34 One Direction Trivia Questions

Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane with one of the most iconic boy bands of all time

Whether you’re a die-hard Directioner or just someone who appreciates good music, this One Direction trivia challenge is sure to put your knowledge to the test! 

So, grab your headphones, cue up your favorite 1D tracks, and let’s dive into some fun and fascinating trivia questions about Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. 

Here we go!

One Direction Trivia Questions

  1. What is the exact date when One Direction was formed on “The X Factor” UK, and what were the original audition song choices of each member?

  2. List all the tracks of One Direction’s debut studio album “Up All Night” in the order they appear on the album.

  3. Which One Direction music video was the first to reach one billion views on YouTube, and in what year did it achieve this milestone?

  4. During which tour did One Direction become the first band in the Billboard Boxscore’s history to have three tours ranked in the Top 20 Highest-Grossing Tours in a single year, and what were those tours?

  5. Name the charity single One Direction recorded in 2011 for the UK’s Children in Need charity, including the original artist of the song.

  6. What are the full names, including middle names, of all five original members of One Direction?

  7. Which One Direction member famously dated Taylor Swift, leading to several songs believed to be about their relationship on Swift’s album “1989”?

  8. Describe the exact tattoo Zayn Malik got in honor of One Direction’s single “Little Things” and its location on his body.

  9. After Zayn Malik left the band, One Direction released their first single as a four-piece; name the song and the album it was featured on.

  10. Detail the project or entity that One Direction launched in 2013 aimed at allowing fans to engage with the band in a unique way, including its name and main purpose.

  11. What was the name of the documentary film about One Direction released in 2013, and who directed it?

  12. In what year did One Direction announce their hiatus, and what was the name of their last performance together before the break?

  13. What is the title of the book released by One Direction in September 2011 that gives fans insight into their journey on “The X Factor” and their early days as a band?

  14. Which One Direction song did Ed Sheeran co-write, and for which album was it written?

  15. How many Brit Awards has One Direction won, and can you name at least one category they won?

  16. Detail the philanthropic project launched by One Direction in 2013 that aimed to raise money for various global causes, including its name and one specific initiative or charity it supported.

  17. What unique record does the One Direction album “Midnight Memories” hold in the UK as of its release year?

  18. Name the first single released by any member of One Direction as a solo artist after the band’s hiatus announcement and the artist who released it.

  19. Which One Direction member made his acting debut in a Christopher Nolan film, and what was the title of the film?

  20. What is the name of the fragrance One Direction launched in 2013, marking their entry into the celebrity fragrance market?

  21. During One Direction’s active years, they released a series of annuals; name the first annual published, including its release year.

  22. Who was the director of One Direction’s music video for “Story of My Life,” and what distinctive visual concept did the video feature?

  23. What is the name of the charity football match that Louis Tomlinson participated in, causing a significant increase in ticket sales and media attention, and in what year did this occur?

  24. Which song from One Direction’s discography is notably missing a music video, despite being a fan favorite and a chart success?

  25. Can you name the first venue where One Direction performed their debut concert, and what date did this performance take place?

  26. What specific Guinness World Record did One Direction achieve with the release of their “Midnight Memories” album?

  27. Name the One Direction song that features in the closing credits of a major animated movie, including the title of the movie.

  28. What is the title of One Direction’s second fragrance, launched after the success of “Our Moment”?

  29. Detail the interactive fan experience project called “1D World” launched by One Direction, including what it entailed and when it first opened.

  30. Which One Direction music video was famously shot in the NASA Space Center, and for which song?

  31. How many official music videos did One Direction release before their hiatus in 2015, excluding any solo projects?

  32. Name the city and venue where One Direction performed their last concert before the hiatus, including the date of the concert.

  33. What unusual achievement did One Direction’s “Drag Me Down” music video accomplish within the first 24 hours of its release on Vevo?

  34. Detail the charity initiative One Direction supported that involved the band members visiting Ghana, including the name of the campaign and the year it took place.


  1. One Direction was formed on July 23, 2010. Harry Styles sang “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder, Niall Horan sang “So Sick” by Ne-Yo, Zayn Malik sang “Let Me Love You” by Mario, Louis Tomlinson sang “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s, and Liam Payne sang “Cry Me a River” by Michael Bublé.

  2. “What Makes You Beautiful”, “Gotta Be You”, “One Thing”, “More than This”, “Up All Night”, “I Wish”, “Tell Me a Lie”, “Taken”, “I Want”, “Everything About You”, “Same Mistakes”, “Save You Tonight”, “Stole My Heart”.

  3. “What Makes You Beautiful” was the first to reach one billion views on YouTube, achieving this milestone in 2020.

  4. During the “Where We Are” Tour in 2014, the other two tours were “Take Me Home” and “Up All Night”.

  5. They recorded “One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)”, a medley of songs originally by Blondie and The Undertones.

  6. Harry Edward Styles, Niall James Horan, Zayn Javadd Malik, Louis William Tomlinson, and Liam James Payne.

  7. Harry Styles is famously known to have dated Taylor Swift.

  8. Zayn Malik got a tattoo of a microphone on his forearm.

  9. The first single as a four-piece was “Drag Me Down”, featured on their album “Made in the A.M.”.

  10. In 2013, One Direction launched “1D Day”, a seven-hour live stream session that allowed fans to interact with the band through various activities and performances, aimed at increasing fan engagement and providing unique content.

  11. The documentary film is called “One Direction: This Is Us”, directed by Morgan Spurlock.

  12. One Direction announced their hiatus in 2015, with their last performance before the break being on “The X Factor” UK in December 2015.

  13. The title of the book is “Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction”.

  14. Ed Sheeran co-wrote “Little Things” for their album “Take Me Home”.

  15. One Direction has won six Brit Awards, including the category for British Single for “What Makes You Beautiful” in 2012.

  16. The philanthropic project is “Action 1D,” aimed at raising awareness and funds for global issues, supporting initiatives like Comic Relief.

  17. “Midnight Memories” holds the record for being the UK’s best-selling album of 2013.

  18. Zayn Malik released “Pillowtalk” as his first solo single after the hiatus.

  19. Harry Styles made his acting debut in the Christopher Nolan film “Dunkirk”.

  20. The fragrance launched by One Direction in 2013 is called “Our Moment”.

  21. The first annual published was “One Direction: The Official Annual 2012,” released in 2011.

  22. The director for “Story of My Life” was Ben Winston, featuring a distinctive visual concept of the band members reconstructing family photos from their past.

  23. Louis Tomlinson participated in the “Soccer Aid” charity football match in 2016, significantly boosting ticket sales and media attention.

  24. Infinity” from their “Made in the A.M.” album is notably missing a music video, despite being a fan favorite.

  25. One Direction’s debut concert took place at the Watford Colosseum in London on December 18, 2011.

  26. One Direction achieved the Guinness World Record for the highest debut by a UK group on the US singles chart with “Live While We’re Young”.

  27. “They Don’t Know About Us” was featured in the closing credits of the animated movie “The Secret Life of Pets”.

  28. The second fragrance launched by One Direction is called “That Moment”, following the success of “Our Moment”.

  29. “1D World” was a chain of pop-up retail stores offering exclusive band merchandise, opening in cities worldwide starting in 2012.

  30. The music video shot at the NASA Space Center was for “Drag Me Down”.

  31. One Direction released a total of 29 official music videos before their hiatus in 2015.

  32. Their last concert before the hiatus was at the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield, UK, on October 31, 2015.

  33. The “Drag Me Down” music video set a record for the most views within the first 24 hours of its release on Vevo at the time.

  34. One Direction supported the “Red Nose Day” charity initiative by visiting Ghana in 2013, contributing to the Comic Relief campaign.
One Direction Trivia Questions

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