42 Queen Riddles

If you love puzzles and brain teasers, you might enjoy this blog post that features some amazing riddles on queens. 

These are riddles that have something to do with her highness, whether they are monarchs, chess pieces, cards, or bees. 

Some of them are easy, some of them are hard, and some of them are downright funny. 

Are you ready to test your wits and have some fun? 

Then read on and see how many can do solve right out of the box. 

Queen Riddles

  1. I am a queen that doesn’t need a crown, and in every hive, I am found. What am I?

  2. With a deck of cards in your hand, I am a queen but rule no land. Who am I?

  3. In the garden, I reign with colors bright, a queen among blooms, a delightful sight. What am I?

  4. I am a queen who can travel far, yet I never leave my house of stars. What am I?

  5. In winter’s grasp, I am a queen, clothed in crystal, not seen in green. What am I?

  6. A queen of myth, I turned to stone those who looked upon me alone. Who am I?

  7. I am a queen, yet no royalty, in your kitchen, I can be. What am I?

  8. In ancient lands, I was a queen, by a river, my face is seen. Who am I?

  9. I am a queen in the insect world, my colony’s architect, industriously twirled. What am I?

  10. A queen of the screen, in black and white I was seen. Who am I?

  11. I may be a queen with no kingdom to reign, but in the game of chess, I hold the most gain. Who am I?

  12. In music, I am a queen, my voice in rock and roll is keen. Who am I?

  13. I’m a queen in the jungle, not a lion or a bear, with stripes, I move with graceful flair. What am I?

  14. A queen of the night, with a haunting, melodious flight. What am I?

  15. I am a queen found in a book, in a land of wonder, take a look. Who am I?

  16. A queen of fruits, I am crowned in green, sweet and tropical, often seen. What am I?

  17. In a game of kings and pawns, I’m a queen moving diagonally on and on. What am I?

  18. I am a queen who reigns at night, in your dreams, I take flight. What am I?

  19. A queen of the sky, I am not a bird, soaring high, my jet engines heard. What am I?

  20. In the world of sweets, I’m a queen so fine, with layers of cake and cream entwined. What am I?

  21. I’m a queen in a castle, not made of stone, in the ocean’s depths, my kingdom is known. What am I?

  22. A queen of the road, with four wheels in tow, speeding through streets, in me, you go. What am I?

  23. In the realm of computers, I am a queen, helping you navigate the digital scene. What am I?

  24. A queen of the forest, tall and grand, with leaves for a crown, where I stand. What am I?

  25. In the art world, I am a queen, with strokes and colors, a visual dream. What am I?

  26. A queen in the world of stories and tales, my adventures and magic never fails. Who am I?

  27. I am a queen with no throne or crown, keeping peace and order in the town. What am I?

  28. A queen of the holiday season, with lights and ornaments for a reason. What am I?


  1. The Queen Bee.

  2. The Queen of Hearts (or any suit’s queen) in a deck of cards.

  3. The Queen Anne’s Lace flower.

  4. The Queen of a chessboard.

  5. The Snow Queen, or ice formations.

  6. Medusa.

  7. The Queen, a type of cooking apple.

  8. The Sphinx or Cleopatra.

  9. The Termite Queen.

  10. A classic movie actress like Marilyn Monroe.

  11. The Queen piece in chess.

  12. A famous rock singer like Freddie Mercury.

  13. The Tiger, often referred to as the Queen of the Jungle.

  14. The Nightingale.

  15. The Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland.”

  16. The Pineapple.

  17. The Bishop piece in chess.

  18. The Sandman or Dream Queen.

  19. An Airplane (often referred to as “Queen of the Skies”).

  20. A Layer Cake or Tiramisu.

  21. The Coral Reef.

  22. A Sports Car or Luxury Car.

  23. A Web Browser.

  24. A Majestic Tree (like an Oak or Redwood).

  25. A Masterpiece Painting or the Mona Lisa.

  26. A Fairy Tale Princess or Queen like Snow White.

  27. A Police Officer or Sheriff.

  28. The Christmas Tree.

Riddles about Famous Queens

  1. I ruled an ancient land, with beauty and a headdress grand. A lover of Rome, but Egypt was my home. Who am I?

  2. A queen I was, in Scotland born, my life was filled with much scorn. I sought the throne of England too, but alas, it led to my rue. Who am I?

  3. In England’s realm, I took the throne, a female monarch, largely known. I never wed, yet held the reign, and over a golden age, I did preside. Who am I?

  4. With Austrian roots, I came to France, where I lived a life of extravagance. A queen consort, ill-fated and fair, my downfall was due to the people’s despair. Who am I?

  5. From German origins, to Russia’s throne, I rose in power all on my own. An empress I was, with great reform, expanding my empire beyond the norm. Who am I?

  6. I united a country, with Ferdinand beside me. Together we sponsored an explorer’s journey across the sea. A Catholic monarch, in Spain I did reign. Who am I?

  7. My kingdom was Kush, where I ruled with might, a warrior queen who was ready to fight. I challenged Rome, with courage and brawn, and left a legacy that long has gone on. Who am I?

  8. From a land rich in spice, I journeyed afar, to meet a wise king and shine like a star. My identity’s shrouded in ancient lore, a queen of mystery, forevermore. Who am I?

  9. In the Pacific, my kingdom did thrive, until foreigners came and took over our lives. I fought for my people, with aloha and grace, the last monarch of my place. Who am I?

  10. A powerful empress of the Eastern Roman realm, my husband and I shared the helm. I rose from actress to a queen so grand, and left my mark on Byzantine land. Who am I?

  11. A Stuart by birth, in England, I did reign, but it’s in the Netherlands where my story mainly remains. I shared power with a husband so keen, in a unique reign seldom seen. Who am I?

  12. I was born in a harem, yet rose to great fame, in Persia’s court, I made my name. A biblical queen, wise and just, saving my people was a must. Who am I?

  13. In Portugal’s history, my name is enshrined, as a queen consort, I’m often defined. I was a Spanish princess, pious and kind, and left a legacy of charity behind. Who am I?

  14. In the Mughal Empire, my influence was vast, a favorite of the emperor, our love did last. I inspired a famous tomb, out of love, not gloom. Who am I?


  1. Cleopatra – The last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt.

  2. Mary, Queen of Scots – A Scottish queen who was also a claimant to the English throne.

  3. Queen Elizabeth I – The last Tudor monarch of England, known for her unmarried status.

  4. Marie Antoinette – The last Queen of France before the French Revolution.

  5. Catherine the Great – Empress of Russia who greatly expanded the empire.

  6. Queen Isabella I of Castile – A Spanish queen known for sponsoring Columbus’ voyage.

  7. Amanirenas – A warrior queen of the Kingdom of Kush, known for her struggle against the Romans.

  8. The Queen of Sheba – A legendary queen mentioned in religious texts, known for visiting King Solomon.

  9. Queen LiliÊ»uokalani – The last sovereign monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

  10. Empress Theodora – A Byzantine empress known for her intelligence and political acumen.

  11. Mary II of England – Co-reigned with her husband, William III, over England, Scotland, and Ireland.

  12. Queen Esther – A queen from the Hebrew Bible, known for saving her people.

  13. Queen Isabel of Portugal – Known for her devotion to the poor and her work towards peace.

  14. Mumtaz Mahal – Empress consort of the Mughal Empire, for whom the Taj Mahal was built.

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