38 Glass Riddles with Answers

Ever wonder what a glass would say if it could talk?

Probably something about being thirsty and needing a refill (don’t worry, we’ve all been there).

But until glasses gain sentience, we can test our brains with some fun riddles about these transparent tricksters.

Let’s see how many you can crack without shattering your pride!

Glass Riddles

  1. Transparent and clear, I give sight to all,
    In frames or in buildings, I stand tall.
    What am I?

  2. I can be full, yet always empty.
    Held to the lips, I’m ready and plenty.
    What am I?

  3. In me, you see a reflection of you,
    But alter my surface, and your image skews.
    What am I?

  4. I start as sand, but with heat, I flow,
    Shaping dreams through a glazier’s throw.
    What am I?

  5. Though I am fragile, I can tell you the time,
    Just look through my face, where the sun’s rays align.
    What am I?

  6. I come in many colors, but clear is my fame,
    Artists love me for their craft, the same.
    What am I?

  7. In winter’s grip, I’m a canvas so clear,
    Children draw on me, spreading cheer.
    What am I?

  8. I can magnify, make small things big,
    Through me, a world unseen, you can dig.
    What am I?

  9. When the sun sets, I come alive with light,
    Through me, the darkness turns bright.
    What am I?

  10. You can fill me up and drain me, though I’m not a sink,
    Through my body, you’ll often see a colorful drink.
    What am I?

  11. A guardian of wine, I am often seen,
    Twist my top, and the contents lean.
    What am I?

  12. In a lab, I’m a vessel of reaction,
    Heat and mix in me for satisfaction.
    What am I?

  13. I hold no door, yet I have a pane,
    When I break, I cause much pain.
    What am I?

  14. Invisible protection, yet I’m always seen,
    On your device, I keep the screen clean.
    What am I?

  15. Fragile as I can be, I light up the room,
    Filled with gas or vacuum, I dispel gloom.
    What am I?

  16. I’m not a diamond, yet I cut with ease,
    Through my sharp edge, materials freeze.
    What am I?

  17. Hold me up to the sky, a spectrum you’ll find,
    Bend light through me, colors entwined.
    What am I?

  18. In me, you’ll see fish but not the sea,
    In my transparent walls, they swim free.
    What am I?

  19. I encase memories, yet I am not a mind,
    In me, photographs you’ll often find.
    What am I?

  20. I’m not a bird, but I do have a beak,
    In a chemist’s hand, accuracy I speak.
    What am I?

  21. A vessel I am, in science often used,
    With me, substances are fused and infused.
    What am I?

  22. Though I don’t talk, I do have a mouth,
    Pour from me, I point north and south.
    What am I?

  23. I keep the draught out, but let light in,
    In a door or a wall, I’m often seen thin.
    What am I?

  24. I’m often walked on, yet I do not break,
    Under your feet, a clear path I make.
    What am I?

  25. In a chapel, I am seen, telling stories bright,
    My colors and scenes a source of light and delight.
    What am I?

  26. I’m in the lab, yet not for a test,
    I hold the flowers in my cylindrical chest.
    What am I?

  27. A vessel of silence, yet I make music sing,
    In an orchestra, a clear tone I bring.
    What am I?

  28. I am small and round, helping you to see,
    On your eyes, I sit, a vision key.
    What am I?

  29. In me, you brew a morning delight,
    Holding your coffee, from dark to light.
    What am I?

  30. I protect your eyes from the sun’s bright ray,
    On your face, I stylishly stay.
    What am I?

  31. In a frame, I add beauty to art,
    Protecting the painting, I play my part.
    What am I?

  32. A tower of science, with layers I stand,
    Separating mixtures, a process grand.
    What am I?

  33. On a desk, I magnify written text,
    Under my dome, the small appears complex.
    What am I?

  34. In a bar, I’m spun and twirled,
    Holding cocktails, in a dance whirled.
    What am I?

  35. A container of ash, but not from the past,
    For smokers, I’m a haven, steadfast.
    What am I?

  36. I’m not a book, but I do have a spine,
    On me, clean clothes you’ll often find.
    What am I?

  37. I’m a guardian of secrets, thin and square,
    Slide me open, and memories you’ll share.
    What am I?

  38. In a bathroom, I’m often found,
    Holding soap high above the ground.
    What am I?


  1. A window.

  2. A glass.

  3. A mirror.

  4. Glass.

  5. A sundial with a glass face.

  6. Stained glass.

  7. A frosted window.

  8. A magnifying glass.

  9. A lamp with a glass shade.

  10. A glass bottle.

  11. A wine bottle.

  12. A glass beaker.

  13. A windowpane.

  14. A screen protector.

  15. A light bulb.

  16. A glass cutter.

  17. A prism.

  18. An aquarium.

  19. A picture frame.

  20. A glass pipette.

  21. A test tube.

  22. A glass decanter.

  23. A glass panel.

  24. Glass flooring.

  25. Stained glass windows in a church.

  26. A glass vase.

  27. A glass harmonica.

  28. Contact lenses.

  29. A glass coffee pot.

  30. Sunglasses.

  31. Glass covering of a picture frame.

  32. A fractionating column in distillation.

  33. A reading glass or magnifying glass.

  34. A cocktail glass.

  35. A glass ashtray.

  36. A glass-coated wire hanger.

  37. A glass photo frame.

  38. A glass soap dish.
38 Glass Riddles with Answers

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