45 Pillow Riddles

Pillows are often associated with comfort and relaxation, but did you know they can also be a source of fun and entertainment? 

Pillow riddles are a delightful way to add a dash of excitement to your bedtime routine or a cozy evening with friends and family. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the world of pillow riddles, offering you a collection of riddles to enjoy and even some creative ideas for incorporating them into your daily life.

Let’s begin. 

Pillow Riddles

  1. Why did the pillow go to the doctor?

  2. What do you call a competitive pillow?

  3. How do you know if a pillow is rich?

  4. Why don’t pillows ever get stressed?

  5. What did one pillow say to the other pillow during a fight?

  6. Why was the pillow always calm?

  7. What’s a pillow’s favorite game?

  8. How does a pillow win an argument?

  9. What kind of jokes do pillows like?

  10. Why did the pillow join the police?

  11. Why don’t pillows trust their dreams?

  12. What do you call a pillow that loves to travel?

  13. How did the pillow feel after a long day?

  14. Why was the pillow so good at keeping secrets?

  15. What did the blanket say to the pillow?

  16. Why did the pillow break up with the blanket?

  17. What do you call a pillow that’s also a spy?

  18. Why did the pillow refuse to play cards?

  19. What do you call a pillow that’s a great dancer?

  20. Why don’t pillows like rainy weather?

  21. How does a pillow sign off a letter?

  22. Why did the pillow go to school?

  23. What do you call a very tired pillow?

  24. Why did the pillow join a band?

  25. What’s a pillow’s favorite type of music?

  26. Why was the pillow so good at math?

  27. What did the pillow say at the party?

  28. What’s a pillow’s least favorite exercise?

  29. How does a pillow greet another pillow?

  30. What did the pillow say to its child on the first day of school?

  31. Why was the pillow always late to work?

  32. What did the pillow say to the bed?

  33. Why are pillows terrible at keeping time?

  34. What’s a pillow’s favorite sport?

  35. Why did the pillow go to the gym?

  36. What did the tired computer do?

  37. What do you call a pillow that’s always waiting?

  38. Why was the pillow so good at boxing?

  39. How does a pillow send a secret message?

  40. Why don’t pillows ever start a fight?

  41. What’s a pillow’s favorite weather?

  42. What do you call a group of musical pillows?

  43. Why did the pillow win an award?

  44. What’s the pillow’s favorite day of the week?

  45. Why did the pillow refuse to travel?


  1. Because it had a bad case of the fluff.

  2. A pillow fight champion.

  3. When it’s stuffed with cash.

  4. Because they always keep their cool under the covers.

  5. “I’ve had enough of your fluff.”

  6. Because it’s always resting.

  7. Hide and sleep.

  8. By having the last fluff.

  9. Pillow talk.

  10. To help everyone sleep safe at night.

  11. Because they’re all just a bunch of fluff.

  12. A roam-antic.

  13. Completely down.

  14. Because it covers things up and never spills the beans.

  15. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.”

  16. Because it said, “I need my space.”

  17. An undercover agent.

  18. It always folds.

  19. A boogie-woogie cushion.

  20. Because they get soggy when wet.

  21. “Rest assuredly.”

  22. To get a better degree of comfort.

  23. Exhausted.

  24. To provide soft rock.

  25. Anything with good beats and sleeps.

  26. It always knows how to count sheep.

  27. “This is the softest party ever!”

  28. Sit-ups.

  29. “Hello, pillow!”

  30. “Have a good day and don’t let anyone push your buttons!”

  31. Because it kept hitting the snooze button.

  32. “Tonight, we rest together.”

  33. They always lose their alarm clocks in the covers.

  34. Featherweight boxing.

  35. To get a little more “puffed up.”

  36. It took a nap.

  37. A cushion waiting to happen.

  38. It could always counterpunch with a soft touch.

  39. By using a secret codeword.

  40. They’re too busy laying low.

  41. Cool and breezy, for a comfortable snoozy.

  42. A comfort band.

  43. For outstanding comfort and support.

  44. Slumberday.

  45. It had too much baggage to sleep on.
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