40 Father’s Day Riddles

Father’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the wonderful dads in our lives. While you may already have gifts and plans in place, why not add an extra layer of fun to the celebration with some Father’s Day riddles? 

After all, they are a great way to engage your dad’s sense of humor and make him smile. 

Let’s begin. 

Father’s Day Riddles

  1. What type of music are all fathers experts in?

  2. I am not a phone, but I am often held near the ear. I can’t speak but say much about a father. What am I?

  3. Tall when young and short when old, I’m a father’s favorite when the weather is cold. What am I?

  4. What did the baby computer call its father?

  5. I have keys but no locks, space but no room, and you can enter but not go outside. What am I, often used by fathers?

  6. I run all around the yard without moving a bit. What am I?

  7. What tree fits in your hand and symbolizes a father’s strength?

  8. What do fathers and books have in common?

  9. I am full of keys but can’t open a single lock. What am I, frequently found in a father’s pocket?

  10. I sit on a bridge. Some people can see me, but I can’t see them. What am I, often worn by fathers?

  11. Why did the child bring a ladder to the Father’s Day celebration?

  12. I have a spine but no bones, and I’m a father’s companion in quiet times. What am I?

  13. What did the ocean say to the father on the beach?

  14. I’m not a tree, but I have leaves. Fathers often turn to me on lazy afternoons. What am I?

  15. Fathers often carry me in their pockets, and I’m known to change my face frequently. What am I?

  16. What makes more noise than a child jumping on Father’s Day?

  17. I start with a ‘P’, end with an ‘E’, and have thousands of letters. What am I, often used by fathers?

  18. You’ll find me in a court, but I’m not a judge. Fathers love playing me. What am I?

  19. Why did the child give his father a blanket for Father’s Day?

  20. I’m not a bird, but I can fly through the sky. I am often a father’s weekend project. What am I?

  21. Which tool is known as a father’s best friend?

  22. I can be cracked, made, and told. Fathers often share me. What am I?

  23. What did the father broom say to the baby broom?

  24. Why was the computer cold on Father’s Day?

  25. What gets sharper the more you use it, and is something a father often teaches his child to use?

  26. I have a ring but no fingers, and I stay close to a father’s heart. What am I?

  27. Why did the child give his dad a map for Father’s Day?

  28. I can wake you up or remind you of a meeting. A father often checks me first thing in the morning. What am I?

  29. I have hands but cannot clap, and I’m a father’s early morning companion. What am I?

  30. What wears a jacket but has no arms, and is a father’s quiet friend?

  31. I can run but never walk, and I mark a father’s precious moments. What am I?

  32. Why did the child give the father a shoe on Father’s Day?

  33. I have a head, a tail, but no body. I am not an animal but am often seen with a father. What am I?

  34. I’m an activity that requires a good aim, something a father might teach his child in a game. What am I?

  35. You can’t see me, but I keep you safe. Fathers ensure I’m in place. What am I?

  36. What has a heart that doesn’t beat, but is essential for a father?

  37. Which word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

  38. Why did the child give his father a clock?

  39. Why did the child give his dad a compass for Father’s Day?

  40. Why did the child give his father a mirror for Father’s Day?


  1. Dad Jokes.

  2. A father’s wallet.

  3. A candle.

  4. Data.

  5. A keyboard.

  6. A fence.

  7. A palm tree (play on ‘palm’).

  8. They both have stories to tell.

  9. A piano keychain.

  10. Glasses.

  11. To raise his spirits!

  12. A book.

  13. Nothing, it just waved.

  14. A magazine.

  15. A smartphone.

  16. Two children jumping!

  17. Post Office.

  18. A basketball.

  19. Because he was the coolest dad.

  20. A kite.

  21. A hammer.

  22. A joke.

  23. It’s time to go to sweep!

  24. It left its Windows open.

  25. The mind or intellect.

  26. A key ring.

  27. Because he never lost his way in being a great dad.

  28. An alarm clock.

  29. A watch.

  30. A book.

  31. A watch or clock.

  32. Because every great dad needs a ‘sole’ mate.

  33. A coin.

  34. Archery or darts.

  35. Insurance.

  36. An artichoke.

  37. The word ‘short’.

  38. Because time with him is precious.

  39. Because he’s the best when it comes to finding his way.

  40. Because he reflected everything good in the child.
Father's Day Riddles

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