25 How I Met Your Mother Trivia Questions

As we journey through the hilarious escapades of Ted Mosby and his quirky group of friends, we’ve laughed, cried, and possibly even thrown a few “Legendary” high fives along the way.

Now, it’s time to put your knowledge of this beloved sitcom to the test with some legendary trivia questions.

Whether you’re a die-hard HIMYM enthusiast who can recite Barney’s playbook by heart or someone who just enjoys a good ol’ slap bet, this trivia challenge is sure to tickle your funny bone and bring back fond memories of McLaren’s Pub, yellow umbrellas, and the infamous pineapple incident.

How I Met Your Mother Trivia Questions

  1. What is the full name of the “Mother,” including her maiden name, as revealed in the series finale?

  2. During the show’s run, Ted dates numerous women. Name the woman he dates who is originally from Germany and what unique item does she have in her apartment that Ted finds peculiar?

  3. In the episode where Marshall runs the New York City Marathon, what specific problem does he face after finishing the race, and how does it impact his ability to move?

  4. Barney’s job has been a running gag throughout the series, with his position being vaguely mentioned as “PLEASE.” What does the acronym “PLEASE” stand for, as revealed in the final season?

  5. Lily has a particular fear that she confesses to Marshall. What is this fear, and how is it uniquely tied to her character’s background and profession?

  6. The show features a doppelgänger for each of the main characters. Can you list all five doppelgängers and the main character they correspond to?

  7. Ted’s two children are seen in the series’ framing device. What are their names?

  8. What is the name of the cocktail that Barney invents, which includes a secret ingredient that he refuses to disclose, and in which season is it first mentioned?

  9. Robin has a secret past that is revealed in Season 2. What is the name of her teenage pop star alter ego, and what is the title of her most famous music video?

  10. The gang frequents a bar named MacLaren’s Pub, which is based on a real-life bar. What is the name of the real bar that MacLaren’s is based on, and where is it located?

  11. What is the name of the goat that Lily and Marshall have in their apartment, and during which significant event does it appear?

  12. Ted has a tattoo that he got on a drunken night out. What is the tattoo of, and who helps him get it removed?

  13. Barney and Robin get divorced after how many years of marriage, and what is the reason given for their separation?

  14. The slap bet between Marshall and Barney is a recurring theme throughout the series. How many slaps does Marshall originally win, and how does this number change over time?

  15. Marshall believes in a creature that is a mix between different animals. What is the name of this creature, and what are its components?

  16. In the series, Ted teaches a class at Columbia University. What subject does he teach, and in which season does he first start teaching?

  17. The series finale reveals the fates of all the main characters. What career does Lily pursue after the series ends, and where does she move with Marshall?

  18. What is the name of the play that Barney writes and performs to trick Lily, and what is the play’s purpose?

  19. Robin carries a key chain with a particular Canadian-themed item on it. What is the item, and what does it symbolize about her character?

  20. What is the name of Ted’s architecture firm that he starts, and what is the first major project he lands?

  21. The “Pineapple Incident” is a famous episode in the series. What mystery remains unsolved related to the pineapple, and has it ever been officially explained by the showrunners?

  22. Barney completes a perfect week by achieving a specific goal. What is the goal, and what external event is happening at the time that makes this week particularly stressful for him?

  23. The series makes multiple references to a fictional character associated with Robin’s Canadian heritage. What is the character’s name, and what is the character known for?

  24. Ted has a favorite book that he often mentions or is seen reading. What is the book, and why is it significant to him?

  25. What is the name of the burger joint where Marshall claims to have eaten the best burger in New York, and who guest stars as the restaurant’s chef?


  1. Tracy McConnell.

  2. The woman’s name is Victoria, and the unique item is a butter churn.

  3. Marshall is unable to walk because he didn’t stretch before running, which results in severe leg cramps, effectively immobilizing him.

  4. “PLEASE” stands for “Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything,” implying that Barney’s job involves taking the fall for his company’s legally dubious activities.

  5. Lily is afraid of the dark, a fear that contrasts with her otherwise strong and assertive personality, and is interesting given her profession as a kindergarten teacher and an artist.

  6. The doppelgängers are: Mustache Marshall (Marshall’s look-alike), Lesbian Robin (Robin’s look-alike), Stripper Lily (Lily’s look-alike), Mexican Wrestler Ted (Ted’s look-alike), and Fertility Doctor Barney (Barney’s look-alike).

  7. Ted’s children are named Penny and Luke.

  8. The cocktail is called “The Robin Scherbatsky,” and it is first mentioned in Season 4.

  9. Robin’s teenage pop star alter ego is named Robin Sparkles, and her most famous music video is “Let’s Go to the Mall.”

  10. The real bar is named McGee’s and it is located in New York City.
  11. The goat’s name is Missy, and it appears during Ted’s 30th birthday party.

  12. Ted’s tattoo is of a butterfly, and Stella, who is a dermatologist, helps him get it removed.

  13. Barney and Robin get divorced after three years of marriage, citing their inability to maintain their relationship while pursuing their careers.

  14. Marshall originally wins five slaps, but this number changes when he wins two additional slaps in later bets, making it a total of seven.

  15. The creature is called the “Cockamouse,” a mix between a cockroach and a mouse.

  16. Ted teaches Architecture 101 at Columbia University, starting in Season 5.

  17. Lily pursues a career as an art consultant for The Captain, and she moves to Rome with Marshall and their children.

  18. The play is called “The Scorpion and the Toad,” and its purpose is to help Barney prove a point to Lily about her new boyfriend being a jerk.

  19. The key chain has a maple leaf on it, symbolizing her Canadian identity and pride.

  20. Ted’s architecture firm is named Mosbius Designs, and the first major project he lands is designing the new GNB headquarters.

  21. The mystery of how the pineapple ended up on Ted’s nightstand remains unsolved within the series. The showrunners have provided an explanation in deleted scenes but never officially in an episode.

  22. Barney’s goal is to have seven one-night stands in seven days, coinciding with Marshall’s stressful week waiting for bar exam results.

  23. The character is “The Beaver,” a parody of Canadian children’s show characters, known for teaching children moral lessons in a humorous way.

  24. Ted’s favorite book is “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel García Márquez, significant for its themes of love and waiting.

  25. The burger joint is called “Regis Philbin’s,” and Regis Philbin guest stars as himself, obsessed with finding the restaurant again.
How I Met Your Mother Trivia Questions

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