56 Riddles about Fruits and Vegetables with Answers

We all know the importance of getting our daily dose of fruits and vegetables, but let’s be honest, it can feel a bit…well…boring sometimes.

This post is here to add a dash of fun and a sprinkle of brain exercise to your next grocery trip.

We’ve got a basketful of riddles about everyone’s favorite (or maybe least favorite?) fruits and vegetables.

So grab your favorite smoothie, put on your thinking cap, and get ready to have a laugh (and maybe learn something new) as we peel back the layers of these pun-derful riddles!

Riddles about Fruits

  1. Round and bright, under the sun’s light, I sit on a tree, as green as can be. But when I am ripe, I’m the color of fire, and in autumn pies, I’m what you desire.

  2. Hanging in bunches, sweet and small, my name’s a color, and I come in a ball. Often in a bunch, I’m a healthy snack, perfect to eat on a picnic or track.

  3. I’m long and yellow, quite mellow and sweet. Monkeys adore me; I’m their favorite treat. Peel me first, then enjoy a bite, in smoothies or cereal, I’m just right.

  4. Tiny and red, with a crown on my head, in fields I am grown, in summer I’m known. Add me to desserts or eat me alone, I’m a juicy delight that’s naturally homegrown.

  5. With an outer layer, tough and brown, inside, I’m white and can be worn like a crown. Sip my water or eat my flesh, in a tropical paradise, my flavors mesh.

  6. I wear a jacket, that’s quite thick, peel it off when you’re ready for a kick. Inside, you’ll find segments so neat, a citrus delight that’s wonderfully sweet.

  7. Small and blue, I hide in the shade, in muffins and pancakes, I’m often laid. Full of antioxidants, I’m a healthy choice, in smoothies and yogurts, I give you a voice.

  8. Crunchy and sweet, often red or green, in lunches and salads, I’m commonly seen. I float in water, a unique trait indeed, with a core inside that contains a seed.

  9. Fuzzy on the outside, and green within, cut me open, and my juice might make you grin. Sour and tangy, I am a summertime treat, in pies and jams, I’m often a sweet.

  10. Tropical and spiky, with a crown so grand, inside I am sweet, a flavor so bland. I can be grilled or eaten raw, in smoothies or cakes, I’m a flavor to awe.

  11. Orb-like and juicy, with segments galore, I am a citrus fruit that many adore. In juice or salads, or eaten alone, I’m a burst of sunshine with a flavor fully grown.

  12. Dark and mysterious, with a taste so bold, in wines and juices, my story’s often told. I’m not just a fruit, but a color as well, in autumn and art, my presence does dwell.

  13. Green or black, often found in a jar, on pizzas and salads, I travel far. In Mediterranean dishes, I make a scene, adding a touch that’s both tangy and keen.

  14. Large and melon-like, with a taste so sweet, inside I am red, a summer’s treat. I’m mostly water, which makes me so fine, at picnics and parties, I’m the main line.

  15. Oval and sweet, with a stone in my core, in shades of purple, I’m adored. Eaten fresh or dried in the sun, in cakes and puddings, I’m part of the fun.

  16. Small and tart, I grow on a bush, in jams and jellies, I’m often mushed. With a name like a planet, I’m easy to find, in gardens or forests, I’m one of a kind.

  17. Round and juicy, often in pairs, you can eat me raw or in tarts if you dare. I’m soft to the touch, with a sweet, mellow taste, in orchards and markets, I’m never a waste.

  18. Hard on the outside, with seeds in my heart, I’m a tropical fruit, both sweet and tart. My name sounds like a bird, but don’t be misled, I’m juicy and pink, not feathered instead.

  19. Thick-skinned and heavy, you might need a knife, to cut open my flesh, it’s a tropical delight. With a name like a weapon, but much sweeter in taste, in juices and fruit salads, I’m never a waste.

  20. Tiny and orange, I’m sweet as can be, often found in a box, or growing on a tree. In juices and smoothies, I’m a common sight, packed with vitamin C, I’m a dietary delight.

  21. Green or purple, hanging in a vine, often made into a drink, that ages like fine wine. In a bunch or a cluster, I’m easy to see, in fruit bowls or vineyards, where I like to be.

  22. I’m a stone fruit, with a velvety skin, in shades of orange, with a pit within. In pies or crumbles, I’m often baked, a summer fruit, that’s never faked.

  23. Bright and acidic, with a peel so fine, in drinks and garnishes, I often shine. My name suggests royalty, and rightly so, in kitchens and bars, my presence glows.

  24. With a crown of leaves, and a bumpy skin, inside, I’m golden, with black seeds within. In fruit salads or alone, I’m a juicy treat, from a cactus family, I’m hard to beat.

  25. I’m a summer berry, small and round, in fields of green, I can be found. My name suggests a meadow, where I might lay, in pies and jams, I make your day.

  26. Spherical and glossy, with a taste so divine, I’m a tropical star, when it’s my time to shine. In salads or smoothies, I’m a colorful addition, with a name like a star, I’m a celestial vision.

  27. Large and fragrant, with a taste quite intense, I’m loved or hated, there’s no pretense. With a spiky exterior, I’m hard to hold, but my rich, creamy flesh, is a story to be told.

  28. Crunchy and tart, with a name like a bird, in autumn I thrive, that’s when I’m preferred. In ciders and pies, or eaten alone, I’m a staple of fall, in a temperate zone.


  1. Apple

  2. Grape

  3. Banana

  4. Strawberry

  5. Coconut

  6. Orange

  7. Blueberry

  8. Apple

  9. Kiwi

  10. Pineapple

  11. Orange

  12. Grape

  13. Olive

  14. Watermelon

  15. Plum

  16. Cranberry

  17. Pear

  18. Guava

  19. Pineapple

  20. Kumquat

  21. Grape

  22. Peach

  23. Lemon

  24. Dragon Fruit

  25. Strawberry

  26. Starfruit

  27. Durian

  28. Granny Smith Apple

Riddles about Vegetables

  1. Green or red, I can be, growing in fields, you’ll see me. I’m crunchy and fresh, in salads, I’m best, paired with dressing, a summer fest.

  2. I wear a crown of green, but a royal I am not. Under the earth, I snugly lie, in a stew, I’m often found hot.

  3. Round and purple, I may be, or white with a touch of green. I’m not a ball, but in kitchens, I roll, and in Mediterranean dishes, I’m seen.

  4. Long and orange, I grow in the ground. With a rabbit, I’m often found. I’m good for your eyes, so I’m wise to eat, in a stew or a cake, I’m a treat.

  5. I’m a leafy green, often seen in a soup. I’m not a tree, but my name suggests so, in Italian dishes, I’m in the loop.

  6. I’m small, green, and round, in a pod, I am found. I’m not a pearl, but I’m a gem on your plate, in Asian cuisine, I often participate.

  7. In a patch, I grow, where the scarecrows stand. I can be carved, baked, or turned into a land. In October, I shine, in a pie, I’m divine.

  8. Tall and stalky, with ears I do come. Yellow kernels I bear, under the summer sun. In a barbecue or a feast, I’m a buttery treat, popped, I’m a snack that’s hard to beat.

  9. I hang in a bunch, small and red. In a salad or sauce, I’m often spread. I’m not a fruit, though some say so, in a greenhouse, I love to grow.

  10. I’m wrapped in a jacket, under the soil, I bunker. Boiled or baked, in soups, I’m no stranger. My eyes see nothing, but I’m a staple food, in a mash or a fry, I’m comfortingly good.

  11. I’m purple or white, but not a grape. In a garden, I stand tall and straight. I’m not a flower, though I wear a crown, in a stir-fry or curry, I’m often found.

  12. Layers and layers, I make you weep. I’m not a book, but deep I keep. In a ring or a dice, in the kitchen, I’m nice, in many a dish, I’m a savory spice.

  13. Red, green, or yellow, my colors are bright. I add a bit of heat, but not a fiery light. In Mexican cuisine, I’m a common sight, on your tongue, I’m a spicy bite.

  14. I’m a bulb but don’t give light, in Italian food, I’m a delight. I can be roasted, or raw in a bite, in a pasta or a pizza, I’m just right.

  15. I’m tall and green, with a tassel on top. In a field, I stand; with a cob, I’m a crop. I’m not corn, but close in the kin, in a salad or soup, I’m often thrown in.

  16. I’m white and round, a head, not a ball. In a salad or slaw, I’m enjoyed by all. I’m not an onion, but layers I’ve got, in a ferment or stew, I’m often a lot.

  17. Purple or green, in a vine, I am found. I’m not a grape, but my shape is round. I’m bitter when raw, but when cooked, I’m a treat, in Mediterranean dishes, I’m often to eat.

  18. With a heart but no blood, I grow in the ground. In artichokes, my relatives are found. I’m green and leafy, in a dip, I shine, at a picnic or party, I’m often in line.

  19. I’m small, but I’m not a berry. In a pod, I’m green; I make dishes merry. In Asian cuisine, I’m a common sight, in a stir-fry or salad, I’m a bite of delight.

  20. Yellow or green, long, and quite lean, I grow on a vine, in the sun, I glean. I’m not a cucumber, but close we are, in a pickle or salad, I’m a star.

  21. Red, round, and sweet, I grow underground. I’m not a radish, but in salads, I’m found. Roasted or boiled, I’m a healthy treat, in a juice or a soup, I’m often to eat.

  22. I’m a leafy green, but not a lettuce leaf. In Italian cuisine, I’m a belief. I’m good for your bones, in a pasta, I’m known, with a distinct taste, in a dish, I’m thrown.

  23. Tiny, white, and in a bulb, I grow. In Asian cuisine, my flavors show. I’m not garlic, but close we are, in a stir-fry or soup, I’m a flavor star.

  24. I’m purple, elongated, and often in a stew. In Middle Eastern cuisine, I’m a view. I’m not an eggplant, but a cousin indeed, in a dip or a salad, I’m a good feed.

  25. Green and curly, or sometimes flat, in a soup or a stew, I’m where it’s at. I’m not lettuce, but in salads, I’m fine, in many a dish, my leaves intertwine.

  26. Orange, but I’m not a carrot, in autumn, I’m a parrot. In a pie or a spice, I’m often found, in Halloween traditions, I’m renowned.

  27. Spherical and green, with a tiny tree look, in a salad or a stir-fry, I’m often to cook. I’m not a pea, but in pods, I’m seen, in Asian dishes, I’m a green cuisine.

  28. Long and slender, with a taste so fine, in Italian food, with pasta, I dine. I’m not a bean, but a vegetable indeed, in a grill or a roast, I’m a tasty feed.


  1. Lettuce

  2. Potato

  3. Eggplant

  4. Carrot

  5. Broccoli

  6. Peas

  7. Pumpkin

  8. Corn

  9. Tomato

  10. Potato

  11. Asparagus

  12. Onion

  13. Chili Pepper

  14. Garlic

  15. Sweet Corn

  16. Cabbage

  17. Brussels Sprouts

  18. Celery

  19. Edamame

  20. Zucchini

  21. Beet

  22. Kale

  23. Shallot

  24. Okra

  25. Parsley

  26. Butternut Squash

  27. Broccolini

  28. Asparagus

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