40 Riddles About Kings

Throughout history, kings have been the central figures in countless tales of bravery, betrayal, and intrigue. 

But what if we told you that beyond the golden crowns and opulent palaces, there lies another area where kings reign supreme? 

A world of wit, wordplay, and wisdom. 

Today, we present to you a regal collection of some amazing riddles on kings that will make you wonder in awe and question your intellect. 

Let’s begin. 

Riddles about Kings (as metaphors)

  1. In a kingdom not so far, a king with no crown or scar, rules not lands, but minds afar. Who is he?

  2. I am a king who never rules, I have no subjects, yet I’m no fool. In games, I’m sought, but never taught. Who am I?

  3. This king wears no robe, but bears a shield, in battlefields, his power he wields. Not of flesh, but metal made, under his reign, knights’ fears fade. Who is he?

  4. A king without a kingdom, a ruler without a land, in everyone’s pocket, he silently stands. What is he?

  5. He’s a king among birds, soaring so high, his crown is his color, ruling the sky. Who is he?

  6. This king has no throne but sits in your home, ruling the waves that through the air roam. What is he?

  7. A king of old, not of gold, his rule was cold, and stories told. No castle had he, but a forest deep, where secrets and shadows forever sleep. Who is he?

  8. In ancient tales, a king revered, his loss lamented, his memory cheered. No human he, but a creature grand, his reign in myths, not on land. Who is he?

  9. A king who reigns but does not govern, seen at night, but not in heaven. His subjects, bright and ever twinkling, in patterns seen, but never mingling. Who is he?

  10. This king is a fruit, regal and sweet, with a crown on his head and nothing on his feet. Who is he?

  11. A king who reigns in silence deep, in libraries, his throne he keeps. No scepter, but knowledge vast, in pages, his rule is cast. Who is he?

  12. This king’s a gem, not a man, sparkling bright since time began. In crowns and rings, his face is seen, ruling with a color serene. What is he?

  13. A king who rules the ocean wide, with trident hand and mighty stride. Not a man, but a creature grand, his kingdom is the water, not the land. Who is he?

  14. I am a king, but not of flesh, in circuits and wires, my rule is fresh. In the digital world, my power’s key, yet in the physical world, you can’t see me. What am I?

  15. A king of old, with no crown of gold, his story in the stars is told. His kingdom vast, in the sky at night, where he battles darkness with eternal light. Who is he?

  16. This king is cold, his kingdom white, ruling over the longest night. His crown is ice, his scepter snow, under his reign, cold winds blow. Who is he?

  17. A king who never speaks a word, but in his presence, melodies are heard. His kingdom is a stage so wide, where notes and harmonies reside. Who is he?

  18. Not a man, but a king of fire, in his heart, burns eternal pyre. His throne is a mountain high, where he breathes, the ashes fly. What is he?

  19. This king is small, but his rule is mighty, in gardens and fields, his subjects are flighty. His crown is a hue, bright and bold, in the realm of flora, his stories told. Who is he?

  20. A king with a realm that’s never dry, his crown the clouds, his scepter the sky. He rules with droplets light and fine, over every meadow, forest, and vine. Who is he?


  1. The King of Hearts (from a deck of cards).

  2. The Chess King.

  3. The King of Spades (from a deck of cards, often depicted with a sword).

  4. A King (currency, like the King on a banknote).

  5. The Bald Eagle (often referred to as the king of birds, with its majestic appearance).

  6. The King of Signals (referring to Wi-Fi or signal waves).

  7. The King of the Forest (referring to a legendary or mythical creature like a dragon or a giant).

  8. A Dragon King (from mythology and folklore).

  9. The Moon (referred to as the King of the Night Sky, with stars as its subjects).

  10. A Pineapple (known for its crown-like top).

  11. The King of Books (a metaphor for a significant or famous book in a library).

  12. The Sapphire (a gemstone often used in royal jewelry).

  13. The King of the Sea (often symbolized by a mythical creature like Poseidon or a merman).

  14. The King of Technology or Digital King (referring to an important piece of software or digital entity).

  15. The Star King or Constellation (a prominent star or constellation in the night sky).

  16. The Winter King or King of Snow (personifying winter or snow).

  17. The King of Music (symbolizing a significant musical instrument or a revered composer).

  18. The Volcano (personified as a king with its fiery eruptions).

  19. The Butterfly (known for its bright colors and reign over gardens).

  20. The Rain King (personifying rain or the rainy season).

Riddles about Historical Kings

  1. My rule was vast in Macedon’s land, to the edges of the world my conquests spanned. Tutored by Aristotle, I was great, which king am I, who met an early fate?

  2. In England’s tale, a king of yore, six wives I had, but wanted more. My church I changed to marry anew, who am I, with a temper few knew?

  3. The Sun King is my famous name, in France, I reigned with absolute fame. Versailles is where I made my mark, who am I, the monarch of an era stark?

  4. In Babylon, my gardens hung, for a queen, these wonders were sprung. My name is known for a code of law, who am I, with hardly a flaw?

  5. A Pharaoh of Egypt, young was I, in a tomb of gold, I lie. My name was lost, then found again, who am I, brought back to fame by men?

  6. I ruled the Franks, and my name means ‘Charles the Great.’ I united much of Europe under my state. Crowned by the Pope, my empire was vast, who am I, whose legend lasts?

  7. A Russian tsar, the first to be, I modernized my country by the sea. To the west, I looked for inspiration, who am I, the father of a nation?

  8. In India, my love was shown, in marble and precious stone. For a queen, this tomb was made, who am I, whose memory will never fade?

  9. A Lionheart I was in name, in the Crusades, I found my fame. King of England, yet rarely there, who am I, with a heart to dare?

  10. I am known as the Mad King, in Bavaria, my eccentricities ring. Castles grand I loved to build, who am I, with dreams unfulfilled?

  11. In Scotland, I was born to reign, for freedom’s cause, my efforts weren’t in vain. Hollywood portrayed my epic fight, who am I, the Braveheart, shining bright?

  12. In Mali’s history, my wealth was vast, a pilgrimage I made that’s unsurpassed. Gold and riches, I freely spread, who am I, whose generosity is still said?

  13. I was a conqueror from the Mongol steppe, vast lands and peoples under my grip. The largest contiguous empire, I did create, who am I, known for both fear and great state?

  14. A Holy Roman Emperor, my rule was grand, through marriage, I expanded my land. I said the sun never set on my empire’s sight, who am I, with Habsburg’s might?

  15. In ancient Israel, I reigned wise and fair, a temple in Jerusalem, I did prepare. Known for wisdom, wealth, and poetic muse, who am I, whom queens did peruse?

  16. The last of my line in Russia’s tale, my family’s end was grim and pale. Revolution’s shadow ended my reign, who am I, in history’s pane?

  17. A Spanish king, the Armada was my fleet, against England, I suffered a defeat. My empire was among the largest seen, who am I, of Habsburg’s sheen?

  18. In Norway’s sagas, my name is sung, at Stamford Bridge, my life was undone. A Viking warrior, fierce and bold, who am I, whose story is told?

  19. In Prussia, I was known to be great, a military mind that could anticipate. An enlightened despot, some would say, who am I, who ruled with a modern sway?

  20. An English king, I broke from Rome, the Church of England, my own home. I translated the Bible, so all could read, who am I, with this reforming deed?


  1. Alexander the Great.

  2. King Henry VIII of England.

  3. Louis XIV of France, also known as the Sun King.

  4. King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon.

  5. Tutankhamun (King Tut) of Egypt.

  6. Charlemagne, or Charles the Great.

  7. Peter the Great of Russia.

  8. Shah Jahan of the Mughal Empire, who built the Taj Mahal.

  9. Richard I of England, known as Richard the Lionheart.

  10. King Ludwig II of Bavaria, often referred to as the Mad King Ludwig.

  11. William Wallace, the Braveheart of Scotland.

  12. Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire.

  13. Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire.

  14. Emperor Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire.

  15. King Solomon of Israel.

  16. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, the last Emperor.

  17. King Philip II of Spain.

  18. King Harald Hardrada of Norway.

  19. Frederick the Great of Prussia.

  20. King James I of England (also James VI of Scotland), known for the King James Bible.
Riddles about Kings

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