60 Summer Riddles

Step into the world of warmth and sunshine as we embark on a journey of riddles that capture the essence of summer. Just like the sun’s rays illuminate our days, these riddles will challenge your mind and bring a smile to your face. 

Let’s begin exploring them one at a time.

Riddles about Summer

  1. I shine in the sky, give warmth without a lie, I’m bright all day and take the chill away. What am I?

  2. You’ll find me at the beach, I’m soft and warm to reach, I slip through your toes, where the ocean flows. What am I?

  3. I’m a treat that’s cold, on hot days I’m sold, in a cone or a cup, eat me quick or I’ll end up a puddle! What am I?

  4. I dance with the breeze, in summer with ease, I’m green and I sway, providing shade every day. What am I?

  5. I come in many shapes and shades, I protect your eyes and help you evade the bright glare of the summer’s day. What am I?

  6. Found at the shore, with waves and more, children love to build with me, what could I be?

  7. In summer, I’m your best friend, turning me on is a hot-weather trend. I spin round and round to cool the air down. What am I?

  8. Kids laugh and play, on me every day, under the sun, I provide outdoor fun. What am I?

  9. I’m made for a feast, outdoors at least, with burgers and hot dogs, I sizzle non-stop. What am I?

  10. I’m colorful and fly, up in the sky, on a string I dance, in the summer’s warm glance. What am I?

  11. Cold and fresh, I quench your thirst, add ice and a slice, in summer I’m prized. What am I?

  12. In gardens, I bloom, adding color and perfume, I thrive in the sun, pleasing everyone. What am I?

  13. Wear me to swim, in a pool or ocean’s whim, I come in many styles, to swim for miles. What am I?

  14. At the fair in the heat, I’m a sugary treat, soft and pink, I’m gone in a blink. What am I?

  15. I’m not a shower, but I fall from above, cooling you off with wet, gentle love. What am I?

  16. In me, you will float, I’m like a small boat, in the pool, I’m a hit, what am I? Don’t quit!

  17. I’m the season of joy, for every girl and boy, with sun and fun without cease, what am I? It’s a breeze!

  18. I’m a game that you toss, in the sun, you’re the boss, with a net and a ball, what am I? You’ll have a ball!

  19. I buzz and I dart, near flowers, I start, in summer I’m busy, who am I? Don’t get dizzy!

  20. I arrive with the dusk, make the night a real must, around campfires I dance, what am I? Take a chance!

  21. What’s full of heat but has no flame, comes after spring but is not the same?

  22. You find it at the beach but it’s not sand or sea. What is it?

  23. I’m something that blooms in the sun’s warm embrace, in gardens and fields, I’m found all over the place. With petals so bright and stems standing tall, what am I, that beautifies the summer for all?

  24. What can you catch during summer but not with your hands?

  25. In the heart of summer, when days are long, there’s something that sings a chirping song. It’s not a bird, but it takes to the air, what is it that provides this musical flair?

  26. What has a taste that’s oh so neat, cold and sweet and perfect for heat?

  27. With skies so blue and grass so green, a season of warmth and fun is seen. It’s not the start and not the end, what season am I, my summery friend?

  28. What cools you down but melts away, especially on a hot summer day?

  29. I’m found at the shore when the sun is bright, I’m neither a shell nor a seabird’s flight. With castle-like form and made of the land, what am I, created with a bucket and hand?

  30. What dances in summer and teases your nose, soft and gentle wherever it goes?

  31. What wears sunglasses but has no head?

  32. In the heat of July when the sun is so high, I come out to play beneath the bright sky. With red on the outside and seeds in a row, what juicy fruit am I, do you know?

  33. What can make a big splash but doesn’t get wet?

  34. I am a creature with no legs or wings, but in summer, my song the night air sings. Who am I, creating music at night?

  35. What’s worn in summer but not in rain, helps you relax and eases the brain?

  36. In a field or by a lake, I’m perfect for a summer’s break. With fabric above and ground below, what am I, where picnics go?

  37. What do you find in summer that falls but doesn’t get hurt?

  38. You use me in summer to stay cool and chill, I spin around but stay still. What am I?

  39. What grows in summer, full of cheer, with color that’s bright and crystal clear?

  40. I come in flavors, both sour and sweet, on hot days, I’m a popular treat. In cones or bowls, I’m eaten with glee, what am I, enjoyed by the young and elderly?

  41. I’m not a bird, but I can fly, you’ll find me in the summer sky. What am I?

  42. You use me when it’s hot outside, but the more you use me, the less you ride. What am I?

  43. I’m neither liquid, solid, nor gas, yet I cool you down as the summer does pass. What am I?

  44. What’s a sweet summer fruit that has to wear a jacket all the time?

  45. With seeds so small, and red and juicy within, I’m the fruit of summer, so take a bite and dive right in. What am I?

  46. It’s seen on a beach, not thick but thin, what’s this summer object you recline in?

  47. With sounds of laughter and splashes galore, I’m a summer place with fun at my core. What am I, with a slide and a wave?

  48. I may be full of holes, but I still hold water. What am I?

  49. You wear me on your face, not for fashion but grace, to shield your eyes from the sun’s bright embrace. What am I?

  50. I’m found in a garden, never in a town, dancing with wind, up and down. What am I?

  51. I’m tall and I sway, providing shade where you lay. What am I?

  52. In summer I’m enjoyed, with sauce or plain, cooked on a grill, I’m a picnic’s gain. What am I?

  53. What has waves but isn’t the ocean?

  54. I can be salty or fresh, calm or in motion, people love to visit me in the summertime. What am I?

  55. I buzz and I hum and I’m on the attack, but I’m not a bird, I’ll sting your back. What am I?

  56. I twinkle at night, no summer is the same, without me around, life’s not the same game. What am I?

  57. I have a neck but no head. What am I?

  58. I’m neither a meal nor a snack, but people gather ’round me. I glow in the night, keeping you warm. What am I?

  59. I’m enjoyed by day and I’m never at night, my presence means summer’s pure delight. What am I?

  60. With glasses and hats, sunscreen, and more, I’m what you do when you’re out of the door. What am I, this summer fun?


  1. The Sun

  2. Sand

  3. Ice Cream

  4. Tree Leaves

  5. Sunglasses

  6. Sandcastle

  7. A Fan

  8. A Swing Set

  9. A Grill

  10. A Kite

  11. Lemonade

  12. Summer Flowers

  13. A Swimsuit

  14. Cotton Candy

  15. A Sprinkler

  16. A Pool Float

  17. Summer

  18. Beach Volleyball

  19. A Bee

  20. Fireflies

  21. Summer

  22. A beach umbrella

  23. A sunflower

  24. A tan

  25. A cricket

  26. Ice cream

  27. Summer

  28. Ice

  29. A sandcastle

  30. A summer breeze

  31. A car windshield

  32. Watermelon

  33. A diving board

  34. A firefly

  35. Flip-flops

  36. A picnic blanket

  37. Sunlight

  38. A fan

  39. Flowers

  40. Ice cream

  41. A kite

  42. Air conditioning

  43. Shade

  44. A peach

  45. A strawberry

  46. A beach chair

  47. A water park

  48. A sponge

  49. Sunglasses

  50. A butterfly

  51. A palm tree

  52. A hot dog

  53. A beach towel

  54. The sea

  55. A mosquito

  56. Fireflies

  57. A bottle (such as a bottle of sunscreen)

  58. A bonfire

  59. Sunshine

  60. A day at the beach
60+ summer riddles

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