45 Owl Riddles

Owls, with their enigmatic and wise reputation, have fascinated humans for centuries. These nocturnal birds of prey are known for their exceptional hunting skills and distinctive appearance. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of owl riddles that will test your wit and creativity. 

Get ready to spread your wings of imagination and solve these owl-themed brain teasers!

Owl Riddles

  1. What do you call an owl that’s become a magician?

  2. Why did the owl invite his friends over?

  3. What do you call a smart owl?

  4. Why did the owl join Tinder?

  5. How does an owl with a sore throat feel?

  6. What’s an owl’s favorite subject at school?

  7. Why did the owl, the squirrel, and the rabbit form a band?

  8. Why don’t owls study for tests?

  9. What do you call an owl dressed in armor?

  10. Why was the owl a good baseball player?

  11. What kind of books do owls like to read?

  12. How do owls say goodbye?

  13. What do you call an owl caught in the act?

  14. Why don’t owls use umbrellas?

  15. What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord?

  16. What do you call an owl who’s a great storyteller?

  17. Why do owls never go camping?

  18. What’s an owl’s favorite kind of music?

  19. Why was the owl so good at playing checkers?

  20. What do you call an owl with a deep voice?

  21. Why did the owl join NASA?

  22. What’s an owl’s favorite game?

  23. Why did the owl win the spelling bee?

  24. What do you call a baby owl swimming?

  25. Why are owls so good at math?

  26. What happens when an owl doesn’t wash?

  27. Why did the owl say, “Tweet”?

  28. What’s an owl’s favorite mystery novel?

  29. What do you call an owl with a sore leg?

  30. Why was the owl so popular at the dance?

  31. Why was the owl so good at poker?

  32. What do you call an owl caught in a blizzard?

  33. Why don’t owls get married?

  34. What do you call an owl with a PhD?

  35. How does an owl with laryngitis sound?

  36. What’s an owl’s favorite type of math?

  37. Why did the owl join the orchestra?

  38. What do you call an owl who’s a skilled carpenter?

  39. Why was the owl so confused by the book?

  40. What kind of car does an owl drive?

  41. What’s an owl’s favorite drink?

  42. Why did the owl become a detective?

  43. What do you call an owl who’s great at sports?

  44. Why did the owl bring a suitcase to the tree?

  45. How does a baby owl cry?


  1. An owlusionist.

  2. Because he didn’t want to be owl by himself.

  3. A know-it-owl.

  4. He wanted to find someone whoo’s special.

  5. Owlful.

  6. Owlgebra.

  7. Because they already had a hoot and two hares.

  8. Because they always wing it.

  9. Knight Owl.

  10. Because he had a great hoot!

  11. Hoo-dunnits.

  12. Owl see you later!

  13. Spotted!

  14. Because they prefer to get wetter.

  15. My sense of humor stretching too far. (Just a bit of fun!)

  16. A hoo-teller.

  17. Too many tents (intents).

  18. Owl-ternative rock.

  19. He was always a wise move ahead.

  20. A growl.

  21. He was looking for space mice.

  22. Beak-a-boo.

  23. Because he was a wise speller.

  24. A moist-owlette.

  25. Because they excel at owlgebra.

  26. It becomes a smell-owl.

  27. He was learning a foreign bird language.

  28. “Hoo-dunnit” mysteries.

  29. A limping-owl.

  30. Because he was an owl-standing dancer.

  31. Because he always had a good talon for cards.

  32. A snow-owl.

  33. They’re too wise to give away half their stuff.

  34. Dr. Hoo.

  35. Hoarse.

  36. Owl-culus.

  37. Because he had great hoots-pah.

  38. A wood-peck-owl.

  39. It was too hard to follow; it was a real “who-dunnit.”

  40. An Owl-di.

  41. Hoot tea.

  42. He always gave a hoot about solving mysteries.

  43. A jock-owl.

  44. He was moving out on a limb.

  45. Whoo-whoo-whoo-hoo!
owl riddles

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