45 Pizza Riddles

Who doesn’t love pizza? 

It’s a universally adored dish that comes in various flavors, sizes, and shapes

But did you know that pizza can also serve as a source of amusement? 

Enter the world of pizza riddles – a delightful way to tickle your funny bone and challenge your wits. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some cheesy, saucy, and downright hilarious pizza-themed riddles that will make you smile, whether you’re a pizza enthusiast or simply looking for a good laugh.

Pizza Riddles

  1. I’m a pizza that’s not for eating, round but often flat, I hold your drink, what am I?

  2. I start with a ‘P’ and end with a vowel, I can be thick or thin, and I’m better when hot, what am I?

  3. I’m a city in Italy, but also a pizza’s friend, my name sounds like a game, what am I?

  4. Though part of me is triangular, I am mostly round, I’m covered with toppings, and often cut down, what am I?

  5. I travel in a box, but I’m not a toy, I’m enjoyed worldwide, by every girl and boy, what am I?

  6. What kind of pizza does a dog like best?

  7. I am not a bird, but I am a topping that flies, add me to your pizza, for a spicy surprise, what am I?

  8. I am a type of pizza, not skinny but deep, I come from a city where ‘Windy’ secrets keep, what am I?

  9. A pizza’s best friend, I’m known to be cheesy, I help you pick up, without getting greasy, what am I?

  10. I’m shared at parties, but I am not a cake, I have layers and toppings, a savory delight to make, what am I?

  11. Turn me around, I’m still the same, a popular pizza, in every pizza game, what am I?

  12. I am a pizza that’s cold and sweet, not for dinner, but a dessert treat, what am I?

  13. I’m a veggie that causes tears, but on a pizza, I’m met with cheers, what am I?

  14. I come from a pig, but I’m found on a pie, add me to your pizza, and taste will fly high, what am I?

  15. I’m round and hot, but I’m not the sun, I make your pizza, crispy and fun, what am I?

  16. I’m often round, but I’m not a plate, I have a crust, but I’m not a pie, I’m best when hot, what am I?

  17. I have many layers but I’m not a cake, I can be topped with veggies or steak, you can grab me by the slice, what am I?

  18. I’m a pizza place you can’t dine in, I’m speedy and quick, where do you begin?

  19. I am a topping, red and round, in gardens and pizzas, I’m commonly found, what am I?

  20. I’m a pizza loved in Hawaii, I’m sweet and savory, a controversial pie, what am I?

  21. What do you call a sleeping pizza?

  22. I’m a topping green and small, on pizzas and pastas, I give my all, what am I?

  23. I’m a pizza with a stuffed crust, I hold a cheesy surprise, a delight to trust, what am I?

  24. I am not a tree, but I am a topping that’s green, add me for a taste, healthy and lean, what am I?

  25. I’m cut into pieces, but I’m not a cake, I bring joy to parties, with every slice you take, what am I?

  26. What kind of pizza can tell time?

  27. I’m a pizza that’s flipped over, my contents inside, a delicious discovery, in crust they hide, what am I?

  28. I’m a topping that’s meaty, but I’m not ham, add me for a flavor, that’s a grand slam, what am I?

  29. I’m a pizza that’s white, not red, I’m creamy and cheesy, a different kind instead, what am I?

  30. I’m a pizza’s companion, often twisted or tied, I’m garlicky and buttery, a side to provide, what am I?

  31. I’m a city known for pizza, with a leaning tower nearby, what city am I?

  32. I’m a pizza you can read, not eat, full of words, but still a treat, what am I?

  33. I am a topping, I might make you cry, but I add flavor, you cannot deny, what am I?

  34. I’m a pizza that’s not round, sometimes square, with edges abound, what am I?

  35. I’m a pizza’s sidekick, often dipped in sauce, I’m golden and crunchy, a delicious course, what am I?

  36. I’m a pizza made just for one, I’m small and round, a solo fun, what am I?

  37. What do you call a pizza with just peppers on top?

  38. I’m a topping often feared, I’m long and green, and sometimes speared, what am I?

  39. I am a dessert, but some say I’m a pizza, I’m sweet and round, a real crowd-pleaser, what am I?

  40. I’m a pizza that you can fold, I’m from New York, big and bold, what am I?

  41. I’m a pizza term, but I mean ‘to turn,’ in ovens and pans, I’m what you learn, what am I?

  42. I’m a topping that’s a fruit, but often mistaken, on pizzas, I’m juicy, never forsaken, what am I?

  43. I’m a pizza that’s a pocket, stuffed and sealed, a handy treat, easily revealed, what am I?

  44. I’m a pizza place, but also a game, with dots and dashes, what’s my name?

  45. I’m a pizza’s companion, sometimes cheesy, I’m baked in an oven, and make eating easy, what am I?


  1. A pizza coaster.

  2. Pizza.

  3. Parma (as in Parmesan cheese).

  4. A slice of pizza.

  5. A pizza delivery.

  6. Pupperoni (pepperoni for pups).

  7. Buffalo wing sauce.

  8. Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

  9. A slice of cheese pizza.

  10. A pizza pie.

  11. A Margherita pizza (a palindrome).

  12. A dessert pizza (like fruit or chocolate pizza).

  13. Onion.

  14. Pepperoni or ham.

  15. A pizza stone or pizza oven.

  16. Pizza.

  17. A pizza pie.

  18. A takeaway or delivery pizza place.

  19. Tomato.

  20. Hawaiian pizza.

  21. A “pizz-zzz-a” (pizza).

  22. Basil.

  23. Stuffed crust pizza.

  24. Spinach.

  25. A pizza.

  26. A “clock-aroni” pizza (a pun).

  27. A calzone.

  28. Sausage.

  29. White pizza (pizza with white sauce).

  30. Garlic knots.

  31. Pisa, Italy.

  32. A pizza recipe book.

  33. Onions.

  34. Sicilian or Detroit-style pizza.

  35. Breadsticks.

  36. A personal pizza.

  37. A “pepper-only” pizza.

  38. Jalapeño peppers.

  39. A cookie pizza.

  40. A New York-style foldable slice.

  41. Rotate or spin (as in spinning pizza dough).

  42. Tomato.

  43. A pizza pocket or calzone.

  44. Domino’s (pizza and the game of dominoes).

  45. Pizza bread or cheesy bread.
pizza riddles

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