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40 Paper Riddles

Riddles have been a source of amusement and mental exercise for centuries. They challenge our thinking and encourage us to look at things from a different perspective. 

In this blog post, we’re going to explore a unique category of riddles – paper riddles. 

These riddles involve various aspects of paper, from its physical properties to its uses in everyday life

So, grab a piece of paper and a pencil because you might need to jot down some notes as we delve into the fascinating world of these brain teasers.

Paper Riddles

  1. What is black and white and read all over?

  2. Why did the paper go to the party?

  3. What did the paper say to the pen?

  4. Why don’t secrets last on paper?

  5. What do you call a paper comedian?

  6. Why was the paper always calm?

  7. How does paper make a stand?

  8. Why did the paper start a fight?

  9. What’s a paper’s favorite sport?

  10. What did one sheet of paper say to the other in a race?

  11. Why do papers hate rain?

  12. What do you call a paper plane that can’t fly?

  13. Why are papers terrible at standing still?

  14. What happens when you cross a snowman and a dog on paper?

  15. Why was the paper so good at math?

  16. Why did the paper refuse to fight with the pencil?

  17. What did the paper clip say to the magnet?

  18. Why is paper great for making friends?

  19. How does a sheet of paper introduce itself in France?

  20. What do you call an educated tube of paper?

  21. Why did the paper go on a diet?

  22. How do papers say goodbye?

  23. What do you call a paper that’s a jokester?

  24. Why did the sheet of paper go to school?

  25. What did the paper say to the stressed student?

  26. Why did the paper become a lawyer?

  27. What’s a paper’s favorite martial art?

  28. Why was the paper always early?

  29. What do you call a paper that’s always tired?

  30. Why was the paper so good at basketball?

  31. Why was the paper airplane afraid of flying?

  32. What do you call a dance for paper?

  33. Why did the notebook go to the doctor?

  34. What do you call a lazy piece of paper?

  35. Why was the origami book so captivating?

  36. What did the envelope say to the stamp?

  37. Why did the paper refuse to sleep?

  38. How does a piece of paper greet another in winter?

  39. What’s a paper’s least favorite month?

  40. Why don’t papers like making decisions?


  1. A newspaper.

  2. Because it was invited to a sheet party.

  3. “You’ve got a point!”

  4. Because it always gets spread around.

  5. A stand-up folder.

  6. It always held its piece.

  7. By becoming a pamphlet.

  8. It just wanted to get ripped.

  9. Sheet soccer.

  10. “I’m on a roll!”

  11. It leads to their downfall.

  12. Stationary.

  13. They always fold under pressure.

  14. Frost-bites.

  15. Because it always multiplies by sheets.

  16. Because it didn’t want to be drawn into anything.

  17. “I find you very attractive.”

  18. Because it’s tearable.

  19. “Bonjour, I’m papier.”

  20. A scroll-ar.

  21. It had too much junk mail.

  22. “Sheet you later!”

  23. A prank paper.

  24. To improve its essays.

  25. “Don’t worry, you can tear me apart.”

  26. It wanted to pass the bar exam.

  27. Karate (ka-rate).

  28. It was ahead of its time(line).

  29. A napkin.

  30. It always shoots for the basket.

  31. It didn’t want to crash and fold.

  32. A ream-tango.

  33. Because it was feeling unbound.

  34. A stationa-rest.

  35. Every page was a new fold.

  36. “Stick with me, and we’ll go places!”

  37. It was afraid of crumpling in bed.

  38. “Pleased to meet you, it’s ice to fold you.”

  39. March, because it comes in like a lion and leaves a lot of papers scattered.

  40. Because they always end up torn.
paper riddles

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