire to pursue, as mentioned in various episodes throughout the series?

  26. Who is Vicky Larson, and what significant role does she play in Danny Tanner’s life?

  27. In the episode “Just Say No Way,” why does D.J. get in trouble at school?

  28. What is the name of the song Jesse and the Rippers are famous for, which Jesse often performs on the show?

  29. In which episode does Kimmy Gibbler wear a memorable bacon and eggs scarf, and who made it for her?

  30. What unusual gift does Joey give Michelle for her birthday, leading to an unexpected situation in the Tanner household?

  31. How does Stephanie Tanner accidentally drive Joey’s car into the kitchen, and in which episode does this happen?

  32. What is the name of the dance that D.J. and Kimmy choreograph for their school’s talent show, and what makes it unique?


  1. Stephanie

  2. “Forever”

  3. Popeye, Kermit the Frog, and Bullwinkle J. Moose

  4. “Psycho II”

  5. “Wake Up, San Francisco”

  6. He advises her to remember the good times and keep the loved one alive in her heart.

  7. Mr. Bear, and it’s unique because it was Stephanie’s comfort object since she was a baby.

  8. He was originally mentioned to be from Greece.

  9. “Kokomo”

  10. Scott Baio played Steve’s cousin, Pete, who is notable for being a cool older “guy” figure that Danny and Joey try to impress.

  11. Jesse’s grandfather, Papouli, accidentally cuts his hair before his wedding.

  12. Gia Mahan

  13. Her memory of falling off her horse during a jumping competition.

  14. Comet’s full name is never explicitly given in the series, but he’s affectionately just called Comet.

  15. Little Richard

  16. Nicholas (Nicky) and Alexander (Alex) Katsopolis

  17. “A Fish Called Martin” was the episode where Kimmy hosts a party to celebrate her 16th birthday.

  18. Pam Tanner; she died in a car accident caused by a drunk driver.

  19. D.J. showcases her talent for singing by performing a song.

  20. Rusty is Danny’s girlfriend’s son, who is known for his practical jokes; one notable prank involved a fake love letter that causes confusion among the Tanner family members.

  21. “Tanner’s Island”; they go to celebrate the show’s 100th episode anniversary.

  22. Kimmy Gibbler eventually becomes Jesse’s partner in the Smash Club.

  23. The “Oat Boats” cereal commercial.

  24. She wishes to be princess for the day, leading to Stephanie feeling overlooked and forgotten.

  25. D.J. aspires to be a veterinarian.

  26. Vicky Larson is a co-host on “Wake Up, San Francisco” and becomes Danny’s serious girlfriend, even getting engaged to him at one point.

  27. She is accused of drinking beer at a school dance, though she was actually innocent.

  28. “Forever” is the song Jesse and the Rippers are known for, aside from being Jesse’s song for Becky.

  29. The episode is not specified by a unique event for the scarf; Kimmy often wears quirky outfits, but a specific episode for the bacon and eggs scarf isn’t highlighted in the series.

  30. Joey gifts Michelle a pet donkey, which leads to comedic chaos in the household.

  31. This happens in “Stephanie’s Wild Ride”; she accidentally puts the car in reverse while trying to listen to the radio, not realizing it was in gear.

  32. The dance is called “The Sprain,” and it’s unique because it incorporates a goofy move inspired by an accidental injury, making it a hit at the talent show.
Full House Trivia Questions

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