61 Fashion Trivia Questions

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Fashion Trivia Questions

  1. Which iconic fashion designer was famously assassinated outside his Miami Beach mansion in 1997, leaving behind a legacy that reshaped the fashion industry?

  2. What is the name of the high-end British fashion house established in 1856, known for its distinctive check pattern and trench coats, and has become synonymous with British luxury fashion?

  3. Who is credited with inventing the “Little Black Dress” (LBD), a staple in women’s fashion, and also popularizing the use of jersey fabric in haute couture?

  4. In the world of high fashion, what does the term “Haute Couture” specifically refer to, and which city is considered the birthplace of this fashion designation?

  5. Which influential fashion editor-in-chief is known for her large sunglasses, pageboy haircut, and has been at the helm of American Vogue since 1988?

  6. Name the Italian fashion designer who founded a luxury fashion brand in 1978, known for its bold prints, elaborate designs, and was tragically murdered in 1997.

  7. What is the name of the annual fashion gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, which serves as a fundraiser for the museum’s Costume Institute and is a high-profile celebrity event?

  8. Which French luxury goods conglomerate, owned by Bernard Arnault, holds the title as the world’s largest luxury group, owning several major fashion houses including Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior?

  9. Who was the British fashion designer known for her avant-garde designs, environmental activism, and for playing a key role in the punk fashion phenomenon of the 1970s?

  10. What innovative fabric, invented by Stephanie Kwolek in 1965, is known for its strength and durability and has been used in a variety of applications from bulletproof vests to high-performance sporting goods?

  11. Which iconic American fashion designer is best known for his clean, classic American sportswear and the creation of the polo shirt bearing his name?

  12. Name the annual fashion show famous for showcasing elaborate costumes and lingerie, often featuring supermodels and musical performances, by a well-known lingerie brand.

  13. Who is the Italian fashion designer credited with the invention of the sand-blasted look for jeans?

  14. What is the significance of the number 5 to Coco Chanel?

  15. Which Japanese fashion designer is known for his technology-driven clothing designs and the founding of a brand that blends technology with fashion?

  16. In fashion, what is the term for the seasonal presentation by designers of their new collections to buyers and the press?

  17. Who was the first African American woman to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine?

  18. Which fashion accessory, popularized by celebrities and fashion icons in the 2000s, is named after a famous British actress and model?

  19. What is the name given to the style of women’s jeans that are tight on the hips and thighs but flared at the knee, popular in the 1970s?

  20. Who is the French designer known for his theatrical designs, including the iconic cone bra worn by Madonna?

  21. What term describes the practice of renting high-end fashion garments instead of purchasing them?

  22. Which luxury brand was founded by a German designer in 1967, initially selling ties before expanding to a full range of menswear and eventually becoming a global fashion empire?

  23. Name the Italian luxury fashion company known for its leather goods and distinctive double G logo.

  24. What innovative fabric, developed by W.L. Gore and Associates in the 1970s, is known for its waterproof and breathable properties?

  25. Who is the British designer known for his digital print designs and the use of innovative materials in his collections?

  26. What fashion item, introduced by Mary Quant in the 1960s, became a symbol of women’s liberation and youth culture?

  27. What does the French term “prêt-à-porter” mean in the context of fashion?

  28. What iconic fashion item, originally designed by Thomas Burberry for British soldiers in World War I, became a staple in civilian wardrobe?

  29. Which fashion magazine, first published in 1892, is considered the world’s oldest and has been influential in the fashion industry?

  30. Who is the American designer known for pioneering the concept of designer jeans in the 1970s, making jeans into a fashion statement?

  31. Name the fashion term that describes a skirt with a tight waistband located just under the bust, popular in the early 19th century, making a comeback in modern fashion.

  32. What is the name of the traditional Japanese garment that consists of a long robe with wide sleeves and is typically tied with a sash?

  33. Which iconic shoe designer is famous for his red-soled shoes, a signature that has become synonymous with luxury and high fashion?

  34. What fashion trend, originating in the late 20th century, involves clothing that is oversized or gives off a baggy silhouette?

  35. Name the annual awards ceremony that honors excellence in the fashion industry, often referred to as the “Oscars of Fashion.”

  36. Who is the Spanish fashion designer known for his perfumes and geometric patterns, and for revolutionizing the fashion industry with his space-age designs in the 1960s?

  37. What is the name of the French luxury fashion house, founded in 1910 by a pioneering female designer, known for its iconic suits, perfumes, and handbags?

  38. Which fashion icon and former Spice Girl launched her own eponymous fashion label in 2008, known for its modern and sophisticated style?

  39. What type of collar, originating from India, stands straight up in the back and opens down the front, and is often seen in men’s formal shirts?

  40. Who is the American fashion designer who served as the creative director of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent before launching his own brand?

  41. Name the decorative art of knotting string in patterns to make items such as jewelry, wall hangings, and clothing, which has seen various periods of popularity.

  42. What is the term for a small, decorative bag without handles or a strap, often used as an evening bag for formal occasions?

  43. Who was the French fashion designer credited with popularizing the “New Look” silhouette in the late 1940s, characterized by a cinched waist and full skirt?

  44. What type of men’s jacket, derived from the French word for “smoking,” is traditionally worn for formal events in the evening?

  45. Which British fashion designer is known for introducing the mod style to menswear in the 1960s and for designing the wardrobe for The Beatles’ iconic album cover “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”?

  46. What is the name of the fashion technique that involves dyeing fabric by twisting, folding, pleating, or crumpling it and then applying dye to create unique patterns?

  47. Name the Italian fashion house known for its luxurious leather handbags, distinctive jungle print dresses, and the founding designer’s penchant for using vibrant colors and patterns.

  48. What historic garment, dating back to the 15th century, is known for its tight fit around the torso and was worn to shape the upper body into a desired silhouette?

  49. Which fashion model, known for her distinctive eyebrows and British heritage, became a prominent figure in the 2010s fashion scene?

  50. What term describes the high-heeled footwear that extends significantly beyond the back of the heel, often with a platform under the sole?

  51. Who is the American fashion designer famous for creating the wrap dress, which became a symbol of women’s liberation in the 1970s?

  52. Name the annual event where designers, buyers, and the press from around the world converge in Paris to view the latest collections and trends in men’s fashion.

  53. What is the term for a lightweight, plain weave fabric, originally made from silk, that is often used for shirts, dresses, and scarves?

  54. Who was the first female designer to lead a French haute couture house, taking over in 1997 and known for her romantic and feminine designs?

  55. What type of jewelry, popular in the Victorian era, was made to commemorate or honor a loved one, often containing locks of hair or portraits?

  56. Which fashion designer is credited with creating the “Power Suit” for women in the 1980s, symbolizing women’s growing presence in the corporate world?

  57. Name the fabric that is made by interlocking loops of yarn with knitting needles or on a machine, known for its elasticity and used in many types of garments.

  58. What is the term for the fashion industry’s practice of planning and releasing collections in tune with the seasons of the year?

  59. Who is the Belgian designer known for his avant-garde style and the use of deconstruction in his designs?

  60. What iconic piece of headwear, associated with French fashion, is a small, round, brimless cap often made of wool or felt?

  61. What fashion movement, characterized by DIY, anti-establishment attitudes, and often associated with punk music, influenced fashion in the late 1970s and early 1980s?


  1. Gianni Versace

  2. Burberry

  3. Coco Chanel

  4. Haute Couture refers to the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing, highly fashioned and handmade by prestigious fashion houses, and the birthplace is Paris.

  5. Anna Wintour

  6. Gianni Versace

  7. The Met Gala or Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit

  8. LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton)

  9. Vivienne Westwood

  10. Kevlar

  11. Ralph Lauren

  12. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

  13. Renzo Rosso

  14. Chanel No. 5 perfume, her first and most famous fragrance.

  15. Issey Miyake

  16. Fashion Week

  17. Beverly Johnson

  18. The Birkin bag, named after Jane Birkin.

  19. Bell-bottom jeans

  20. Jean Paul Gaultier

  21. Fashion renting or clothing rental

  22. Ralph Lauren

  23. Gucci

  24. Gore-Tex

  25. Alexander McQueen (Note: While known for digital print designs, McQueen is more widely recognized for his avant-garde and innovative approach to fashion; Matthew Williamson might also be a fitting answer for digital print designs.)

  26. The miniskirt

  27. Ready-to-wear

  28. The trench coat

  29. Vogue

  30. Calvin Klein

  31. Empire waist

  32. Kimono

  33. Christian Louboutin

  34. Streetwear

  35. The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards

  36. Paco Rabanne

  37. Chanel

  38. Victoria Beckham

  39. Mandarin collar

  40. Tom Ford

  41. Macramé

  42. Clutch

  43. Christian Dior

  44. Tuxedo

  45. Mary Quant

  46. Tie-dye

  47. Versace

  48. Corset

  49. Cara Delevingne

  50. Platform shoes

  51. Diane von Fürstenberg

  52. Paris Men’s Fashion Week

  53. Chiffon

  54. Clare Waight Keller

  55. Mourning jewelry

  56. Giorgio Armani

  57. Knitwear

  58. Seasonal fashion cycles

  59. Martin Margiela

  60. Beret

  61. Punk fashion

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