32 The Golden Girls Trivia Questions

Welcome, Golden Girls fans! 

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From hilarious quips to heartwarming moments, “The Golden Girls” has captured the hearts of audiences for decades. 

So, grab a slice of cheesecake and get ready to reminisce with these trivia questions. 

Whether you’re a casual viewer or a die-hard fan, see how many questions you can answer correctly!

The Golden Girls Trivia Questions

  1. In which episode does Sophia Petrillo first tell the story of her Sicilian village being invaded by the Nazis, and how does she claim they were outwitted?

  2. What is the full name of Blanche’s father, and why is his nickname significant to her character development?

  3. Throughout the series, Dorothy Zbornak mentions her high school crush. What was his name, and in what specific way did he disappoint her in their adult life?

  4. Rose Nylund often speaks of St. Olaf, her hometown. Name one peculiar festival celebrated in St. Olaf and describe its unique tradition.

  5. What is the title of the episode where the girls buy a stake in a prizefighter, and what lesson do they learn from this experience?

  6. Describe the scenario in which Dorothy teaches a night school class and faces an ethical dilemma involving a student athlete.

  7. In the series, each of the main characters faces a health scare. What was Sophia’s, and how does it impact the group dynamic?

  8. Blanche writes a novel in one of the episodes. What is the genre of the novel, and how do the other girls react to it?

  9. Rose has a teddy bear named Fernando. In which episode is Fernando first introduced, and what is the significance of this teddy bear to Rose?

  10. The series finale sees Dorothy getting married and leaving the house. What is the name of Dorothy’s husband, and how does he convince her to marry him?

  11. What specific item does Sophia insist on saving from her bedroom before a hurricane hits Miami, and why is it significant to her?

  12. Blanche is known for her Southern belle charm and her many romantic escapades. In one episode, she dates a younger man. What is his profession, and how does Blanche initially feel about the age difference?

  13. Rose takes a job at a TV station in one episode. What is the name of the show she works on, and what role does she play in its production?

  14. Dorothy’s ex-husband Stan appears in numerous episodes. What is the name of the invention that Stan tries to market, thinking it will make him rich?

  15. In the episode where the girls recall their worst dates, what peculiar event happens during Rose’s date?

  16. Which historical figure does Sophia claim to have had an encounter with, and under what circumstances does she recount this meeting?

  17. The girls often enjoy cheesecake while discussing their problems. Can you name an episode where the cheesecake is mentioned but not actually shown on screen?

  18. Blanche has a recurring nightmare involving a specific animal. What is the animal, and how does she interpret its meaning in her dream?

  19. Throughout the series, the girls face various financial challenges. In one episode, they participate in a dance marathon. What do they hope to win, and what is the outcome?

  20. Rose is known for her naïveté and St. Olaf stories. In one episode, she believes she has ESP (Extrasensory Perception). What prompts her belief, and how do the girls test it?

  21. In the series, the girls volunteer at a charity auction. What unique item do they decide to auction, and what is the unexpected twist that occurs during the auction?

  22. What specific reason does Dorothy give for why she married Stan, and how does this decision reflect on her character development throughout the series?

  23. Blanche has a particular room in her house that she mentions more than once but is never shown on camera. What is this room, and what is its significance in the show?

  24. Rose once entered a contest that significantly deviated from her typical wholesome image. What was the contest, and what unexpected outcome did it have?

  25. Sophia has a famous line about her early life in Sicily involving a mode of transportation. What is the line, and what does it reveal about her personality and background?

  26. In a rare moment of vulnerability, Dorothy shares a fear she has never overcome. What is this fear, and in which episode is it revealed?

  27. Each of the Golden Girls has a distinctive laugh. Describe a situation where Blanche’s laugh is pivotal to the plot or a joke.

  28. The series tackled many social issues head-on. Name an episode where the girls address homelessness and describe the main takeaway.

  29. Rose is known for her peculiar job before moving to Miami. What was it, and how does it humorously come up in the series?

  30. An episode revolves around a bet involving a famous diet guru of the time. Who is the guru, and what is the bet?

  31. What unique gift does Sophia give to Dorothy on her wedding day in the series finale, and why is it meaningful?

  32. Throughout the series, the lanai is a central location for many scenes. Describe an episode where an event on the lanai significantly advances the plot or character development.


  1. The episode is “A Visit from Little Sven.” Sophia claims they tricked the Nazis by offering them wine spiked with sleeping pills.

  2. Blanche’s father’s full name is Curtis Hollingsworth, and his nickname is “Big Daddy.” This nickname is significant because it symbolizes his larger-than-life persona and the deep, albeit complicated, affection Blanche has for him.

  3. Dorothy’s high school crush was Stan Zbornak, who later became her husband. He disappoints her by having an affair and eventually leaving her for a younger woman.

  4. One peculiar festival is the “Herring Circus.” Its unique tradition involves dressing up herring in little outfits and having them perform tricks, showcasing the town’s love for fish and quirky celebrations.

  5. The episode is titled “Rites of Spring.” The lesson they learn is that betting on physical contests is unpredictable, and the value of friendship and integrity over monetary gain.

  6. Dorothy faces an ethical dilemma when she discovers a talented student athlete cannot read. She must choose between passing him to help his athletic career or failing him to uphold academic integrity. The episode highlights the importance of education over sports acclaim.

  7. Sophia’s health scare involves a suspected heart attack. This event impacts the group by reinforcing their bond and highlighting their collective vulnerability and care for each other.

  8. Blanche’s novel is a romance novel, filled with passion and intrigue. The other girls react with a mix of amusement and embarrassment, especially when they discover the characters are based on them.

  9. Fernando is first introduced in the episode “Old Friends.” The teddy bear symbolizes Rose’s childhood innocence and her coping mechanism for dealing with the loss and trauma she has experienced.

  10. Dorothy’s husband is Lucas Hollingsworth. He convinces her to marry him through a heartfelt proposal that demonstrates his deep understanding and love for her, highlighting the growth and closure of Dorothy’s character arc.

  11. Sophia insists on saving her picture of her late husband, Salvadore. It is significant because it represents her enduring love for him and the life they shared together.

  12. He is a college student. Blanche initially struggles with the age difference, feeling self-conscious, but ultimately embraces the relationship, highlighting her confidence and refusal to be defined by societal standards.

  13. Rose works on a show called “Wake Up, Miami.” She initially takes on the role of assistant but ends up contributing creatively, showcasing her often underestimated intelligence and creativity.

  14. Stan tries to market an invention called the “Zbornie,” a novelty item that is essentially a potato-shaped bald head. This endeavor is one of many that illustrate Stan’s get-rich-quick schemes and lack of business acumen.

  15. During Rose’s date, her date falls asleep (due to boredom) at the restaurant table. This event underscores the often comical and peculiar nature of Rose’s interactions with others.

  16. Sophia claims to have had an encounter with Winston Churchill during World War II. She recounts this meeting during one of her many colorful stories, often blurring the lines between fact and fiction.

  17. In “Ebbtide’s Revenge,” the girls talk about getting cheesecake to cope with their emotional distress, but the cheesecake itself is never shown.

  18. Blanche dreams about a chicken chasing her, which she interprets as a fear of growing old and being alone, symbolizing her deep-seated insecurities despite her outward confidence.

  19. They hope to win a cash prize to solve their financial issues but end up learning more about the value of endurance and friendship. Unfortunately, they do not win the marathon, but they gain a deeper appreciation for each other.

  20. Rose believes she has ESP after predicting several small events. The girls test it by having her guess which hand an object is in, among other tests, leading to humorous and skeptical exchanges among them.

  21. They decide to auction a homemade dinner with the four of them. The unexpected twist occurs when the winning bidder expects more than just dinner, leading to comedic misunderstandings and the girls’ clever handling of the situation.

  22. Dorothy married Stan because she got pregnant, a decision that showcases her sense of responsibility and traditional values, which she later questions and grows from as she seeks independence and self-respect.

  23. The room is referred to as Blanche’s “flamingo room,” significant as a symbol of her flamboyant and passionate nature, serving as a humorous element that adds depth to her character.

  24. Rose entered a beauty pageant for seniors, “The Miss St. Olaf Contest.” The unexpected outcome was her winning, not for her looks, but for her heartfelt speech, highlighting her inner beauty and values.

  25. Sophia’s line is, “Picture it: Sicily, 1922,” often followed by an outlandish story. This recurring phrase reveals her pride in her heritage, her age, and her penchant for storytelling, serving as a comedic yet poignant reminder of her past.

  26. Dorothy reveals her fear of flying in the episode “The Lifesavers.” This confession showcases her vulnerability and the support she receives from her friends, reflecting the series’ theme of friendship and overcoming fears together.

  27. Blanche’s distinctive laugh is central in an episode where her Southern belle persona is challenged, and she tries to seduce a man who is immune to her charms. Her laugh, used as a seductive tool, backfires, leading to humorous results.

  28. The episode “Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?” addresses homelessness when the girls accidentally donate a jacket with a lottery ticket in it to a homeless shelter, highlighting the issue of homelessness with compassion and humor.

  29. Rose worked at a grief counseling center in St. Olaf, which humorously contrasts with her sunny disposition. This job is mentioned several times, usually in stories that showcase her naive yet caring nature.

  30. The diet guru is Elizabeth Ashley, and the bet is that Blanche cannot stick to her diet plan. The episode humorously explores themes of willpower, vanity, and the lengths to which the girls go to support each other.

  31. Sophia gives Dorothy her blessing, symbolized by a traditional Sicilian orb, a meaningful gesture that represents her love, approval, and the passing on of family heritage and wisdom.

  32. An episode significant for its lanai scene is when the girls sit outside during a hurricane, sharing fears and bonding deeply. The lanai serves as a backdrop for many of their heartfelt conversations, symbolizing their support for each other through all of life’s storms.

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