32 Schitt’s Creek Trivia Questions

Schitt’s Creek, the critically acclaimed Canadian sitcom created by Eugene Levy and his son Dan Levy, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with its quirky characters, witty humor, and heartwarming moments. 

Whether you’re a casual viewer or a die-hard fan, you’re sure to enjoy testing your knowledge with these Schitt’s Creek trivia questions. 

Get ready to relive some of your favorite moments from the Rose family’s journey from riches to rags in the fictional town of Schitt’s Creek.

Schitt’s Creek Trivia Questions

  1. In Season 4, Johnny Rose partners with Stevie to revamp a business. What is the name of this business, and what unique feature does Johnny add to make it stand out?

  2. Moira Rose, known for her dramatic flair, starred in a horror film that gained a cult following. What is the name of this film, and what peculiar creature did she portray?

  3. In one episode, David Rose showcases his artistic skills, creating a unique piece of artwork. What is the subject of this artwork, and how does it comically go awry?

  4. Alexis Rose often mentions her adventurous and tumultuous past. Name one of her escapades involving a famous celebrity or a dangerous situation.

  5. In Season 2, Roland Schitt gifts Johnny an unusual item that he initially finds absurd but later embraces. What is this item?

  6. Jocelyn Schitt undergoes a career change in the series. What new profession does she pursue, and what inspires this change?

  7. Ted Mullens, the town veterinarian, has a special reptilian pet. What is the name of this pet, and what unique characteristic does it have?

  8. In a memorable scene, Patrick serenades David with a song. What song does he choose, and why is it significant to their relationship?

  9. In which season and episode does Moira travel for the premiere of “The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening,” and what unexpected event occurs that dampens the premiere?

  10. What is the full name of the business David and Patrick co-own, and what was the first product they successfully sold?

  11. Alexis decides to complete her high school diploma in Schitt’s Creek. What subject does she initially struggle with, and who helps her eventually succeed?

  12. Before moving to Schitt’s Creek, Johnny was a wealthy businessman. What was the name of his company, and what product led to its downfall?

  13. Stevie Budd steps out of her comfort zone to participate in a local theatre production. What is the name of the play, and what role does she play?

  14. Bob Currie, the auto shop owner, has a distinctive way of entering scenes in the show. Describe this quirky mannerism.

  15. Twyla Sands, the café waitress, reveals a secret about her financial status in the final season. What is this secret, and how does she choose to use this money?

  16. In the final episode, each member of the Rose family heads off to their new life. Where does each family member go, and what are their plans?

  17. Moira Rose is known for her unique and expansive vocabulary. Name a particularly obscure or amusing word she has used and the context in which she said it.

  18. David Rose is famous for his distinctive fashion sense, especially his sweaters. Describe one of his most iconic sweaters and the episode it appears in.

  19. After completing her education, Alexis starts her own public relations firm. What is the name of her firm, and who becomes her first client?

  20. Throughout the series, Stevie undergoes significant personal growth. Describe a pivotal moment or episode that showcases this development.

  21. In one episode, Ted surprises Alexis with his culinary skills. What does he cook, and why is this meal significant?

  22. In the series, Roland and Jocelyn have a baby. What name do they choose for their child, and what is the humorous reason behind this choice?

  23. Before opening the store with David, Patrick had a different career. What was his previous profession, and why did he leave it?

  24. In a touching episode, Johnny makes a romantic gesture to show his love for Moira. What does he do, and how does Moira react?

  25. Alexis has a memorable high school graduation in the series. What unique element makes her graduation ceremony at Schitt’s Creek High School particularly special?

  26. Moira runs for a seat on the town council. What is her campaign slogan, and what unique strategy does she use to garner votes?

  27. In one of the episodes, David considers expanding his business. What new product line does he contemplate adding to Rose Apothecary, and who inspires this idea?

  28. Stevie inherits something significant from a family member. What does she inherit, and how does it impact her decisions about her future?

  29. Ted and Alexis have a poignant breakup scene in the series. What are the circumstances leading to their breakup, and how do they both handle it?

  30. David throws a surprise birthday party for Patrick. What makes this party particularly memorable, and how does Patrick react?

  31. Jocelyn is an active member of the local women’s singing group, the Jazzagals. What is her role in the group, and how does it reflect her personality?

  32. The Rose family’s arrival in Schitt’s Creek is a pivotal moment. Describe their initial reactions to the town and how they differ.


  1. Johnny partners with Stevie to revamp the “Rosebud Motel.” He adds a “Rose Apothecary” branded toiletries line to the rooms, aiming to provide a more luxurious experience.

  2. Moira starred in the horror film “The Crows Have Eyes.” She portrayed the character of Dr. Clara Mandrake, who turns into a mutant crow.

  3. David paints a portrait of his mother, Moira, but the result unintentionally resembles a witch, much to the amusement of his family.

  4. One of Alexis’ adventures includes dating Prince Harry, escaping a Thai drug lord’s private yacht, and being held hostage by Somali pirates for a brief period.

  5. Roland gifts Johnny a town sign featuring a comical and inappropriate depiction of Johnny’s family, which Johnny finds embarrassing.

  6. Jocelyn transitions from being a high school teacher to running her own cosmetics business, inspired by Moira’s involvement in a multi-level marketing beauty company.

  7. Ted’s pet is a turtle named “Mikey.” Its unique characteristic is that it only has three legs.

  8. Patrick serenades David with an acoustic cover of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best.” This song becomes a recurring romantic theme in their relationship.

  9. Moira attends the premiere in Season 5, Episode 1. The premiere is unexpectedly held in Bosnia, and she is dismayed to find out it’s not the Hollywood gala she anticipated.

  10. The store’s name is “Rose Apothecary.” The first big success was a line of locally sourced artisanal soaps.

  11. Alexis struggles with science, particularly biology. She is eventually tutored and encouraged by Ted, her on-again, off-again boyfriend.

  12. Johnny was the CEO of “Rose Video,” a successful video rental company. The company failed after failing to adapt to digital streaming trends.

  13. Stevie stars in the local production of “Cabaret,” playing the lead role of Sally Bowles.

  14. Bob has a habit of jogging into scenes, often appearing unexpectedly with a light, bouncing jog.

  15. Twyla reveals that she won $92 million in the lottery but chose to live modestly. She uses some of her winnings to buy the café and offers Alexis financial help.

  16. Johnny and Moira leave for California where Johnny will start a new motel franchise, Moira returns to acting. David and Patrick remain in Schitt’s Creek, having bought a house there, while Alexis moves to New York to pursue a career in public relations.

  17. An example is the word “bébé,” which Moira often uses to refer to her children in a dramatic and affectionate manner.

  18. One iconic sweater is the black and white lightning bolt sweater, featured in the episode where David and Patrick host an open mic night at their store.

  19. Alexis names her firm “Alexis Rose Communications.” Her first client is Moira, who she helps with the publicity for “The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening.”

  20. A key moment for Stevie is in the “Cabaret” episode, where she realizes her potential beyond the motel and explores her passion for acting.

  21. Ted prepares a traditional Hawaiian luau dinner for Alexis, signifying his effort to bring a part of his veterinary conference experience in the Galapagos Islands to her.

  22. They name their son Roland Moira Schitt. The name honors both Roland and Moira, reflecting the couple’s admiration for Moira.

  23. Patrick was previously an accountant. He left his stable career to pursue a more fulfilling life, which eventually leads him to Schitt’s Creek and starting the business with David.

  24. Johnny arranges a special screening of “The Crows Have Eyes 3” in Schitt’s Creek. Moira is touched by this gesture, as it shows Johnny’s support for her career and dreams.

  25. Alexis’ graduation is special because she is the only graduate in her class at Schitt’s Creek High School, leading to a very personalized ceremony.

  26. Moira’s campaign slogan is “Moira Rose: A Strong Candidate for a Stronger Community.” She uses her dramatic flair and a series of over-the-top campaign videos to attract votes.

  27. David considers adding a line of edible skincare products to Rose Apothecary, inspired by a conversation with Moira about her beauty regimen.

  28. Stevie inherits the motel from her aunt. This inheritance prompts her to reconsider her career path and her connection to Schitt’s Creek.

  29. They break up due to Ted’s extended job opportunity in the Galapagos Islands and Alexis’ realization that she needs to pursue her own career aspirations. They handle it maturely, acknowledging their love but also their individual dreams.

  30. The party is memorable because David, who dislikes surprises himself, goes out of his comfort zone to organize it. Patrick is touched by David’s effort, even though the party encounters a few typical “Schitt’s Creek” mishaps.

  31. Jocelyn is often the lead organizer and sometimes a soloist. Her involvement showcases her love for music and her desire to be a part of community activities.

  32. Upon arrival, the Roses are shocked and dismayed by the stark contrast of the town to their previous lavish lifestyle. Johnny is pragmatic, Moira is dramatically despondent, David is sarcastically critical, and Alexis is initially disinterested but soon adapts.
Schitt's Creek Trivia Questions

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