123 Interesting Riddles about Names

Legends have always said, what’s in a name?

I personally feel, there’s a lot to it.

Starting from our identity to a hidden story, names carry a significant weight that goes far beyond simple nomenclature. They are symbols of heritage, culture, and sometimes, a mysterious riddle waiting to be solved.

With just a few letters, a name can evoke curiosity and lead us down a path of intrigue and discovery. Names are more than mere labels; they are puzzles wrapped in enigma, representing the essence of a person, place, or thing.

So, are you ready to embark on a captivating journey, exploring riddles wrapped around names? 

Because if you do, here are some kickass riddles, crafted exclusively for you. 

Riddles about Names

  1. I fly through the sky, on witches they rely. A movie’s my claim, in Oz you know my name. Who am I?

  2. I’m an English queen, the first of my name, on chessboards I reign. Who am I?

  3. With valor and might, in lion’s den I fight. In Bible’s old lore, my faith was my core. Who am I?

  4. From the Bible I hail, a letter I entail. To the Philippians my word, my teaching they heard. Who am I?

  5. From across the pond, a wizard so fond. With red hair and freckles, I’m part of the Weasley spectacles. Who am I?

  6. A countess I am, in Downton they’d scram. For their Lady so dear, to the Crawleys, I’m near. Who am I?

  7. I shared my last dance, left no chance. Kept Baby in a corner, till love became warmer. Who am I?

  8. A secret agent I remain, with a license to attain. Shaken, not stirred, my catchphrase is heard. Who am I?

  9. I spent my nights in Central Perk, my quirk was not to work. Smelly cat, oh smelly cat, who would guess that’s where I’m at. Who am I?

  10. In Springfield I dwell, with my pranks and my yell. My sister’s a genius, but that doesn’t impress us. Who am I?

  11. My name means “queen”, in Spanish it’s seen. Marc Anthony’s love, I fit like a glove. Who am I?

  12. I was a king, for Israel a new thing. With a slingshot, I fought, a giant’s downfall was sought. Who am I?

  13. A comedian I am, with a talk show at 11pm. Laughter, my game, now guess my name. Who am I?

  14. I’m a novelist’s creation, causing quite a sensation. My Mr. Darcy obsession, led to a confession. Who am I?

  15. I protect Gotham’s night, with Joker, I fight. A bat’s my symbol, in darkness, I assemble. Who am I?

  16. In a TV Show so Friends-like, my charms are hard to dislike. With Ted, I spent my years, through laughs, blue french horns, and tears. Who am I?

  17. I rule the seven seas, with my trident, I please. A redhead’s love, beneath, above. Who am I?

  18. I’m your “friendly neighborhood” guy, through New York, I fly. Web-slinger by choice, listen for my voice. Who am I?

  19. With my glass slipper lost, a prince paid the cost. My fairy godmother’s spell, midnight broke so well. Who am I?

  20. I’m known for my height, for my kingdom I fight. Dragons I tame, Eragon’s my name. Who am I?

  21. I spin tales of the glade, where Lost Boys have strayed. Neverland’s my domain, try to guess my name. Who am I?

  22. I was lost, then found, on an island with no sound. My journey’s been tough, have you heard enough? Who am I?

  23. In the galaxy, I zoom, evading certain doom. A princess, I’ve saved, many worlds, I’ve braved. Who am I?

  24. With a cape, I flew, my love for Lois, always true. Krypton was my home, now Earth’s skies I roam. Who am I?

  25. In a pumpkin patch, I wait, for the Great one, it’s never too late. My blanket’s my buddy, my philosophy’s study. Who am I?

  26. With my dragon friends, I blend, in Berk, messages I send. A Viking at heart, from Hiccup, I don’t part. Who am I?

  27. I was a friend to a boy, with my parts, he did toy. To keep him company, I was built, can you see? Who am I?

  28. I can hear the bells, for my love, it tells. With Zac, I danced, in Hairspray, we pranced. Who am I?

  29. I keep the monsters at bay, with my blue sword, they stay. Camp Half-Blood knows my story, filled with danger and glory. Who am I?

  30. I’m a girl on the prairie, in a tale that’s quite merry. With a house and a farm, my life has its charm. Who am I?

  31. A beauty in the woods, with animals, I stood. A kiss broke my sleep, a prince’s love to keep. Who am I?

  32. I flew through Neverland, with Lost Boys, hand in hand. Second star to the right, guides my flight. Who am I?

  33. I sang with the birds, my voice they’ve heard. With seven dwarfs, I stay, an apple led me astray. Who am I?

  34. In Camelot, I rule, with Guinevere, I’m no fool. A round table is my creation, for knights of the nation. Who am I?

  35. A jungle is my home, where I freely roam. With apes, I grew, on vine I flew. Who am I?

  36. I dance with a beast, love’s a grand feast. I read to my heart’s delight, courage takes flight. Who am I?

  37. My last name is known, in mafia, I’ve grown. An offer can’t be refused, with power, I’m infused. Who am I?

  38. I’ve mastered the “Force”, Jedi’s my course. A green mentor guides, the dark side subsides. Who am I?

  39. I cook in the deep blue, for Nemo, I flew. An address was my goal, a father’s love, my role. Who am I?

  40. I sail the Caribbean, in search of rum, I’m seen. A pirate’s life for me, freedom on the sea. Who am I?

  41. I’ve got wind in my hair, freedom, no despair. With a horse so brave, adventures, I crave. Who am I?

  42. I’m a sheriff’s best friend, with a string at my end. Cowboy at heart, Buzz and I never part. Who am I?

  43. I seek the One Ring, a Hobbit’s journey, I bring. In Middle Earth, I dwell, epic tales, I tell. Who am I?

  44. I wear an iron suit, my intellect, no dispute. Avenger, I am, in heroism, I stand. Who am I?

  45. I’m a sailor’s delight, a star shining bright. The darling of the ocean, waves set me in motion. Who am I?

  46. I swung through the trees, the jungle at ease. Ape-man they called me, from chains, I’m free. Who am I?

  47. I’m a boy who won’t grow old, a fairy tale told. Neverland is my abode, youth is my road. Who am I?

  48. I’m a wizard with fame, Voldemort’s my game. Death Eaters follow me, dark magic, my decree. Who am I?

  49. I seek truth and justice, for mankind, I promise. An Amazonian princess, in a star-spangled dress. Who am I?

  50. I’m a girl who fell, in wonderland, I dwell. Mad Hatter is my friend, in a world with no end. Who am I?

  51. I stand tall in Asgard, a hammer, my regard. God of thunder, I reign, over sky and plain. Who am I?

  52. I am a simple hobbit, an adventure, I inhabit. With Gandalf, I roam, far from my home. Who am I?

  53. I’m a lady of the night, in comics, I ignite. A cat burglar, I am, in Gotham, I scam. Who am I?

  54. With a bow and an arrow, I narrow. In Sherwood, I reign, against injustice, I strain. Who am I?

  55. I ventured through the wardrobe, a lion’s roar echoed. In Narnia, I rule, with wisdom, my tool. Who am I?

  56. A rock and roll king, my music, they sing. In Graceland, I rest, my fans, the best. Who am I?

  57. I won the golden ticket, from Wonka, I picket. A world of pure imagination, my destination. Who am I?

  58. I danced in the rain, love’s sweet refrain. A star on the screen, my charm’s never been unseen. Who am I?

  59. I walk the yellow brick road, Oz, my abode. With a heart, a brain, and nerve, my friends, I serve. Who am I?

  60. I ruled ancient Egypt, my beauty, no secret. With Antony, I fell, a love story, they tell. Who am I? 


  1. Glinda

  2. Elizabeth

  3. Daniel

  4. Paul

  5. Ron

  6. Mary

  7. Johnny

  8. James

  9. Phoebe

  10. Bart

  11. Regina

  12. David

  13. Jimmy

  14. Elizabeth

  15. Bruce

  16. Robin

  17. Eric

  18. Peter

  19. Cinderella

  20. Saphira

  21. Wendy

  22. Oliver

  23. Luke

  24. Clark

  25. Linus

  26. Astrid

  27. Andy

  28. Tracy

  29. Percy

  30. Laura

  31. Aurora

  32. Peter

  33. Snow

  34. Arthur

  35. Tarzan

  36. Belle

  37. Michael

  38. Luke

  39. Dory

  40. Jack

  41. Merida

  42. Woody

  43. Frodo

  44. Tony

  45. Ariel

  46. George

  47. Peter

  48. Tom

  49. Diana

  50. Alice

  51. Thor

  52. Bilbo

  53. Selina

  54. Robin

  55. Lucy

  56. Elvis

  57. Charlie

  58. Gene

  59. Dorothy

  60. Cleopatra

Riddles on Famous Names

  1. In a land of tulips and canals, I was born,
    A painter by heart, but my mind was torn.
    With a palette of swirls, in colors so bright,
    I captured the stars in the depth of the night.
    Who am I?

  2. From Italian roots, my voice took flight,
    An operatic tenor, shining so bright.
    From “Nessun Dorma” to the world’s grand stage,
    My voice in history, forever will age.
    Who am I?

  3. In the realm of hoops, my legacy’s cast,
    With a namesake of magic, I played a vast.
    In purple and gold, I led my team,
    Assisting and scoring, like in a dream.
    Who am I?

  4. My tales of mystery, in Belgian roots,
    With a detective so famous, in his pursuit.
    An English Dame, my pen was might,
    In every story, a thrilling sight.
    Who am I?

  5. Skyward I soared, in a machine of my making,
    Over Kitty Hawk, history in the waking.
    A brother at my side, in this first flight,
    We changed the world, in the morning light.
    Who am I?

  6. A Florentine soul, with a mind so vast,
    In art and science, my shadow I cast.
    The Mona Lisa smiles, a mystery to behold,
    Inventions and art, in stories retold.
    Who am I?

  7. Relativity was my game, in physics, a star,
    A patent clerk, who traveled far.
    From Germany to the shores of the free,
    A Nobel Prize, eventually for me.
    Who am I?

  8. In Myanmar’s lands, my voice did rise,
    For democracy’s call, a Nobel Prize.
    Long years of house arrest, my tale,
    A woman’s fight, against an oppressive veil.
    Who am I?

  9. In films, I weaved a suspenseful thread,
    “Psycho” and “Birds”, through fear we tread.
    A British start, to Hollywood’s acclaim,
    My silhouette, a part of my fame.
    Who am I?

  10. Against apartheid, my life’s work was set,
    A long walk to freedom, but never to forget.
    Robben Island’s prisoner, then a president’s role,
    A symbol of peace, was my ultimate goal.
    Who am I?

  11. With a voice that could swing, and truly scat,
    In jazz clubs and halls, where I was at.
    From “Summertime” to the “Lady’s Blues”,
    My legacy in jazz, you’ll never lose.
    Who am I?

  12. An Egyptian queen, with beauty and wit,
    In Rome’s history, deeply I sit.
    A lover of Caesar, and Antony too,
    In my final act, a serpent I knew.
    Who am I?

  13. A chameleon in music, changing my guise,
    From Ziggy Stardust to other surprise.
    A hero of sound, an innovator so bold,
    My legacy in rock, will forever hold.
    Who am I?

  14. In Stratford-upon-Avon, my pen began to dance,
    With Hamlet and Juliet, I gave romance.
    A bard by name, in the Globe’s round wall,
    My plays and sonnets, still enthrall.
    Who am I?

  15. In 1492, a voyage I began,
    With Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria to span.
    A new world I sought, for Spain’s crown,
    An explorer by heart, with a bit of renown.
    Who am I?

  16. With a hip shake and a voice that could thrill,
    From Memphis to Vegas, my presence did fill.
    A heartbreak hotel, a jailhouse rock,
    In the annals of music, I’m a foundational block.
    Who am I?

  17. Hidden away during a war’s darkest days,
    My words echo pain, hope, and life’s maze.
    In Amsterdam’s annex, I penned my heart,
    A young girl’s diary, a historical chart.
    Who am I?

  18. Solo across the Atlantic, I daringly flew,
    In the Spirit of St. Louis, my fame grew.
    An aviator’s cap, and a sense of adventure,
    In history’s skies, I’m a prominent fixture.
    Who am I?

  19. Steel was my empire, in America’s rise,
    A philanthropist too, my wealth’s a prize.
    Libraries and halls, with my name on the door,
    An industrial magnate, forevermore.
    Who am I?

  20. In Crimea’s war, my lamp did glow,
    A nurse with a mission, care to bestow.
    In modern nursing, my legacy’s found,
    A lady of compassion, world-renowned.
    Who am I?

  21. A royal heart, but a life of strife,
    In the public eye, a fairytale life.
    A car in Paris, my tragic end,
    A people’s princess, the world’s friend.
    Who am I?

  22. In Britain’s politics, a woman of might,
    The first female PM, a formidable sight.
    Of iron and steel, my policies made,
    A Cold War player, in history’s cascade.
    Who am I?

  23. With a theory of natural selection so vast,
    On the Beagle, I journeyed, a scientist cast.
    “Origin of Species”, my claim to fame,
    In the story of life, I’ve made my name.
    Who am I?

  24. In silent films, my character walked,
    A tramp with a cane, and a funny squawk.
    In modern times, a dictator I mocked,
    A cinematic icon, globally stocked.
    Who am I?

  25. From Chile’s land, my verses did spring,
    A Nobel in Literature, my words sing.
    In politics and love, my pen did glide,
    A voice for the people, in me, they confide.
    Who am I?

  26. In Cuba’s story, a bearded figure I stand,
    With cigar and beret, I led my band.
    A revolution’s icon, in green and red,
    A symbol of change, in books, it’s said.
    Who am I?

  27. A wheelchair-bound mind, with theories so grand,
    In the cosmos and black holes, I took my stand.
    A brief history of time, in pages I told,
    A scientist of renown, courageous and bold.
    Who am I?

  28. Inventions galore, a lab my domain,
    The phonograph and light bulb, part of my fame.
    With patents aplenty, in New Jersey’s scene,
    A wizard in science and technology’s dream.
    Who am I?

  29. Atop Everest, first to stand tall,
    With Tenzing Norgay, I conquered it all.
    A Kiwi explorer, with ice axe in hand,
    On the roof of the world, triumphantly I stand.
    Who am I?

  30. A monarch in France, with a reign so long,
    At Versailles, I made my mark strong.
    The sun as my symbol, in absolute state,
    In Europe’s history, my role was great.
    Who am I?

  31. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,
    The champ in the ring, for all to see.
    From Louisville’s streets, to worldwide fame,
    In boxing and rights, I made my name.
    Who am I?

  32. With eyes of violet, and a beauty so rare,
    In Hollywood’s golden age, none could compare.
    Married many times, with diamonds a friend,
    On the silver screen, my charm never end.
    Who am I?

  33. In baseball’s lore, a legend so true,
    With a swing of my bat, the home runs flew.
    A Yankee in stripes, with a record so grand,
    In America’s pastime, a leading brand.
    Who am I?

  34. A nurse in the Civil War, with courage to spare,
    On battlefields grim, my red cross did bear.
    A founder of a society, for relief and aid,
    In times of war and peace, my legacy laid.
    Who am I?

  35. From Providence’s realm, my stories did creep,
    Of cosmic horrors, and nightmares deep.
    Cthulhu and Arkham, in pages they dwell,
    A master of macabre, in a literary spell.
    Who am I?

  36. A fight against polio, my life’s noble quest,
    With a vaccine for all, I did my best.
    In labs and trials, my efforts were sown,
    For public health, a seed I’ve grown.
    Who am I?

  37. With a voice that carried, both pain and power,
    In the Jazz Age, my songs did flower.
    The blues I sang, with a soulful might,
    In music’s history, I’m a luminous light.
    Who am I?

  38. Macedonian born, with conquests wide,
    Through Persia and Egypt, my forces did ride.
    A student of Aristotle, with a vision grand,
    In history’s pages, my tales stand.
    Who am I?

  39. In non-violence’s path, my philosophy lay,
    Against colonial rule, I found my way.
    A simple loincloth, and a spinning wheel,
    For India’s freedom, my lifelong zeal.
    Who am I?

  40. My works often shadowed by a famed Bard’s light,
    Yet in “Doctor Faustus”, my own pen took flight.
    A playwright, a poet, in Elizabethan days,
    With tragic heroes, I wove my plays.
    Who am I?

  41. In a time of war, a maiden I rose,
    With visions and armor, against France’s foes.
    At the stake, my life did end,
    A saint, a martyr, a message I send.
    Who am I?

  42. A pioneer in nursing, my lamp shone in the night,
    In Crimea’s dark hours, I was a healing light.
    Founder of modern nursing, a path I paved,
    For countless lives, from suffering saved.
    Who am I?

  43. In baseball’s golden era, my bat made a sound,
    Home runs aplenty, in stadiums found.
    A Yankee hero, with a record so bold,
    In America’s pastime, my story is told.
    Who am I?

  44. In a nation divided, I took a stand,
    With a proclamation, freedom’s hand.
    From a log cabin to the White House door,
    A Civil War leader, forevermore.
    Who am I?

  45. Amidst war’s bombs, a flag I saw,
    Inspired words that became law.
    A national anthem, from my pen it came,
    In American hearts, it remains the same.
    Who am I?

  46. From the streets of Paris, my voice took flight,
    A sparrow, singing into the night.
    “La Vie en Rose”, a song of mine,
    In chanson’s world, forever shine.
    Who am I?

  47. From the Soviet lands, my rule was hard,
    In World War II, a key card.
    An iron grip, with power so vast,
    In Cold War’s tale, a shadow cast.
    Who am I?

  48. With a couch and theories, the mind I explored,
    Dreams, desires, the unconscious roared.
    From Vienna’s streets, my ideas did spread,
    In psychology’s world, a path I led.
    Who am I?

  49. In Montgomery’s story, a seat I kept,
    Against segregation, a stand I leapt.
    A civil rights icon, my action spurred,
    A movement’s voice, in history heard.
    Who am I?

  50. In a Dutch lens shop, small worlds I found,
    Microbes and cells, in discoveries abound.
    The father of microbiology, a title I claim,
    In science’s story, I carved my name.
    Who am I?

  51. In Detroit’s sound, my label did thrive,
    Hits for the Supremes, made music alive.
    A producer, a founder, in Motown’s beat,
    In rhythm and blues, I had a seat.
    Who am I?

  52. A First Lady by role, but my reach was more,
    For human rights, an open door.
    A declaration in the UN, my lasting feat,
    In a world of turmoil, a hopeful seat.
    Who am I?

  53. In South Dakota’s hills, my vision took form,
    Four presidents’ faces, in granite they swarm.
    A monumental task, decades in make,
    A sculptor’s dream, history’s stake.
    Who am I?

  54. In theories of time, space, and light,
    My mind ventured far, into the cosmic night.
    A patent clerk once, but not in my prime,
    In physics’ realm, I redefined time.
    Who am I?

  55. A political cartoonist, with a sharp pen,
    In America’s papers, my views did spin.
    A Democratic donkey, a Republican elephant,
    In political satire, I was quite relevant.
    Who am I?

  56. A nurse by calling, in war’s harsh plight,
    My lamp a beacon, in the darkest night.
    In Crimea’s fields, my duties were clear,
    To heal and comfort, the wounded near.
    Who am I?

  57. From Jackson 5 to a solo flight,
    My music and moves, a dazzling sight.
    Moonwalk and “Thriller”, in global fame,
    In pop music’s story, a legendary name.
    Who am I?

  58. In India’s struggle, a peaceful path,
    Against colonial rule, no wrath.
    In homespun cloth, with a gentle might,
    For freedom and justice, my lifelong fight.
    Who am I?

  59. In dreams and clocks, my brushes delved,
    Surreal scenes, in my art spelled.
    A Spaniard by birth, in Paris I shined,
    In surrealism’s world, my name’s enshrined.
    Who am I?

  60. On a Montgomery bus, I took a stand,
    By just sitting down, I sparked a demand.
    For dignity and equality, my quiet defiance,
    In the civil rights movement, a symbol of reliance.
    Who am I?

  61. In tales of the gothic, my pen was keen,
    Dark and foreboding, in a spectral sheen.
    “The Raven” and “Tell-Tale Heart”, my renown,
    In literature’s annals, a figure of the crown.
    Who am I?

  62. In Philadelphia’s streets, my press ran hot,
    A Declaration and a kite, in my plot.
    An inventor, a statesman, in the New World’s dawn,
    In America’s story, my legacy’s drawn.
    Who am I?

  63. In novels of intrigue, my characters thrived,
    Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, detective minds.
    An English author, with plots so tight,
    In mystery’s genre, a leading light.
    Who am I?


  1. Vincent van Gogh

  2. Luciano Pavarotti

  3. Magic Johnson

  4. Agatha Christie

  5. Orville Wright (or Wilbur Wright, as both brothers were integral to the first flight)

  6. Leonardo da Vinci

  7. Albert Einstein

  8. Aung San Suu Kyi

  9. Alfred Hitchcock

  10. Nelson Mandela

  11. Ella Fitzgerald

  12. Cleopatra

  13. David Bowie

  14. William Shakespeare

  15. Christopher Columbus

  1. Elvis Presley

  2. Anne Frank

  3. Charles Lindbergh

  4. Andrew Carnegie

  5. Florence Nightingale

  6. Princess Diana

  7. Margaret Thatcher

  8. Charles Darwin

  9. Charlie Chaplin

  10. Pablo Neruda

  11. Fidel Castro

  12. Stephen Hawking

  1. Thomas Edison

  2. Sir Edmund Hillary

  3. Louis XIV of France

  4. Muhammad Ali

  5. Elizabeth Taylor

  6. Babe Ruth

  7. Clara Barton

  8. H.P. Lovecraft

  9. Jonas Salk

  10. Bessie Smith

  11. Alexander the Great

  12. Mahatma Gandhi

  1. Christopher Marlowe

  2. Joan of Arc

  3. Florence Nightingale (Note: This riddle is similar to Riddle 20. Florence Nightingale is known as “The Lady with the Lamp.”)

  4. Babe Ruth (Note: This riddle is similar to Riddle 33. Babe Ruth is famously known as “The Sultan of Swat.”)

  5. Abraham Lincoln

  6. Francis Scott Key

  7. Édith Piaf

  8. Joseph Stalin

  9. Sigmund Freud

  10. Rosa Parks

  11. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

  12. Berry Gordy

  1. Eleanor Roosevelt

  2. Gutzon Borglum

  3. Albert Einstein

  4. Thomas Nast

  5. Florence Nightingale (Note: This riddle is similar to Riddle 42. Florence Nightingale is known for her work during the Crimean War.)

  6. Michael Jackson

  7. Mahatma Gandhi (Note: This riddle is similar to Riddle 39. Mahatma Gandhi is renowned for his philosophy of nonviolence.)

  8. Salvador Dalí

  9. Rosa Parks (Note: This riddle is similar to Riddle 49. Rosa Parks is often referred to as “The First Lady of Civil Rights.”)

  10. Edgar Allan Poe

  11. Benjamin Franklin

  12. Agatha Christie
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