60 Riddles About Trees

In the heart of nature lies a majestic kingdom of trees, shrouded in mystery and teeming with life. From the towering giants of the forests to the delicate saplings that dot the landscape, trees ,to be honest, is an enigma in itself. 

Today, we embark on a journey to explore the world of these beings through some interesting and thought-provoking riddles on these very riddles itself. 

Each of these riddles unravels a unique aspect of these green wonders, revealing their hidden secrets and the vital role they play in sustaining life on Earth.

So without further ado, let’s begin. 

Riddles about Trees

  1. I’m a tree you might hug, but with a name that’s quite rough. With bark that’s a protector, what am I that’s so tough?

  2. What kind of tree is the handiest in your kitchen? Something you “roll” with but doesn’t have any wheels.

  3. I stand tall with many rings, but I am not a jewelry store. What am I?

  4. Of fiery hues in the fall I am known, also called sugar, sweet is my tone. What am I?

  5. From me, the writers of old took their quill, and with it, a parchment, they would fill. Who am I that’s so skilled?

  6. At Christmas, you dress me in lights, yet I am not a runway. What am I?

  7. I provide shade in the summer, and in the fall, I stand bare. I grow with the passage of time, but I am not hair. What am I?

  8. I carry my seeds in a cone, but I’m not a traffic pylon. What am I?

  9. I’m a symbol of peace, yet I’m not a dove, with silver-green leaves, I’m often loved. What am I?

  10. With limbs stretched wide and branches tall, amidst the green, I am the king of all. What am I?

  11. Prized for my oil, I grow where it’s hot. With my fruits green and black, what do you think I’ve got?

  12. Known for my weeping form, I’m an elegant sight. Yet I’m not a tragic figure, under the moonlight. What am I?

  13. My nuts are a delicacy, but gathering them’s no joke. With sharp spiky shells, who am I that might poke?

  14. From me, you get syrup for your pancake stack. I’m not a store, so tell me, what’s my knack?

  15. I may sound like a snake, yet I am not venomous, I’m the source of rich oil, my identity is thus. What am I?

  16. I’m very useful when you need a break, and under my shade, memories you can make. But I’m not a holiday, though I might be by a lake. What am I?

  17. I am usually in a grove, and for my fruit, people move. With a hard pit in the center, my identity, can you discover?

  18. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but I can’t walk, so I have no sway. What am I?

  19. I stand tall and lean, my color evergreen. My leaves are needles, sharp and keen. Who am I on this scene?

  20. I have a bark, but I am not a dog, nor am I in a park. What am I?

  21. With a hollow in my trunk, I house the owl’s bunk. But I am not a landlord, although I’ve got a hunk. What am I?

  22. In the heart of the south, I provide a squirrel’s mouth, my branches rise high, who am I, can you figure out?

  23. My fruits are a common pie filler, yet I am not a baker. What am I?

  24. From my bark, you can extract a quill, but I’m not a bird, though I stand still. What am I?

  25. I’m the monarch of the jungle, yet I am not a lion. What am I?

  26. From my leaves, you brew a drink, but I’m not a kitchen sink. What am I?

  27. Though called a pepper, I’m not a spice, I’m a tree of the dessert, nice and concise. What am I?

  28. I may sound like I’m crying, yet I am not sad, my drooping branches, in beauty clad. What am I?

  29. I am known for my strength, even in death. My “heart” is sought after, though I have no breath. What am I?

  30. They say I’m wise and ancient, but I don’t read or write, under my shade, the druids recite. What am I?

  31. I am prized for my shade, and for a drink I am made. Yet, I am not a sun umbrella or a lemonade. What am I?

  32. As white as winter’s snow, yet I’m warm to the touch. I’m a tree, can you guess as much?

  33. I’m a symbol of victory, though I’ve never been in a fight. What am I?

  34. Named after a bird’s home, yet I don’t house any feathered friends, my fruit has many uses, on me your health depends. What am I?

  35. My fruit’s color is the signal to go, but I’m not a traffic light, just so you know. What am I?

  36. My seeds are helicopters, my shade is loved by park-goers. Yet I’m not an amusement ride, my identity, can you decipher?

  37. I have many arms, but I cannot hug, I stay in one place, sturdy and smug. What am I?

  38. My fruit has a famous ‘theory’, yet I am not a scientist, my shade is loved, and my contributions are the widest. What am I?

  39. My leaves are paper, but I am not a book. What am I?

  40. I am a tree, but also a fruit, I’m not playing a flute, my color might give you a clue. What am I?

  41. I might sound like I’m weeping, but I’m not upset. What kind of tree am I, have you guessed yet?

  42. I stand tall on the shore, resisting the salt and the roar, I’m not a lighthouse, but I serve as a door. What am I?

  43. My sap is used in a sticky delight, yet I am not a candy maker, I stand tall, day and night. What am I?

  44. Prized for my oil, used in a fry, I’m not a fast-food chain, what am I, oh why?

  45. You can read my age by my rings, yet I am not a book. What am I?

  46. You think I’m “plane”, yet I am unique, with leaves shaped like a spade, I’m not playing a game, I make a cool shade. What am I?

  47. I am red when I should be green, but I’m not a traffic light, do you know what I mean?

  48. With my flowersgolden shower, I am an annual delight, but I’m not a fireworks show, despite my height. What am I?

  49. In the fall, my leaves turn a bright hue, but I am not a painter, though my colors are true. What am I?

  50. I’m as dark as night, yet I provide light, I am not a lamp, but my fruits take flight. What am I?

  51. I am always flowering, but I’m not in love. What am I?

  52. My bark looks like camouflage, but I am not a soldier. What am I?

  53. My name implies I’m prickly, but I’m smooth instead, I’m not a hedgehog, but a tree widespread. What am I?

  54. I offer something juicy, but I am not a steak. What am I?

  55. Though people say I’m made of money, I am not a bank, though you might find my reality a little dank. What am I?

  56. People say I’m snaky, but I’m not a reptile, I’m a tree that’s enjoyed for a while. What am I?

  57. I have a color in my name, but I am not a rainbow, my beauty is the same. What am I?

  58. My fruit looks like a star, yet I’m not a galaxy. What am I?

  59. I can be both a color and a tree, but I’m not a painter’s palette, as you can see. What am I?

  60. I’m tall and sturdy, providing ample shade, but I’m not a sun hat, in the sun I don’t fade. What am I?


  1. Pine

  2. Rolling Pin

  3. Tree

  4. Sugar Maple

  5. Goose Feather Tree

  6. Christmas Tree

  7. Deciduous Tree

  8. Coniferous Tree

  9. Olive Tree

  10. Oak Tree

  11. Olive Tree

  12. Weeping Willow

  13. Chestnut Tree

  14. Maple Tree

  15. Palm Tree

  16. Picnic Tree

  17. Cherry Tree

  18. Apple Tree

  19. Pine Tree

  20. Tree

  21. Hollow Tree

  22. Pecan Tree

  23. Apple Tree

  24. Quillaja, or Soapbark Tree

  25. Banyan Tree

  26. Tea Tree

  27. Peppertree

  28. Weeping Willow

  29. Heartwood Tree

  30. Yew Tree

  31. Tea Tree

  32. Birch Tree

  33. Palm Tree

  34. NestEgg Tree

  35. Green Apple Tree

  36. Maple Tree

  37. Tree

  38. Apple Tree

  39. Paperbark Tree

  40. Orange Tree

  41. Weeping Willow

  42. Mangrove

  43. Sugar Maple

  44. Olive Tree

  45. Tree

  46. Plane Tree

  47. Red Maple

  48. Golden Rain Tree

  49. Fall Tree

  50. Black Walnut Tree

  51. Everflowering Tree

  52. Sycamore Tree

  53. Hornbeam

  54. Juicy Fruit Tree

  55. Money Tree

  56. Vine Snake Tree

  57. Redwood

  58. Starfruit Tree

  59. Blue Spruce

  60. Shade Tree
riddles about trees

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