42 Racoon Riddles

Raccoons are known for their sly and cunning nature. These masked bandits have a reputation for being clever and resourceful, which has led to a wealth of myths and legends surrounding their intelligence. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some raccoon-themed riddles that are sure to test your wits and challenge your problem-solving skills. 

So, put on your thinking cap and let’s see if you can outsmart these crafty creatures with a few raccoon riddles!

Racoon Riddles

  1. Why don’t raccoons trust banks?

  2. What do you call a raccoon with a PhD?

  3. Why did the raccoon cross the road?

  4. What’s a raccoon’s favorite movie genre?

  5. Why was the raccoon such a good actor?

  6. Why don’t raccoons like fast food?

  7. What did the raccoon say to its friend at the party?

  8. Why was the raccoon so good at basketball?

  9. What do you get when you cross a raccoon with a skunk?

  10. Why was the raccoon a good musician?

  11. What’s a raccoon’s favorite game at a fair?

  12. What do you call a raccoon that steals trash?

  13. Why did the raccoon become a detective?

  14. What kind of music do raccoons love?

  15. What do you call a raccoon magician?

  16. Why did the raccoon stop playing cards?

  17. How do you know a raccoon is really into fashion?

  18. What’s a raccoon’s favorite subject in school?

  19. Why was the raccoon always invited to parties?

  20. What do raccoons use to communicate?

  21. Why did the raccoon join the space program?

  22. What’s a raccoon’s favorite dance?

  23. Why don’t raccoons get lost in the forest?

  24. What do you call a raccoon with a cold?

  25. Why did the raccoon become a baker?

  26. How do raccoons stay in shape?

  27. What’s a raccoon’s favorite type of car?

  28. Why was the raccoon such a good comedian?

  29. What do you call a raccoon who loves to jump?

  30. Why did the raccoon join a band?

  31. What do raccoons do when they break up?

  32. Why did the raccoon avoid the river?

  33. How do raccoons write secret messages?

  34. What’s a raccoon’s favorite snack at the movies?

  35. Why was the raccoon always calm?

  36. What’s a raccoon’s favorite day of the week?

  37. Why don’t raccoons play sports?

  38. How did the raccoon get to the other side of the lake?

  39. What do you call a raccoon in Alaska?

  40. Why did the raccoon become a chef?

  41. What do you call an artistic raccoon?

  42. Why don’t raccoons get good grades in school?


  1. Because they prefer to hide their money in trash cans!

  2. A “Doctor of Stealth-ology”.

  3. To show the possum it could be done.

  4. Anything with “Mask” in the title.

  5. Because he knew how to play the part.

  6. Because they prefer their meals to be a bit more… trashy.

  7. “Let’s paws for a selfie!”

  8. Because he was great at stealing the ball.

  9. The best “scent” of humor.

  10. He had a great bandit!

  11. Whack-a-mole, they’re used to diving into holes!

  12. A trash panda.

  13. Because he was always snooping around.

  14. Rock and “raccoon” roll.

  15. A “Houdini of the night”.

  16. Because he found out the game was “rigged”.

  17. When it has a “bandit”-ana.

  18. Mask-ematics.

  19. He was the life of the “paw-ty”.

  20. Walkie “trash”-ies.

  21. To go on a “space raid”.

  22. The “Trash Tango”.

  23. They have an excellent “sense of trash”-direction.

  24. A “sneezy bandit”.

  25. He was a “pro at dough-handling”.

  26. By “trash”-fit training.

  27. A “Garbage Ghia”.

  28. He knew how to “trash talk”.

  29. A “Jump-Scavenger.”

  30. Because he had the perfect “bandit” face for the stage.

  31. They “trash” their love letters.

  32. It didn’t want to become a “river bandit.”

  33. In “code-scavenger” script.

  34. “Pop-trash-corn.”

  35. He was a “Zen Bandit.”

  36. “Trash-day.”

  37. They prefer to “play in the trash.”

  38. By “trash boat.”

  39. A “snow bandit.”

  40. He loved to “cook up a mess.”

  41. A “Picraccoonso.”

  42. They’re always “caught in the act” instead of studying.
racoon riddles

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