27 Jaws Trivia Questions

Welcome to the ultimate deep dive into the iconic film, Jaws! 

Directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 1975, Jaws remains a timeless classic that continues to captivate audiences with its suspenseful storytelling and memorable characters. 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just dipping your toes into the world of Amity Island, test your knowledge with these Jaws trivia quiz!

Let’s go. 

Jaws Trivia Questions

  1. What specific mechanical issue plagued the production of the sharks used in “Jaws,” leading to numerous delays?

  2. Before settling on the title “Jaws,” what was one of the working titles considered for the movie during its development phase?

  3. Which famous composer created the iconic score for “Jaws,” and what simple yet effective musical pattern is it known for?

  4. What was the original budget for “Jaws” before it skyrocketed due to various production challenges?

  5. Who authored the novel “Jaws,” and in what year was it published?

  6. How many days was “Jaws” originally scheduled to be shot in, and how many days did it actually take to complete filming?

  7. In the movie, what is the name of the fictional island where “Jaws” is set, and in which state is it supposedly located?

  8. Who played the role of Quint, and what real-life World War II experience inspired his monologue about the USS Indianapolis?

  9. What innovative filming technique did Steven Spielberg employ to create suspense without always showing the shark?

  10. Which actor improvised the famous line, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” and what was the context in which it was said?

  11. What was the cause of the animosity between Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss during the filming of “Jaws”?

  12. Which town served as the primary filming location for Amity Island, and how did the production impact it?

  13. What specific type of shark was Bruce designed to resemble?

  14. How did Steven Spielberg react to the first screening of “Jaws,” particularly regarding the audience’s reaction to a specific scare in the film?

  15. What unique challenge did the sound team face while recording underwater sounds for the film, and how did they overcome it?

  16. What was the highest-grossing film of all time before “Jaws” took over the title in 1975?

  17. How many sequels did “Jaws” spawn, and which one is generally considered the worst?

  18. Can you name a major technical innovation or technique that was developed or significantly used for the first time in “Jaws”?

  19. What was the significant impact of “Jaws” on the movie industry, particularly in terms of film marketing and release strategy?

  20. What legal issue arose from the film’s production, particularly related to the use of the name “Jaws”?

  21. How did “Jaws” influence public perception and understanding of sharks?

  22. What was the fate of the Orca, the boat used in the film, after production ended?

  23. Which scene in “Jaws” was actually filmed in a swimming pool, and why?

  24. What homage does “Jaws” have in the Universal Studios theme parks?

  25. Who made a cameo appearance in the film, and what was their role?

  26. What specific direction did Spielberg give to John Williams regarding the film’s score that influenced its iconic sound?

  27. What record did “Jaws” break in terms of box office earnings within its first two weeks of release?


  1. The mechanical sharks, nicknamed “Bruce” by the production team, frequently malfunctioned due to being untested in the oceanic conditions where filming took place.

  2. One of the working titles considered was “Stillness in the Water.”

  3. John Williams composed the score, known for its simple yet effective two-note motif signaling the shark’s impending appearance.

  4. The original budget was $4 million, but it ended up costing over $9 million.

  5. Peter Benchley authored the novel, which was published in 1974.

  6. “Jaws” was initially scheduled to be shot in 55 days but ultimately took 159 days to complete.

  7. The fictional island is named Amity Island, and it is supposedly located in the state of New York.

  8. Robert Shaw played Quint. His monologue was inspired by the real-life sinking of the USS Indianapolis in 1945, which led to the deadliest shark attack in history.

  9. Spielberg used a subjective camera technique, showing the action from the shark’s point of view, to create suspense without showing the shark itself.

  10. Roy Scheider improvised the line “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” during the scene where he first sees the full size of the shark up close.

  11. The animosity stemmed from Shaw’s resentment towards Dreyfuss’s rising fame and his method acting techniques, leading to tension on set.

  12. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, served as the primary location, significantly boosting its tourism and economy.

  13. Bruce was designed to resemble a Great White Shark.

  14. Spielberg was thrilled with the audience’s loud reaction to the scare where the shark suddenly appears behind Roy Scheider.

  15. The challenge was avoiding the distortion caused by water pressure; they used innovative waterproof microphones and edited the sounds post-production.

  16. “The Godfather” was the highest-grossing film before “Jaws.”

  17. “Jaws” spawned three sequels, with “Jaws: The Revenge” (the fourth film) generally considered the worst.

  18. The use of the Steadicam in some shots was a significant innovation, although it was in its developmental stage around the time of “Jaws.”

  19. “Jaws” is credited with creating the summer blockbuster phenomenon and the strategy of wide releases accompanied by heavy marketing.

  20. The legal issue involved a dispute over copyright with a restaurant named “Jaws” that wanted to capitalize on the film’s success.

  21. The film significantly increased fear and misunderstanding of sharks, contributing to the misconception of them as man-eaters.

  22. The Orca was left to deteriorate and was eventually scrapped.

  23. The scene featuring Ben Gardner’s head was filmed in a swimming pool to control lighting and clarity, enhancing the scare factor.

  24. Universal Studios features “Jaws” ride and attractions, paying homage to the film with a mechanical shark experience.

  25. Steven Spielberg made a cameo appearance as the voice of a radio dispatcher.

  26. Spielberg asked Williams for something simple yet terrifying that could represent the shark, leading to the iconic two-note motif.

  27. “Jaws” became the fastest movie to surpass $100 million in box office earnings at that time.

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