75 Indoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Adults

Welcome to the ultimate indoor adventure!

Whether it’s a rainy day, a family gathering, or just a fun weekend activity, scavenger hunts are a fantastic way to bring excitement and laughter into your home.

Today, we’re thrilled to present you with a carefully curated list of some amazing indoor scavenger hunt riddles. These riddles are designed to suit all ages, spark creativity, and make exploring your home an extraordinary experience.

From the cozy corners of your living room to the secret spots in your kitchen, our riddles will guide you through a thrilling journey within the walls of your home.

So, gather your family and friends, prepare your thinking caps, and let’s embark on a delightful scavenger hunt that promises loads of fun and brain-teasing challenges!

Scavenger Hunt Riddles

  1. Cold as ice and clear to see, I’m filled with cubes, and food might be.

  2. In here, you sleep and rest your head, it’s softer than the floor, it’s your comfy bed.

  3. I have keys but I don’t lock doors, make some music, explore some more.

  4. A place of stories, tall and wide, open me up, and look inside.

  5. With bristles I have, I’m not a broom, use me daily to avoid doom.

  6. I’m not a clock, yet time I show, with hands that move slow.

  7. Every morning, you look and see, a reflection that looks just like thee.

  8. Round and round, I go all day, cleaning clothes in a swirling array.

  9. You wear one on a sunny day, it’s not a cap but keeps sun away.

  10. I help you see when it’s night, with a switch, I bring the light.

  11. I’m not a tree, yet I have leaves, and hold your soup, if you please.

  12. Pages I have, yet I’m not a book, jot down notes, come take a look.

  13. On me, you sit but I’m not a chair, I’m found in your living room, right over there.

  14. In me, your food goes round and round, with a beep, your meal is found.

  15. I’m tall, not short, and I stand still, I tell the temperature, cold or hill.


  1. Refrigerator

  2. Bed

  3. Piano or keyboard

  4. Bookshelf

  5. Toothbrush

  6. Wristwatch

  7. Mirror

  8. Washing machine

  9. Sunglasses

  10. Lamp

  11. Bowl

  12. Notebook

  13. Sofa or couch

  14. Microwave

  15. Thermostat

Room-Based Indoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles

  1. Where the family gathers and stories are told, cushions and seats, both new and old.

  2. Steam rises and water splashes, here you get clean in quick dashes.

  3. Pots and pans, spices, and more, where you cook up treats galore.

  4. A room of dreams, where you close your eyes, under a blanket, you peacefully lie.

  5. Not quite inside, not quite out, where plants might grow and kids might shout.

  6. Clothes hang and shoes are stored, open its door, explore its hoard.

  7. Machines that whirl, and soap that foams, here you clean your shirts and homes.

  8. A place to study, read, or write, often quiet, with a desk in sight.

  9. A cool escape on a hot day’s noon, where you might watch TV or hum a tune.

  10. Bigger than a cupboard, smaller than a hall, stash your coats and boots in the fall.

  11. Where you entertain and guests are seen, often decorated for Halloween.

  12. Screens and keyboards, games and fun, a digital realm where tasks are done.

  13. Tiles on the floor, and a mirror’s sheen, keep your toothbrush and face wash clean.

  14. A place for toys, and sometimes a mess, where kids rule and parents stress.

  15. Set the table, light the chandelier, here we gather to eat, my dear.


  1. Living room

  2. Bathroom or shower

  3. Kitchen

  4. Bedroom

  5. Porch or balcony

  6. Closet

  7. Laundry room

  8. Study or home office

  9. Basement or den

  10. Mudroom or entryway

  11. Dining room

  12. Computer room or game room

  13. Bathroom (vanity area)

  14. Playroom or kids’ room

  15. Dining room

Thing-Based Trivia Riddles

  1. I have a ring but am not a bell, in pockets and purses, I dwell.

  2. Not an insect, yet I can fly, paper thin and often in the sky.

  3. Ancient but not old, I tell of tales and stories bold.

  4. With a spine but not alive, I’m filled with words that help you thrive.

  5. I’m black, I’m white, I’m read all over, and I bring news from dover to dover.

  6. In me, the music lives, play my keys, see what it gives.

  7. I can be cracked, made, spun, and played, yet I’m not an egg, what can be said?

  8. I have hands but cannot clap, around in circles, I often lap.

  9. Not a box, but I have keys, type away and work with ease.

  10. I’ve no feet, yet I run, tell the time when day is done.

  11. I come in waves but not from the sea, music and voices, all come from me.

  12. You can catch me but not throw, I shine at night with a gentle glow.

  13. With teeth but I don’t bite, mesh me right, and gears go light.

  14. I’m not a bridge, but I get over water, with rubber and air, go further and farther.

  15. I’m not a clock, but I wake you up, with a beep or a song, when morning has begun.


  1. Key

  2. Kite

  3. Stone tablet or hieroglyph

  4. Book

  5. Newspaper

  6. Piano

  7. Riddle

  8. Clock

  9. Keyboard or typewriter

  10. Hourglass

  11. Radio

  12. Star or moon

  13. Zipper

  14. Car tire or boat

  15. Alarm clock

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles For Adults

  1. When day’s been long and sleep’s in sight, pour a glass from me each night.

  2. In a drawer or on a stand, I hold the tales of many lands. Open me up, let your mind unwind, and a world of knowledge, you shall find.

  3. Often paired with a good book, I warm you up with my special look.

  4. Bills and letters, I contain, waiting for you, rain or no rain.

  5. Not quite a journal, yet secrets I keep, passwords and pins, in me they sleep.

  6. With beans I start, and steam I spurt, in the morning, I’m your alert.

  7. After dinner, when dishes are a plight, in me they go, out of sight.

  8. In me, vintages age and tastes refine, a cellar of bottles, both red and wine.

  9. Aromatic and soothing, I light the room, with a wick and some wax, I dispel the gloom.

  10. I’m not a brush, yet strokes I make, on canvas or paper, for art’s sake.

  11. Elegant and tall, I stand with pride, holding coats and hats, right by the side.

  12. Essential for the chef, but not for the dish, with me, herbs and spices go swish.

  13. When the day is done and shoes come off, I’m where they rest, soft and aloof.

  14. Not always matching, but always in pairs, on your feet, I take you elsewhere.

  15. You don’t wear me, but I wear time, ticking away, with a chime so fine.


  1. Wine or liquor cabinet

  2. Bookshelf

  3. Fireplace or heater

  4. Mailbox or letter holder

  5. Password book or digital vault

  6. Coffee machine or espresso maker

  7. Dishwasher

  8. Wine cellar or wine rack

  9. Candle

  10. Paint or paintbrushes

  11. Coat rack or hall tree

  12. Mortar and pestle

  13. Shoe rack or shoe cabinet

  14. Socks or shoes

  15. Grandfather clock or wall clock.

Device-Based Indoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles For Adults

  1. In the morning, I buzz or play a tune, urging you to rise and end your swoon.

  2. With screens small or screens quite wide, I bring the world to your inside.

  3. I have no ink, yet I print with glee, capturing moments for all to see.

  4. Scroll or type, with me you might, keep in touch or book a flight.

  5. Not a stove, but still I heat, leftovers and snacks, a treat to eat.

  6. Words and pictures, both I show, swipe and tap, and off you go.

  7. On me, you binge or news you catch, from dramas to comedies, I’m quite the match.

  8. I’m not a book, but stories I contain, download or stream, with me, you’ll gain.

  9. No cord, no wire, yet sound I give, music and calls, as long as I live.

  10. In the corner or on a stand, I help you see, with light so grand.

  11. With a click or a voice command, I change the ambiance, isn’t it grand?

  12. For bread I’m hot, pop goes the slice, with butter or jam, it’s oh so nice.

  13. I blend, I chop, I mix with might, smoothies or soups, I make just right.

  14. With buttons galore, I’m quite a treat, cool or warm, take a seat.

  15. I suck, not blow, with a cord I trail, cleaning floors, without fail.


  1. Alarm clock

  2. Television or computer monitor

  3. Digital camera or printer

  4. Smartphone or computer

  5. Microwave oven

  6. Tablet or e-reader

  7. Television or streaming device

  8. E-reader or tablet

  9. Wireless headphones or Bluetooth speaker

  10. Lamp or light fixture

  11. Smart home device or voice assistant

  12. Toaster

  13. Blender or food processor

  14. Remote control (for TV, AC, or fan)

  15. Vacuum cleaner.
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