40 Ghost Riddles With Answers

Hey there, riddle enthusiasts and all things spooky!

It’s that time of year again – the leaves are changing, the air is getting crisp, and whispers of ghosts and ghouls fill the night.

Whether you’re a seasoned paranormal investigator or just a scaredy-cat looking for a giggle, this post is for you.

We have conjured up 40 ghost riddles that are sure to test your wits and maybe even send a shiver down your spine (or tickle your funny bone, depending on your fear tolerance).

So grab your pumpkin spice latte, dim the lights, and get ready for a hauntingly good time!

Riddles about Ghosts

  1. What am I if I’m not alive but seem to wander, I howl in the halls and make you ponder?

  2. I float through walls with an eerie glow, but when you reach out, there’s nothing to show.

  3. At midnight’s stroke, I start to roam, in ancient halls, I make my home. Who am I that haunts the night, seen but gone at morning light?

  4. With a chilling whisper, I call your name, in an empty room, but who’s to blame?

  5. They say I’m a soul that’s lost its way, seen in the dark, but hidden by day.

  6. I haunt old houses, yet I harm no one, in the dead of night, my tales are spun.

  7. I drift in the air, but I’m not a breeze, in the corner of your eye, I’m seen with ease.

  8. Without a heart or beating chest, I roam the earth, in search of rest.

  9. Cloaked in white, I silently glide, leaving trails of fear, where I reside.

  10. Through creaking floors, I make my way, unseen by most, by night and day.

  11. In tales of old, I’m often found, bringing chills with every sound.

  12. I whisper secrets of the past, in ancient rooms, my voice is cast.

  13. A ghostly figure in the mist, a fleeting shadow you can’t resist.

  14. I linger in halls with a silent dread, unseen by most, where have I tread?

  15. In mirrors, you glimpse my fleeting trace, but turn around, no face to face.

  16. I rustle the leaves on a windless night, causing hearts to flutter with fright.

  17. You hear my steps on the old wood floor, but open the door, and I am no more.

  18. In photos, I appear as a misty haze, a remnant of long-gone days.

  19. I cause a chill when I’m near, but when you look, I disappear.

  20. I whisper words in the dead of night, but vanish at the first sign of light.

  21. You feel my presence in an empty room, a scent of flowers like a forgotten perfume.

  22. In the attic, I roam alone, surrounded by things once known.

  23. My touch is cold, like a winter’s breeze, felt but unseen, as I please.

  24. I’m heard in the echo of an old song, in places where I don’t belong.

  25. I dance in the candle’s flickering flame, my existence, just a nameless name.

  26. In dreams, I whisper ancient tales, in sleep, you hear my ghostly wails.

  27. In the stroke of midnight’s chime, I appear, where time stands still, am I near or far?

  28. Under the full moon’s pale light, I cast no shadow, nor reflect in sight.

  29. I whisper secrets in a house so old, through these halls, my tales are boldly told.

  30. In the library, I rustle pages of books unread, but seek me there, and you’ll find air instead.

  31. By the lakeside, I wander alone, leaving no footprints, in the moonlight shown.

  32. My laughter echoes in empty halls, a sound so eerie it crawls and falls.

  33. Where history sleeps, I am awake, in ancient castles, my residence I take.

  34. Through frosted windows, I watch and stare, but when you look back, there’s nothing there.

  35. In portraits old, I hide my face, haunting memories of a forgotten grace.

  36. In the garden’s mist, I roam at dawn, but as the sun rises, I am gone.

  37. I hover over where the dead rest, a silent guardian, an unseen guest.

  38. My footsteps heard on an empty stair, a presence felt, but nothing’s there.

  39. In the flicker of an old film reel, my silhouette is all that’s real to feel.

  40. I linger where tragedy once struck, in the air, a feeling of unlucky luck.


  1. A Ghost.

  2. A Phantom.

  3. A Specter.

  4. A Poltergeist.

  5. A Spirit.

  6. A Haunting Ghost.

  7. An Apparition.

  8. A Restless Soul.

  9. A Wraith.

  10. A Shadowy Presence.

  11. An Eerie Entity.

  12. A Whispering Spirit.

  13. A Mysterious Phantom.

  14. A Silent Specter.

  15. A Mirror Ghost.

  16. A Night Spirit.

  17. An Invisible Haunter.

  18. A Phantom of the Past.

  19. A Chilling Apparition.

  20. A Whispering Ghost.

  21. A Scented Specter.

  22. An Attic Phantom.

  23. An Unseen Touch.

  24. An Echoing Spirit.

  25. A Dancing Shade.

  26. A Dreamtime Ghost.

  27. A Midnight Ghost.

  28. A Moonlit Phantom.

  29. A Whispering Spirit.

  30. A Library Haunt.

  31. A Lakeside Wraith.

  32. A Laughing Specter.

  33. A Castle Ghost.

  34. A Window Watcher.

  35. A Portrait Phantom.

  36. A Dawn Apparition.

  37. A Graveyard Guardian.

  38. A Stairway Specter.

  39. A Cinematic Ghost.

  40. A Tragic Spirit.
40 Ghost Riddles With Answers

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