40 Best Riddles About Eggs

What came before? 

The egg or the chicken

No one has an answer but here are some egg related riddles which definitely has an answer. 


Check these out. 

Egg Related Riddles

  1. I’m not a bird, but I can fly through the sky. I’m not a river, but I’m full of water. What am I?

  2. What kind of egg can you drink?

  3. I am an egg, but I never break when I fall. What am I?

  4. I’m white when I’m dirty, and yellow when I’m clean. What am I?

  5. What has to be broken before you can use it?

  6. What kind of egg did the bad chicken lay?

  7. I’m often running yet I have no legs. You need me but I don’t need you. What am I?

  8. What type of egg can sweeten your coffee?

  9. I am an egg that’s never seen by the eye. I’m often the reason for a joyous cry. What am I?

  10. I can crack but not open; I’m a friend to the yolks but a foe to the white. What am I?

  11. What kind of egg is always ready for a joke?

  12. I have a shell but I’m not a turtle; I have a white house but I’m not the president. What am I?

  13. I am full of holes but still hold water. What am I?

  14. What’s yellow and used to write letters, but is not a pen?

  15. Why did the egg regret being in a joke?

  16. What can’t be used until it’s broken?

  17. What kind of egg is never fresh?

  18. I’m an egg, but not the kind you eat. I’m an adventure waiting; you might find me on a seat. What am I?

  19. I’m not a cat, but I purr. I’m not a bird, but I tweet. I’m not an egg, but I have a shell. What am I?

  20. Why was the chef surprised by the chicken laying eggs?

  21. I’m small like a nut, and smooth like a rock. I’m white, but not always. What am I?

  22. What’s an egg’s least favorite day of the week?

  23. Why did the egg go to school?

  24. What do you call an egg who is on the computer a lot?

  25. Why did the egg fail its driving test?

  26. How do monsters like their eggs?

  27. I am cracked after a trip, but it doesn’t hurt me. What am I?

  28. I’m not a bird, but I have a beak. What am I?

  29. Why did the egg go to the party?

  30. What’s an egg’s favorite type of music?

  31. What did the egg say to the boiling water?

  32. I start with an ‘E’, end with an ‘E’, and have a letter in me. What am I?

  33. What do you call a mischievous egg?

  34. What day do eggs hate the most?

  35. Why was the egg always calm?

  36. When is an egg not an egg?

  37. What’s an egg’s least favorite sport?

  38. I can be cracked, made, told, and played. What am I?

  39. What do you call a smart omelette?

  40. Why couldn’t the egg compete in the race?


  1. A cloud.

  2. An egg nog.

  3. A boiled egg.

  4. An egg (it’s white on the outside when dirty, and the yolk is yellow).

  5. An egg.

  6. A rotten egg.

  7. An egg timer.

  8. A sugar egg (sugar cube).

  9. An egg in a video game or software (an Easter egg).

  10. An eggshell.

  11. A crack-up egg or a yolky egg (joke egg).

  12. An egg.

  13. A sponge (resembling the structure of an egg’s porous shell).

  14. Egg yolk (used in the past as a medium in traditional egg tempera painting).

  15. Because it got beaten.

  16. An egg.

  17. A deviled egg.

  18. A treasure egg (like in a treasure hunt).

  19. A smartphone.

  20. Because it was an egg-spectation.

  21. An egg.

  22. Fry-day.

  23. To get “egg-ucated.”

  24. An “egg-spert.”

  25. Because it couldn’t make it over the “egg-samination” hill.

  26. Terror-fried.

  27. An egg.

  28. An eggplant.

  29. To get hard-boiled.

  30. Yolk music or Beak-hop.

  31. “It might take me a while to get hard, I just got laid by a chick.”

  32. An envelope.

  33. A practical yolker.

  34. Fry-day.

  35. Because it was hard-boiled.

  36. When it’s a little cracked.

  37. Running.

  38. A joke.

  39. An “egghead.”

  40. It was beaten.
40 Best Riddles About Eggs

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