30 National Parks Riddles and Puzzles

Welcome, nature enthusiasts and puzzle solvers alike! 

Are you ready to explore the wonders of America’s national parks in a unique and captivating way? 

Our list of riddles about National Parks will take you on an adventurous journey through some of the most iconic and breathtaking landscapes our country has to offer. 

But there’s a twist! 

Instead of just showcasing these natural treasures, we’re presenting them through a series of intriguing riddles.


You won’t be after checking the list out. 

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Riddles about National Parks

  1. Vast and grand, with stone faces grand, Where presidents old, in the rock, stand bold. Look up high, under the sky, What’s this park, known far and nigh?

  2. A chasm deep, painted with nature’s hand, A mighty river carved this land. In Arizona’s heart it lies, A wonder under the western skies.

  3. Geyser Old Faithful, steaming sprays, In a land where the bison graze. A park with thermal wonders more, What is its name? Explore its lore!

  4. Towering trees, reaching to the skies, Where ancient giants quietly rise. In California’s realm they stand, Name this park, majestic and grand.

  5. Red rocks arched in nature’s design, In Utah’s land, they gracefully align. Sculpted by time, wind, and rain, Identify this park, with its picturesque terrain.

  6. Known for its glacial might, Where peaks and lakes reflect the light. In Montana’s wild, these sights are found, A park of beauty, naturally profound.

  7. Smokey air and mountains blue, A range where wildflowers grow anew. On the East Coast, it spreads wide and far, Can you name this park, a natural star?

  8. Islands floating on a great lake’s blue, In Michigan, they offer a view. Remote and wild, a peaceful scene, Which park is this, serene and green?

  9. Desert landscapes, cacti tall, In Arizona’s sun, they stand not small. A park named for these spiky friends, What is it called? The answer depends.

  10. Where bears roam and the salmon leap, In Alaska’s wild, secrets it keeps. Vast, untamed, a wilderness core, What’s this park that we adore?

  11. Canyons deep and rivers wild, In Texas, nature’s rugged child. A park where the Rio Grande flows, Its name, do you suppose?

  12. In Florida’s wetlands, alligators bask, A marshy park, if you should ask. Where birds and mangroves together thrive, Which park is this, so full of life?

  13. Volcanoes sleeping, rainforests lush, In Hawaii’s islands, a tranquil hush. A park where fire and water meet, What is its name? A feat so sweet.

  14. Frozen beauty, in Alaska’s realm, Where glaciers calve, a wondrous helm. A park that’s cold, yet draws the eye, Can you name it, under the northern sky?

  15. Petrified wood, a forest of stone, In Arizona’s quiet zone. A park where trees no longer grow, What’s its name, do you know?

  16. Majestic cliffs and waterfalls high, In California’s valley, under the sky. An icon of beauty, sheer walls rise, Name this park, a paradise in disguise.

  17. Rugged coastlines, a northeastern gem, Where forests and ocean waves hem. In Maine’s embrace, it’s found with ease, Can you name this park, with its cool sea breeze?

  18. Sand dunes vast, a desert scape, In Colorado’s land, they take their shape. Tall and shifting, they stand in might, What’s this park, a sandy sight?

  19. Crystal clear springs, manatees swim, In Florida’s sun, a place not grim. Aquatic treasures, nature’s whim, What park is this, where light dims?

  20. Where canyons red and rivers meet, In Utah’s land, a sight so sweet. A junction of nature’s grand feat, Which park is this, with views elite?

  21. Ice and snow, a mountain’s face, In Washington’s realm, it holds its grace. A peak so high, in the clouds embrace, Can you name this park, a chilly place?

  22. Prairies wide, where bison roam, In South Dakota’s grassy dome. A park where the wild buffalo home, What is its name, in this natural tome?

  23. Hot springs flow, a spa so natural, In Arkansas, it’s quite factual. A park of baths, historic and cultural, Can you guess it, it’s not supernatural?

  24. Ocean meets land, a Florida key, Where coral reefs and shipwrecks be. Tropical waters, wildlife spree, Which park is this, in the warm sea?

  25. Caves galore, a subterranean maze, In Kentucky, they quietly graze. A park underground, where darkness plays, What is its name, in the earthy haze?

  26. Ancient dwellings, cliffs so high, In Colorado’s land, under the sky. Where Pueblo people once did thrive, Can you name this park, a historic dive?

  27. Rocks sculpted, a desert art, In Nevada’s land, they play a part. Red and rugged, they set apart, What’s this park, a natural heart?

  28. Glaciers blue, in Alaska’s grip, Where icy waters and mountains slip. A park so vast, a frozen trip, What is its name, a cold-tipped ship?

  29. Wetlands wild, in South Carolina’s trust, Where birds and alligators, in marshes, must. A park of swamps, in nature’s lust, Can you name it, in this watered crust?

  30. Mountains green, Vermont’s pride, Where trails and forests coincide. A park so quaint, in nature’s stride, What is its name, where peace resides?

Answers to the Riddles

  1. Mount Rushmore National Memorial

  2. Grand Canyon National Park

  3. Yellowstone National Park

  4. Redwood National and State Parks

  5. Arches National Park

  6. Glacier National Park

  7. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

  8. Isle Royale National Park

  9. Saguaro National Park

  10. Katmai National Park and Preserve

  11. Big Bend National Park

  12. Everglades National Park

  13. Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park

  14. Kenai Fjords National Park

  15. Petrified Forest National Park

  1. Yosemite National Park

  2. Acadia National Park

  3. Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

  4. Biscayne National Park

  5. Canyonlands National Park

  6. Mount Rainier National Park

  7. Badlands National Park

  8. Hot Springs National Park

  9. Dry Tortugas National Park

  10. Mammoth Cave National Park

  11. Mesa Verde National Park

  12. Valley of Fire State Park (Note: Not a national park, but a state park)

  13. Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

  14. Congaree National Park

  15. Green Mountain National Forest (Note: This is a national forest, not a national park)
riddles about national parks

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