40 Kangaroo Riddles

Kangaroos are fascinating and unique creatures native to Australia. With their powerful hind legs and distinctive hopping movement, they capture the imagination of people around the world. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the world of kangaroos through some amazing riddles.  

So, get ready to hop into the world of kangaroo-themed brain teasers!

Kangaroo Riddles

  1. Why do kangaroos hate rainy days?

  2. What do you call a lazy kangaroo?

  3. What kind of music do kangaroos listen to?

  4. Why couldn’t the kangaroo find a job?

  5. What do you call a kangaroo at the North Pole?

  6. What do you get when you cross a snake and a kangaroo?

  7. Why do kangaroos make terrible sailors?

  8. How does a kangaroo keep its baby safe?

  9. What do you call an explosive kangaroo?

  10. Why was the kangaroo good at math?

  11. Why do kangaroos make great lawyers?

  12. What do you call a kangaroo that breaks the law?

  13. What’s a kangaroo’s favorite year?

  14. What did the kangaroo say on its birthday?

  15. What’s a kangaroo’s favorite exercise?

  16. How do kangaroos stay fit?

  17. What do you call a kangaroo in a blizzard?

  18. Why don’t kangaroos like fast food?

  19. What did the kangaroo say to its lazy friend?

  20. Why was the kangaroo a good comedian?

  21. What do you call a kangaroo with a bell?

  22. How do you apologize to a kangaroo?

  23. What do kangaroos wear to bed?

  24. Why are kangaroos good at chess?

  25. What’s a kangaroo’s favorite type of story?

  26. What do you call a kangaroo with a detective hat?

  27. Why was the kangaroo good at basketball?

  28. What’s a kangaroo’s favorite school subject?

  29. How do kangaroos stay cool in summer?

  30. What do you call a group of musical kangaroos?

  31. Why don’t kangaroos like spicy food?

  32. What’s a kangaroo’s favorite time of day?

  33. What do you call a kangaroo that loves gardening?

  34. How do kangaroos learn to jump so high?

  35. Why did the kangaroo stop drinking coffee?

  36. What do you call a kangaroo who loves to draw?

  37. How do kangaroos greet each other?

  38. Why was the kangaroo so organized?

  39. What’s a kangaroo’s favorite mode of transportation?

  40. What do kangaroos do when they’re sad?


  1. Because their kids play inside all day.

  2. A pouch potato.

  3. Hip-hop.

  4. Because every job interview ended with a big leap.

  5. Lost.

  6. A jump rope.

  7. Because they always jump ship.

  8. In a pocket lock-it.

  9. A boom-a-roo.

  10. Because they always jump to conclusions.

  11. Because they’re always hopping through loopholes.

  12. A hop-lifter.

  13. Leap year.

  14. “Hoppy Birthday to me!”

  15. Jumping jacks.

  16. By following a jump-start diet.

  17. A kangaroosicle.

  18. Because they can’t catch it!

  19. “You need to hop to it!”

  20. Because he was always hopping with jokes.

  21. A jump-bell.

  22. Say, “I’m sorry for the mis-hop.”

  23. Pajumpas.

  24. Because they think in leaps and bounds.

  25. Hoppy endings.

  26. A hop-ective.

  27. Because he was always jumping for the hoop.

  28. Hop-history.

  29. By standing under a fan-garoo.

  30. A jump band.

  31. It makes them hop and puff.

  32. High noon.

  33. A kangar-gardener.

  34. On a trampo-lean.

  35. It was making her too jumpy.

  36. A kang-art-roo.

  37. With a hoppy “hello!”

  38. She kept everything in her pouch organized.

  39. A hopper bus.

  40. They hop to conclusions.
Kangaroo Riddles

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