42 Umbrella Riddles

Umbrellas are a common sight on rainy days, offering us protection from the elements as we go about our daily lives. 

But did you know that umbrellas can also be a source of fun and entertainment? 

In this blog post, we’re going to explore a collection of umbrella riddles that will challenge your wit and make you smile. 

So, grab your raincoat, put on your boots, and let’s dive into some umbrella-themed brain teasers!

Umbrella Riddles

  1. Why did the umbrella go to therapy?

  2. How does an umbrella stay in shape?

  3. What do you call a wet bear carrying an umbrella?

  4. Why don’t umbrellas get promoted?

  5. What’s an umbrella’s favorite music genre?

  6. How does an umbrella ask for a date?

  7. Why was the umbrella embarrassed?

  8. What did one umbrella say to the other on Valentine’s Day?

  9. What’s an umbrella’s least favorite day of the week?

  10. Why did the umbrella take a vacation?

  11. What do you call an umbrella that’s not yours?

  12. What did the umbrella say to the raincoat?

  13. Why did the umbrella get an award?

  14. What did the umbrella say when it stopped raining?

  15. Why did the umbrella turn down the job offer?

  16. How do you repair a broken umbrella?

  17. What’s an umbrella’s favorite snack?

  18. Why was the umbrella always calm during a storm?

  19. What do you call an old umbrella?

  20. Why do umbrellas never get lost?

  21. What did the umbrella say to the broken window?

  22. How does an umbrella stay so light?

  23. What do you call an umbrella that likes to travel?

  24. Why did the umbrella go to the party?

  25. What’s an umbrella’s favorite dance?

  26. Why don’t umbrellas get tired?

  27. What did the umbrella say to the hat?

  28. Why was the umbrella a good detective?

  29. Why did the umbrella get promoted?

  30. What do you call a scared umbrella?

  31. Why did the umbrella join the circus?

  32. What kind of umbrella is always in a hurry?

  33. How does an umbrella apologize?

  34. Why was the umbrella a good team player?

  35. What do you call an umbrella that tells jokes?

  36. Why don’t umbrellas trust the weather forecast?

  37. What did the umbrella say after a long day of work?

  38. Why did the small umbrella fail the test?

  39. What’s an umbrella’s favorite game?

  40. Why did the umbrella start a business?

  41. What’s an umbrella’s life motto?

  42. Why was the umbrella so good at solving mysteries?


  1. Because it couldn’t handle its emotional baggage.

  2. By staying under cover.

  3. A “drizzly” bear.

  4. Because they always fold under pressure.

  5. R&B – Rain and Blues.

  6. It opens up.

  7. Because it saw the raincoat.

  8. “I’ve got you covered.”

  9. Sun-day.

  10. It needed to unwind and dry out.

  11. A “borrow-sol.”

  12. “Hang in there, I’ve got this one covered!”

  13. For outstanding coverage.

  14. “Looks like I’m out of a job!”

  15. It couldn’t handle the pressure.

  16. With patch-up-ella!

  17. Rain chips.

  18. It had a handle on the situation.

  19. Past-its-prime-brella.

  20. They always come back around.

  21. “I see you’ve got a pane problem.”

  22. By avoiding heavy topics.

  23. A “globe-trotter-brella.”

  24. Because it wanted to be the life of the p-arty.

  25. The Rumba-rella.

  26. Because they always have a stand.

  27. “You go on ahead, I’ll hang around.”

  28. It covered every case.

  29. Because it had great handle-ership qualities.

  30. A “shiver-ella.”

  31. To become the main “attraction” under the big top.

  32. A “run-brella.”

  33. It opens up about its feelings.

  34. It could cover for anyone.

  35. A “fun-brella.”

  36. Because they know it’s always partly cloudy with a chance of lies.

  37. “I’m closed for the day!”

  38. It was a little under-covered on the material.

  39. Parasolitaire.

  40. To open up new opportunities.

  41. “Stay dry, aim high.”

  42. It always got to the bottom of the rain mystery.
umbrella riddles

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