32 The Walking Dead Trivia Questions

“The Walking Dead” has been captivating audiences with its thrilling and suspenseful storyline since it first aired in 2010. 

With a rich cast of characters and a post-apocalyptic world filled with walkers, the show has become a pop culture phenomenon. 

If you consider yourself a true fan of “The Walking Dead,” then put your knowledge to the test with these challenging trivia questions. 

Whether you’re a seasoned survivor or just starting your journey into this zombie-filled world, these questions will definitely challenge your knowledge of the show.

Let’s begin. 

The Walking Dead Trivia Questions

  1. What is the first major location where Rick Grimes seeks refuge and meets other survivors in Season 1 of “The Walking Dead”?

  2. Which character is known for wielding a katana, and what personal tragedy do they experience in the series?

  3. Name the primary antagonist of Season 3, who leads a fortified town known for its deceptive sense of security.

  4. What is the name of the community that initially seems like a utopia in Season 5 but harbors a dark secret, and who is its deceptive leader?

  5. In the Season 7 premiere, which two main characters are killed by Negan, and what weapon does he use?

  6. Which two characters, initially at odds with each other, form an unexpected bond while being held captive in the Sanctuary?

  7. Introduced in Season 10, what is the name of the organization that Eugene communicates with via radio, potentially signaling a new hope for the survivors?

  8. Who is the creator of the original “The Walking Dead” comic book series, which inspired the TV show?

  9. What is the name of the prison that becomes a primary location for Rick’s group in Seasons 3 and 4, and what major event forces them to abandon it?

  10. In Season 3, which presumed-dead character returns, and what is their relationship to Rick?

  11. What is the central theme or message that Rick Grimes often emphasizes to his group throughout the series?

  12. How does Carol Peletier’s character transform from the beginning of the series, and what significant action does she take at Terminus?

  13. How does Rick Grimes exit the TV series, and what is the fate of the character as per his last appearance?

  14. Who betrays Rick’s group from inside Alexandria, leading to a significant conflict, and what is the motivation behind this betrayal?

  15. In later seasons, a new group called The Whisperers is introduced. Who is their leader, and what unique strategy do they use to blend in with walkers?

  16. Which character from “The Walking Dead” is central to the spin-off series “Fear the Walking Dead,” and what is the premise of their journey?

  17. In Season 4, the group seeks refuge in a location called Terminus. What dark secret does this place hide?

  18. Which character, often seen as the moral center of the group, meets a tragic end during the prison flu outbreak in Season 4?

  19. In Season 6, what is the name of the rebellious group within Alexandria that opposes Rick’s leadership, and who leads them?

  20. In Season 7, which character keeps a pair of pet tigers, and what is the name of the tiger?

  21. What is the real-world profession of King Ezekiel before the apocalypse, and how does this influence his leadership style in the series?

  22. Who kidnaps Judith during the fall of the prison, and why do they do it?

  23. In Season 9, which character betrays Michonne’s trust by secretly negotiating with an outside group, and how do they redeem themselves?

  24. In a flashback episode, which character is revealed to have been a music teacher before the apocalypse, and how does this knowledge impact their role in the group?

  25. In Season 5, which character is tragically killed in the revolving door incident at a supply run, and what is the impact of their death on Glenn?

  26. What is the name of the community that Maggie helps to establish in Season 9, separate from Alexandria and the Hilltop?

  27. In which season and episode does Carl Grimes suffer a life-changing injury, and what is the nature of this injury?

  28. Which character is famously known for saying, “I’m a lone wolf,” and how does their journey evolve throughout the series?

  29. Besides Negan, name two other prominent members of the Saviors and describe their roles or characteristics.

  30. In Season 8, which leader of a community sacrifices themselves to save their people from a walker horde, and how is this sacrifice made?

  31. What significant event marks the climax of the war against The Whisperers, and which key characters are involved?

  32. In Season 10, a new threat emerges that is not related to walkers or human enemies. What is this threat, and how does it impact the survivors?


  1. Rick Grimes first finds refuge in the Atlanta Survivor Camp, where he reunites with his family and meets other key characters like Shane, Lori, and Daryl.

  2. Michonne is known for her katana skills. Her personal tragedy involves losing her boyfriend and his best friend, whom she later keeps as armless, jawless walkers for camouflage.

  3. The primary antagonist of Season 3 is The Governor, who leads the town of Woodbury. He projects a façade of stability and safety while hiding his true brutal nature.

  4. The community is Alexandria Safe-Zone, led by Deanna Monroe. Although it seems ideal, the residents are largely unprepared for the harsh realities of the apocalypse.

  5. Negan kills Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee using his barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat named Lucille.

  6. Daryl Dixon and Dwight form an unexpected bond. Initially enemies, their shared experiences and understanding of survival and loss bring them closer.

  7. The organization is known as The Commonwealth, a large network of communities that offers a chance for a new way of life.

  8. The original comic book series was created by Robert Kirkman. His vision laid the groundwork for the expansive TV series and its spin-offs.

  9. The prison is called the West Georgia Correctional Facility. They are forced to abandon it after the Governor attacks and overwhelms the prison, leading to its destruction and the scattering of the group.

  10. Merle Dixon, Daryl’s older brother, returns in Season 3. He was presumed dead after being left handcuffed on a rooftop in Atlanta in Season 1.

  11. Rick often emphasizes the importance of maintaining humanity and moral values in a world overrun by walkers, stressing that survival isn’t just about living but about keeping their sense of self intact.

  12. Carol transforms from a meek, abused wife to a strong, independent survivor. At Terminus, she takes significant action by attacking the compound, leading to the group’s escape.

  13. Rick Grimes exits the series when he is severely injured in a bridge explosion. He is presumed dead by his group but is actually rescued by a helicopter and taken to an unknown location, leaving his fate uncertain.

  14. Spencer Monroe betrays Rick’s group. His motivation stems from his belief that Rick’s leadership is dangerous for Alexandria, and he desires to take over the leadership himself.

  15. The leader of The Whisperers is Alpha. Their unique strategy involves wearing the skins of walkers to blend in with them, allowing them to move among the undead undetected.

  16. Morgan Jones is central to “Fear the Walking Dead.” His journey explores his departure from Alexandria, his struggle with his pacifist beliefs, and his interactions with new groups and challenges in a different part of the post-apocalyptic world.

  17. Terminus is revealed to be a cannibalistic society. The residents trap and kill people who arrive, believing it’s necessary for their survival.

  18. Hershel Greene is the moral center who dies during the outbreak. He is beheaded by The Governor, which significantly impacts the group, especially Rick and Maggie.

  19. The group is called The Wolves, led by characters named Alpha and Beta. They are fiercely opposed to Rick’s leadership and the community’s way of life.

  20. Ezekiel, the leader of the Kingdom, keeps a pair of pet tigers. The tiger’s name is Shiva, and it becomes a symbol of his power and the Kingdom’s uniqueness.

  21. King Ezekiel was a zookeeper and community theater actor before the apocalypse. His theatrical skills help him adopt the persona of a king, bringing hope and a sense of drama to his leadership.

  22. Judith is kidnapped by Lizzie and Mika’s father, who is in a state of panic and desperation during the fall of the prison. He believes taking Judith is his best chance at protecting at least one child.

  23. Siddiq betrays Michonne by secretly negotiating with Oceanside. He redeems himself by standing with Michonne and Alexandria during subsequent conflicts and crises.

  24. Beth Greene is revealed to have been a music teacher. This background plays into her role within the group, as she often uses music to uplift and comfort others, particularly during stressful times at the prison and the hospital.

  25. Noah is killed in the revolving door incident during a supply run in Season 5. His death deeply affects Glenn, who witnesses the brutality and feels responsible.

  26. The community is called The Commonwealth, a sophisticated and large settlement. Maggie’s involvement in establishing it represents her growth as a leader.

  27. Carl suffers a severe injury in Season 6, Episode 9 (“No Way Out”), where he loses his right eye due to a gunshot.

  28. Daryl Dixon is known for saying, “I’m a lone wolf.” His journey evolves from a solitary figure to a key member and leader within the group, showcasing his development and integration.

  29. Two prominent members of the Saviors are Simon, Negan’s right-hand man known for his brutality, and Dwight, who initially serves Negan but later becomes an ally to Rick’s group.

  30. In Season 8, King Ezekiel sacrifices himself by luring a walker horde away to save his community, the Kingdom. He does so by leading the walkers away, ensuring the safety of his people.

  31. The climax of the war against The Whisperers occurs with a final battle involving key characters like Daryl, Carol, and Negan. It ends with the defeat of the Whisperers and the death of their leader, Alpha.

  32. The new threat in Season 10 is a massive horde of walkers controlled by The Whisperers. This threat forces the communities to unite and strategize together, testing their survival skills beyond normal human conflicts.
The Walking Dead Trivia Questions

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