54 Riddles about Emotions

We all experience emotions, those powerful things that make us laugh, cry, jump for joy, or hide under the covers.

But how well do you REALLY know them?

Let’s put your emotional intelligence to the test with mind-bending riddles that will have you scratching your head and saying “Aha!” all at once.

Ready to dive in?

Let’s go!

Riddles about Emotions

  1. Invisible and untouchable, I flutter like a butterfly. In the light of joy or the darkness of sorrow, you’ll find me by your side. What am I?

  2. I rise like a wave in the ocean, triggered by a word or a notion. Strong and fierce, I can change your course, often felt with great force. What am I?

  3. Gentle as a feather, yet strong enough to break the hardest rock. I am often silent, yet my presence is like a soothing melody. What am I?

  4. I am the shadow in your heart, the echo of your fears. In the depths of despair, I appear, making your vision unclear. What am I?

  5. Like a burst of sunlight, I fill your day with light. With me, the world seems right, my warmth making everything bright. What am I?

  6. I am a traveler, moving from person to person. I can be as infectious as a yawn, spreading joy or despair in a chain so long. What am I?

  7. In the silence of the night, I often take flight. A product of your mind, leaving reality behind. What am I?

  8. I am the fire in your belly, the drive that makes you ready. To conquer mountains and seas, with me, you’ll achieve these with ease. What am I?

  9. I hide in the corners of your mind, a feeling that’s not so kind. In the face of failure or loss, I emerge, making you feel small and cross. What am I?

  10. Like a tidal wave, I can be overwhelming, often leading to an outpouring. Both of joy and sorrow, I don’t hold back, I’m here today, gone tomorrow. What am I?

  11. I am often silent, a feeling so deep. In your moments of solitude, I’m the company you keep. What am I?

  12. A surge of energy, a rush of the heart, in moments of excitement, I play a big part. What am I?

  13. I am the calm after the storm, the peace you feel at dawn. In moments of tranquility, I am silently born. What am I?

  14. I am the thief of reason, making the wise act foolish. In my grasp, thoughts whirl in a stormy pool, making choices rash and ghoulish. What am I?

  15. Quiet and deep, I am felt in the soul. In times of loss or grief, I take control, wrapping you in a dark, heavy stole. What am I?

  16. A spark in the heart, a light in the dark, I am the hope that ignites your mark. In despair, I am your guiding ark. What am I?

  17. Unseen and often unheard, in your heart I quietly stirred. I am the bond that’s never slurred, a feeling deeply interred. What am I?

  18. In the race of life, I give you pace. Whether in a marathon or a sprint, I keep you in the chase, giving you a hint of winning grace. What am I?

  19. Like a sudden summer storm, I come without a form. In moments of surprise or shock, my presence is the norm. What am I?

  20. As old as time, as vast as the sea, in moments of bliss or sorrow, you come to me. A refuge for hearts, in me, they are free. What am I?

  21. I am the whisper in your ear, the nudge when danger is near. In moments of uncertainty, I am what you fear, yet I keep you clear. What am I?

  22. In the canvas of your mind, I paint with colors so kind. In moments of creativity, it’s me you’ll find, helping you unwind. What am I?

  23. Like a chameleon, I change with ease, molding to your inner pleas. In moments of change or stress, I shift as you please, offering a brief respite or tease. What am I?

  24. A fleeting visitor, quick and light, in moments of amusement, I take flight. In laughter and smiles, I shine so bright, making everything seem right. What am I?

  25. I am the fortress in your heart, standing tall when you fall apart. In times of trouble, I play my part, offering strength to restart. What am I?

  26. In the depths of night, when all is still, I am the voice that speaks at will. In moments of introspection, I fill the quill, guiding thoughts with skill. What am I?

  27. A fire that burns within, I push you to win. In challenges and contests, my presence is a must, driving you to be first, not last. What am I?

  28. Gentle as a morning breeze, yet capable of bringing you to your knees. In times of joy or pain, I flow freely, like summer rain. What am I?

  29. I’m the echo in your laughter, the twinkle in your eye. In moments of joy and pleasure, I’m the reason why. What am I?

  30. Like a heavy chain, I drag you down. In moments of despair or failure, I wear the crown, making it hard to bear. What am I?

  31. A sudden spark, a fleeting flame, in moments of excitement, I am to blame. I come and go, never the same. What am I?

  32. Deep in your heart, I quietly grow. In moments of affection and care, I am the glow, warming the soul more than you know. What am I?

  33. I am the cloud that covers your sun, the weight that makes it hard to run. In moments of worry or dread, I am the one, making everything seem undone. What am I?

  34. Like a fortress, I protect, in moments of self-respect. I am the shield and the sword, helping you move forward, your dignity restored. What am I?

  35. In the depths of your soul, I take control, making your heart whole. In moments of deep connection, I play the leading role. What am I?

  36. A rollercoaster of highs and lows, I can make time freeze or flow. In moments of drama or excitement, it’s me you show, as your emotions glow. What am I?

  37. I am the whisper in times of doubt, the voice that makes you shout. In moments of decision or indecision, I help you out, guiding you about. What am I?

  38. Like a soothing balm, I calm. In moments of stress or alarm, I am the charm, bringing peace and healing, disarming harm. What am I?

  39. I am the spark in the dark, the light in the night. In moments of enlightenment or insight, I shine bright, guiding your flight. What am I?

  40. A silent force, a guiding light, in moments of moral fight, I set things right, helping you choose what’s just and polite. What am I?

  41. In the quiet of the night, I am the thought that takes flight. In moments of solitude or reflection, I am the connection to your inner direction. What am I?

  42. Like a sudden gust of wind, I can be hard to find. In moments of change or surprise, I am the mind’s bind, guiding you to be unconfined. What am I?

  43. Deep in the heart’s core, I am the feeling you can’t ignore. In moments of deep connection or affection, I am the reflection of your heart’s direction. What am I?

  44. I am the cloud that dims your day, the shadow that doesn’t go away. In times of trouble or dismay, I am the gray, making colors fade to gray. What am I?

  45. Like a bird in flight, I soar high and light. In moments of freedom or delight, I am the sight, filling your day and night. What am I?

  46. I come in moments of quiet, a feeling you can’t deny it. In times of peace or inner rest, I am the guest, making you feel blessed. What am I?

  47. In the midst of the storm, I am the form that keeps you warm. In times of hardship or strife, I am the life that cuts like a knife. What am I?

  48. I am the whisper of the past, the echo that lasts. In moments of nostalgia or reminiscence, I am the dance, the heart’s chance to enhance. What am I?

  49. Like a wave, I rise and fall, in moments big and small. In times of change or flux, I am the crux, the force that bucks. What am I?

  50. In the heat of the moment, I am the comment that’s potent. In times of conflict or debate, I am the gate, opening to a state of irate. What am I?

  51. I am the laughter in the air, the joy that’s rare. In moments of happiness or glee, I am the key, setting your heart free. What am I?

  52. In the depths of despair, I am the air that’s rare. In moments of loss or grief, I am the chief, the heart’s relief. What am I?

  53. Like a flickering flame, I can be hard to tame. In moments of passion or desire, I am the fire that takes you higher. What am I?

  54. I am the shield in the fight, the courage in the night. In moments of fear or dread, I am the lead, making you heed. What am I?


  1. Happiness

  2. Anger

  3. Love

  4. Fear

  5. Joy

  6. Emotion

  7. Dream

  8. Ambition

  9. Insecurity

  10. Tears

  11. Loneliness

  12. Excitement

  13. Serenity

  14. Passion

  15. Sorrow

  16. Hope

  17. Affection

  18. Competition

  19. Surprise

  20. Solace

  21. Caution

  22. Inspiration

  23. Adaptability

  24. Mirth

  25. Resilience

  26. Reflection

  27. Determination

  28. Emotion

  29. Delight

  30. Depression

  31. Thrill

  32. Fondness

  33. Anxiety

  34. Pride

  35. Intimacy

  36. Drama

  37. Intuition

  38. Calmness

  39. Epiphany

  40. Conscience

  41. Contemplation

  42. Adaptability

  43. Devotion

  44. Melancholy

  45. Elation

  46. Contentment

  47. Courage

  48. Sentimentality

  49. Uncertainty

  50. Argumentativeness

  51. Merriment

  52. Mourning

  53. Lust

  54. Bravery

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