49 Riddles About Darkness

It’s dark out there, and your next step is a mystery. 

You try moving forward, careful in approach and with fear in your mind. 

Eventually, you reach your destination and jump with joy. 

Now, do you know that when we try to solve a riddle, the exact same feeling engulfs us all? 

How, you ask me? 

Initially, the riddle is a mystery and then you try to solve it. A few tries and bouts of failure puts fear in your mind but eventually success sees light of the day. 

So, why not try to solve a few among them? 

Here it is. 

Riddles about Darkness

  1. I am born each night and die at dawn,
    Holding secrets in my silent yawn.
    In my embrace, the world seems stark,
    Yet I’m chased away by morning’s lark.
    What am I?

  2. I follow you by day and night,
    But vanish in the dark or light.
    I mimic every move you make,
    But a rest I never take.
    What am I?

  3. I hide the world when I’m awake,
    But disappear when light I take.
    I’m feared by some, loved by others,
    In me, you’ll lose your druthers.
    What am I?

  4. I’m not quite day, yet not the night,
    A mix of shadow, a hint of light.
    In me, both day and night find blend,
    At my time, one starts, one ends.
    What am I?

  5. In me, you hear a story’s breath,
    Yet I am often linked with death.
    Within ancient halls, I softly tread,
    Where light is dim, and joy has fled.
    What am I?

  6. I lead the way through paths unseen,
    Where light has fled, I intervene.
    In deepest night, my power grows,
    But by the day, my influence goes.
    What am I?

  7. With no color, I paint the sky,
    Bringing stars and dreams nigh.
    Under my veil, the world does sleep,
    While secrets in the cosmos creep.
    What am I?

  8. I watch you while you’re unaware,
    In rooms, in streets, everywhere.
    When light fades, I stand so tall,
    Yet in the day, I’m small and small.
    What am I?

  9. In me, fantasies come alive,
    As reality takes a temporary dive.
    In my realm, nightmares also play,
    Until the dawn takes me away.
    What am I?

  10. I am a dance of celestial might,
    Turning day almost to night.
    When I occur, the sky goes dark,
    And in awe, people remark.
    What am I?

  11. Unseen, unfelt, through air I glide,
    A silent companion by your side.
    In darkness, my presence grows,
    But light reveals me as it shows.
    What am I?

  12. I am a shroud over the land,
    Neither solid nor made of sand.
    I cover all with a somber mood,
    Bringing quiet, a silent brood.
    What am I?

  13. Deep below where light does fade,
    In my embrace, fears are laid.
    I cloak the depths in mystery,
    A dark, uncharted history.
    What am I?

  14. I am the lack of something there,
    A void, an absence, everywhere.
    Where light cannot reach, I reside,
    In corners and crevices, I hide.
    What am I?

  15. I bloom at night but fade at day,
    A paradox in my own way.
    In my presence, stars do shine,
    Yet I’m not plant, nor am I vine.
    What am I?

  16. In my kingdom, sound is scarce,
    My rule is silent, yet not harsh.
    In me, light has lost its way,
    Here, night outlasts the day.
    What am I?

  17. An artist’s board where light’s not found,
    In my realm, quiet is the sound.
    Upon me, stars and moon do play,
    Yet I vanish at the break of day.
    What am I?

  18. Through me, you walk unseen,
    Where light’s touch has never been.
    I’m the route that’s less expressed,
    In shadows, I am dressed.
    What am I?

  19. When I arrive, the light does flee,
    A cloak of sorrow, some agree.
    I bring reflection, often deep,
    In my arms, the sun does sleep.
    What am I?

  20. A child of darkness, not of fright,
    I am born from absence of light.
    Where I lay, secrets are kept,
    Under my veil, the unknown slept.
    What am I?

  21. I speak in a tongue not heard, but felt,
    In my presence, the robust melt.
    I am where light cannot tread,
    In me, the living often dread.
    What am I?

  22. I am a pit without a bottom,
    A space where light is forgotten.
    In me, depths are unmeasured,
    Secrets in me are treasured.
    What am I?

  23. I cover all, yet am seen by none,
    Under me, stars and galaxies run.
    I am the night, but greater still,
    Over cosmos, I cast my will.
    What am I?

  24. In corners and behind the door,
    I lie in wait, yet am no bore.
    I grow with the setting sun,
    And shrink with daylight’s run.
    What am I?

  25. In me, whispers and truths are hidden,
    By me, the curious are often bidden.
    I hold the mysteries of the night,
    Vanishing with the morning light.
    What am I?

  26. I am the cover over the night sky,
    Under me, celestial bodies lie.
    I am the stage for the moon’s dance,
    An endless, dark expanse.
    What am I?

  27. Down where the sunlight’s touch is weak,
    In my embrace, the silent speak.
    I am the depths’ unspoken song,
    Where light’s journey is not long.
    What am I?

  28. I am a puzzle, wrapped in shade,
    In me, light and dark are laid.
    I am the time of rest and fears,
    A carousel of stars appears.
    What am I?

  29. I block the light, yet hold no form,
    In me, the shadows swarm.
    I’m not solid, yet I obstruct,
    In darkness, my powers erupt.
    What am I?

  30. I signal the end of day’s reign,
    Ushering in the night’s domain.
    I am the moment between light and dark,
    A time of whispers, a hush, a mark.
    What am I?

  31. In my realm, dreams are free,
    Nightmares and fantasies, all flee.
    I am the gate to the land of sleep,
    Where memories are sown deep.
    What am I?

  32. In me, you see what others cannot,
    A realm of shade, a darker plot.
    I reflect not light, but inner truth,
    The unspoken part of the youth.
    What am I?

  33. I walk beside you, but you cannot hear,
    In darkness, I’m close, whispering near.
    I’m felt in the heart, seen in the mind,
    In the depth of the night, it’s me you’ll find.
    What am I?

  34. I drape the world in a blanket unseen,
    Where I rule, light has never been.
    I’m the cloak of the unknown, the cover of night,
    Hiding the world from sight.
    What am I?

  35. As I appear, the day says goodbye,
    I’m the artist of the starry sky.
    Under my watch, the world rests still,
    Until the dawn breaks at its will.
    What am I?

  36. I hold the secrets of the dark,
    Where shadows dance and leave their mark.
    In my time, the world whispers low,
    Beneath my reign, the cool winds blow.
    What am I?

  37. With no brush, I paint a scene,
    Where light and shadow both convene.
    My canvas is the world at night,
    My art, a fleeting, ghostly sight.
    What am I?

  38. I am the hush when light is gone,
    The muted world where dreams are drawn.
    In my embrace, secrets are told,
    In the depths of me, mysteries unfold.
    What am I?

  39. I cover secrets, old and new,
    In my depths, light never flew.
    I am the keeper of the unseen,
    The blanket under which all has been.
    What am I?

  40. I am where light and darkness meet,
    A boundary subtle and discreet.
    I exist in twilight and dawn’s first light,
    A fleeting moment, then out of sight.
    What am I?

  41. I watch in silence, never speaking,
    In my presence, day is leaking.
    I am the end of the sun’s bright run,
    The pause before the night has begun.
    What am I?

  42. In my realm, voices lower,
    Secrets shared as light grows slower.
    I am the time of muted tones,
    Where thought wanders and heart drowns.
    What am I?

  43. I unveil the celestial lights,
    A tapestry in the endless nights.
    Under my cloak, the universe unfurls,
    A dance of galaxies and swirling worlds.
    What am I?

  44. In me, one finds a silent friend,
    A companion on whom they can depend.
    I am the solace of the night,
    A shelter from the day’s bright light.
    What am I?

  45. I draw the line between day and night,
    A time of color, then fading light.
    In my moment, the world transitions,
    A daily, ancient repetition.
    What am I?

  46. When I come, the earth grows quiet,
    A respite from the day’s riot.
    I am the calm, the peaceful end,
    When colors merge and shades blend.
    What am I?

  47. I am the exhale of the universe,
    In my depth, the stars converse.
    An infinite spread, dark and deep,
    Where light and time in embrace sleep.
    What am I?

  48. Upon me, the mind paints its fears and loves,
    In the quiet, my fabric moves.
    I am the backdrop of sleep’s deep stage,
    A realm where fantasies uncage.
    What am I?

  49. I am the cover over things unseen,
    The barrier between what is and what’s been.
    In my fold, the mysteries reside,
    A realm where secrets hide.
    What am I?


  1. Night.

  2. Your shadow.

  3. Darkness.

  4. Twilight or dusk.

  5. Echo.

  6. A flashlight or torch.

  7. The night sky.

  8. Your silhouette.

  9. Sleep or dreams.

  10. A solar eclipse.

  11. Infrared radiation.

  12. Fog or mist.

  13. The deep sea darkness.

  14. A shadow or darkness.

  15. The moon.

  16. Space.

  17. The night sky.

  18. A shadowy path or a secret route.

  19. Dusk or twilight.

  20. A shadow.

  21. Silence in darkness.

  22. A deep cave or chasm.

  23. Outer space or the universe.

  24. A growing shadow.

  25. The night.

  26. Space or the night sky.

  27. The deep sea or ocean depths.

  28. Nighttime.

  29. Darkness.

  30. Dusk or evening twilight.

  31. Night or sleep.

  32. Reflection in a dark mirror or introspection.

  33. Solitude or loneliness.

  34. Darkness.

  35. Nightfall or dusk.

  36. The night.

  37. Shadows or darkness.

  38. The quiet of the night.

  39. The dark or the unknown.

  40. Twilight or dawn.

  41. Dusk.

  42. Evening.

  43. The night sky.

  44. Darkness or night.

  45. Twilight.

  46. Nightfall.

  47. Space or the universe.

  48. The subconscious or dreams.

  49. The unknown or the unseen.
49 Riddles About Darkness

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