30 Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions

Grey’s Anatomy is a decade long fan-favorite show with its drama, romance, and medical twists. 

With 19 seasons and counting, the show has created a devoted fan base who know every medical case, relationship twist, and dramatic moment by heart

If you’re one of those fans, or if you simply enjoy testing your knowledge, get ready for some Grey’s Anatomy trivia questions that will challenge even the most dedicated viewers.

Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions

  1. In the Grey’s Anatomy pilot, Meredith Grey wakes up to find a man in her living room. What is his name, and what significant role does he play in her life moving forward?

  2. During the explosive Super Bowl episode, what specific type of unexploded ordnance do Meredith Grey and the bomb squad face, and where is it located?

  3. Can you name the rare genetic disease that Ellis Grey, Meredith’s mother, suffers from, which Meredith fears she might inherit?

  4. What is the name of the surgical method developed by Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Derek Shepherd that uses a 3D printer to create portal veins?

  5. In the heartbreaking episode where Dr. Derek Shepherd dies, what is the name of the hospital he is taken to, and what critical mistake does the medical team there make?

  6. What unique nickname does Dr. Cristina Yang give to Meredith, symbolizing their deep bond and friendship?

  7. Name the episode where Dr. George O’Malley dies, and describe the symbolic gesture his colleagues do to honor his memory.

  8. What is the full name of the character known as McSteamy, and what is his speciality within the hospital?

  9. Which character donates a portion of their liver to their father, Thatcher Grey, and what is the relationship between this character and Meredith?

  10. Detail the circumstances that lead to the plane crash in the season 8 finale, including the airline’s name and the ultimate impact on the surviving characters.

  11. In which season and episode does Dr. April Kepner get fired for the first time, and what was the mistake that led to her dismissal?

  12. Who performs the first successful solo surgery among the original interns, and what is the procedure?

  13. What is the name of the ferry boat crash survivor who Meredith forms a bond with, only to discover he has a severe injury that was initially overlooked?

  14. Describe the rare condition that Izzie Stevens diagnoses in a patient that leads to her eventually discovering her own medical issue.

  15. What is the name of the hospital before it becomes Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and why was it renamed?

  16. Who is the shooter in the season six finale, what motivates the shooting spree, and who are the key characters fatally injured or killed during this event?

  17. What significant event occurs in the musical episode “Song Beneath the Song,” and which character is at the center of this episode?

  18. Name the intern who fails the initial intern exam but is later rehired and becomes a resident, and describe the circumstances of their rehiring.

  19. In what dramatic circumstances do Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins first meet, and what is the immediate outcome of their meeting?

  20. Detail the storyline behind Meredith Grey winning the Harper Avery Award, including the obstacles she faces and the significance of the award in the context of the show.

  21. What life-threatening condition does Meredith Grey contract during the outbreak of a deadly disease in the hospital, and in which season does this occur?

  22. Who is the first intern Meredith sleeps with after Derek, and how does their relationship evolve over time?

  23. Name the patient and the unique case that leads to the creation of the Grey Method, a groundbreaking surgical technique developed by Meredith.

  24. In what episode does Cristina Yang leave Grey Sloan Memorial, and what prompts her departure from the hospital?

  25. What is the name of the innovative surgery that Meredith and Derek plan to perform together for the first time, showcasing a new approach to treating brain tumors?

  26. Detail the event that leads to the hospital being put under a lockdown and the season in which this occurs.

  27. Who succeeds Dr. Richard Webber as Chief of Surgery, and under what circumstances does this leadership change happen?

  28. Describe the storyline involving a patient with a bomb inside him, including the name of the guest star who plays the bomb squad leader.

  29. What significant personal revelation does Jo Wilson make about her past, and how does it affect her relationship with Alex Karev?

  30. Which character faces a lawsuit for inadvertently causing a patient’s death due to a mistake with the hospital’s new technology, and what is the outcome?


  1. His name is Derek Shepherd, and he becomes Meredith’s husband.

  2. They face a bazooka shell lodged in a patient’s chest cavity.

  3. Ellis Grey suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

  4. The surgical method is named the “Shepherd-Torres Method.”

  5. Derek is taken to Dillard Medical Center, where the critical mistake made is not performing a CT scan that would have revealed his extensive brain injuries.

  6. Cristina Yang nicknames Meredith “Twisted Sister.”

  7. George O’Malley dies in the episode titled “Now or Never.” As a symbolic gesture, his colleagues donate organs in his honor and trace “007” on their hands, his nickname.

  8. The full name is Mark Sloan, and he is the head of Plastic Surgery.

  9. Lexie Grey donates a portion of her liver to Thatcher Grey; Lexie is Meredith’s half-sister.

  10. The plane crash in the season 8 finale involves an aircraft from Boise Charter Flights. The crash results in the death of Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan, and severely impacts the lives and careers of the survivors, including Meredith, Derek, Cristina, and Arizona.

  11. Dr. April Kepner is first fired in Season 6, Episode 24, “Death and All His Friends,” due to her mistake in failing to check a patient’s airway, which leads to the patient’s death.

  12. Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens performs the first successful solo surgery among the original interns, removing an aneurysm from a patient’s brain.

  13. The survivor’s name is Nick, and he has a massive spinal injury that Meredith initially misses because he is alert and talking.

  14. Izzie Stevens diagnoses a patient with metastatic melanoma, which leads her to discover her own metastatic melanoma with a hallucination of the patient as a symptom.

  15. The hospital was originally named Seattle Grace Hospital, then Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital after a merger, and finally renamed Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in honor of Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan after their deaths.

  16. The shooter is Gary Clark, who is motivated by revenge for the death of his wife, who he believes was improperly treated at the hospital. Key characters fatally injured include Reed Adamson and Charles Percy.

  17. The musical episode “Song Beneath the Song” centers around Callie Torres and her critical injuries from a car accident while she is pregnant. The episode features the cast singing as she undergoes surgery.

  18. The intern is George O’Malley, who fails his initial exam but is later rehired after demonstrating significant improvement and commitment to his work.

  19. Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins first meet after Callie experiences a broken bone from a car accident. Arizona, the pediatric surgeon, takes care of her, and they quickly develop a romantic relationship.

  20. Meredith Grey wins the Harper Avery Award in Season 14, overcoming obstacles such as the hospital’s affiliation with the Harper Avery Foundation, which initially makes it seem impossible for her to win due to perceived conflicts of interest. The award signifies her achievements and innovations in the surgical field, honoring her mother’s legacy and her own contributions to medicine.

  21. Meredith contracts COVID-19 during the pandemic storyline depicted in Season 17, highlighting the risks healthcare workers face.

  22. Meredith sleeps with Andrew DeLuca, and their relationship evolves from a casual fling to a complex, significant romantic involvement until his tragic death.

  23. The patient is Megan Hunt, and the Grey Method involves the use of an abdominal wall transplant, a procedure that Meredith pioneers to save Megan’s life.

  24. Cristina Yang leaves Grey Sloan Memorial in the Season 10 finale, episode “Fear (of the Unknown),” to take over Burke’s hospital in Zurich, prompted by his offer and her desire for new challenges.

  25. The surgery is known as the “Path Pen” project, aiming to revolutionize the way brain tumors are detected and removed during surgery.

  26. The hospital goes under lockdown in Season 6, Episode 22, “Shiny Happy People,” due to a suspected child abduction, showcasing the security measures and challenges within the hospital.

  27. Dr. Owen Hunt succeeds Dr. Richard Webber as Chief of Surgery, following a period of turmoil and leadership disputes within the hospital.

  28. The storyline involves a patient with a live bomb inside him in the Season 2 Super Bowl episode “It’s the End of the World” and “As We Know It,” with Kyle Chandler playing the bomb squad leader Dylan Young.

  29. Jo Wilson reveals that she is living under an alias because she escaped an abusive husband, which significantly impacts her marriage with Alex Karev and her personal life.

  30. Dr. Miranda Bailey faces a lawsuit for inadvertently causing a patient’s death due to a fault in the hospital’s new tablet-based technology system, but she is eventually cleared of wrongdoing after an investigation reveals the technology’s failure.
Grey's Anatomy Trivia Questions

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