42 New York Yankees Trivia Questions

Welcome to our New York Yankees trivia challenge! 

As one of the most storied franchises in baseball history, the New York Yankees have captured the hearts of fans worldwide with their remarkable achievements, iconic players, and unforgettable moments. 

Whether you’re a die-hard Yankees supporter or simply a casual baseball enthusiast, test your knowledge with these intriguing trivia questions that delve into the rich history of the Bronx Bombers. 

From legendary players to historic milestones, see how well you know the pinstriped powerhouse that is the New York Yankees. 

So, grab your Yankees cap, settle into your seat, and let’s dive into some fascinating trivia about one of the most illustrious teams in sports history. 

Good luck!

New York Yankees Trivia Questions

  1. Who was the first African American player to don a New York Yankees uniform, and in what year did he make his debut?

  2. Name the player who holds the record for the most home runs in a single season for the New York Yankees, including the number of home runs and the year it was achieved.

  3. Which New York Yankees player has the highest career batting average in the team’s history, and what is that average?

  4. Identify the Yankees player who pitched a perfect game in the World Series, including the opponent and the year it occurred.

  5. Who was the manager of the New York Yankees during their record-setting 1998 season, and how many regular-season games did the team win that year?

  6. Name all the members of the Core Four, a group of New York Yankees players known for their contributions to the team’s late 1990s and early 2000s success.

  7. Which New York Yankees player won the Triple Crown in 1956, and what were his batting average, home runs, and RBIs that season?

  8. In what year did the New York Yankees win their 27th World Series Championship, and who were their opponents in the final game?

  9. Who holds the record for the most career strikeouts as a pitcher for the New York Yankees, and how many strikeouts did he accumulate?

  10. Identify the first New York Yankee to have his number retired, the number that was retired, and the year it happened.

  11. What year did the New York Yankees officially change their name from the Highlanders to the Yankees?

  12. Who was the first Yankee player inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and in what year was he inducted?

  13. Name the Yankees player who hit the first home run in the original Yankee Stadium’s history, including the date it occurred.

  14. Which Yankees pitcher holds the record for the most wins in a single season, the number of wins, and the year?

  15. How many World Series Championships did the Yankees win under manager Casey Stengel?

  16. Who is the New York Yankees’ all-time leader in stolen bases, and how many bases did he steal?

  17. In which year did the New York Yankees make their first World Series appearance, and who were their opponents?

  18. Name the player who served as the Yankees’ captain before Derek Jeter, and the years he held the position.

  19. What significant baseball record did Joe DiMaggio set during the 1941 season?

  20. Which Yankee player was famously known as “Mr. October” for his postseason performances, and in what year did he earn this nickname?

  21. Who was the longest-tenured manager in Yankees history, and how many years did he manage the team?

  22. What was the original name of Yankee Stadium when it first opened in 1923?

  23. Who was the youngest player ever to wear a Yankees uniform, and at what age did he make his debut?

  24. Name the Yankees player who has won the most Gold Glove Awards while with the team, including the number of awards.

  25. What unique record did the 1998 Yankees team set in terms of total wins, including both the regular season and postseason?

  26. Who was the first Yankee to win the American League MVP Award, and in what year?

  27. What was the significant event involving Babe Ruth that occurred on July 4, 1939, at Yankee Stadium?

  28. Who holds the Yankees’ record for the most career hits, and how many hits did he accumulate?

  29. In what year did the New York Yankees win their 100th game of the season for the first time, and what was their final win-loss record that year?

  30. Name the Yankees pitcher who led the American League in strikeouts for three consecutive seasons, including the years.

  31. Which Yankees player hit the longest home run in the old Yankee Stadium, and how far was the hit?

  32. Who was the first Yankees player to win the Home Run Derby, and in what year?

  33. What unique feature did the original Yankee Stadium have that was not present in the reconstructed 1976 version?

  34. Which Yankees player was nicknamed “The Iron Horse”?

  35. How many no-hitters has Mariano Rivera thrown in his career, including regular season and postseason?

  36. What year did the Yankees set a franchise record for the most team home runs in a single season, and how many home runs was it?

  37. Who was the Yankees’ manager before Aaron Boone, and how many seasons did he manage the team?

  38. Name the Yankees player who was the first to hit three grand slams in a single month, including the month and year.

  39. Which year marked the opening of the new Yankee Stadium, and who did the Yankees play in their first regular-season game there?

  40. Who was the first player in Yankees history to achieve 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in a single season?

  41. What unique achievement did Derek Jeter accomplish during his final game at Yankee Stadium?

  42. Which Yankees player has the most career postseason home runs, and how many did he hit?


  1. Elston Howard, 1955.

  2. Roger Maris, 61 home runs, 1961.

  3. Babe Ruth, with a career batting average of .342.

  4. Don Larsen against the Brooklyn Dodgers, 1956.

  5. Joe Torre, 114 regular-season games.

  6. Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte.

  7. Mickey Mantle, .353 batting average, 52 home runs, 130 RBIs.

  8. 2009, against the Philadelphia Phillies.

  9. Whitey Ford, 1,956 strikeouts.

  10. Lou Gehrig, number 4, 1939.

  11. 1913.

  12. Babe Ruth, 1936.

  13. Babe Ruth, April 18, 1923.

  14. Ron Guidry, 25 wins, 1978.

  15. Seven World Series Championships.

  16. Rickey Henderson, 326 stolen bases.

  17. 1921, against the New York Giants.

  18. Don Mattingly, 1991-1995.

  19. A 56-game hitting streak.

  20. Reggie Jackson, 1977.

  21. Joe McCarthy, 16 seasons (1931-1946).

  22. It was simply known as “Yankee Stadium.”

  23. Phil Hughes, 18 years and 306 days, in 2007.

  24. Don Mattingly, 9 Gold Glove Awards.

  25. 125 wins (114 regular season, 11 postseason).

  26. Lou Gehrig, 1927.

  27. Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day, where Gehrig gave his famous “Luckiest Man” speech.

  28. Derek Jeter, 3,465 hits.

  29. 1927, 110-44 win-loss record.

  30. Ron Guidry, 1978-1980.

  31. Mickey Mantle, 565 feet, May 22, 1963.

  32. Tino Martinez, 1997.

  33. Triple decks in the outfield.

  34. Lou Gehrig.

  35. Mariano Rivera has thrown 0 no-hitters in his career.

  36. 2018, 267 home runs.

  37. Joe Girardi, 10 seasons (2008-2017).

  38. Robinson Cano, August 2011.

  39. 2009, against the Cleveland Indians.

  40. This is a trick question as no Yankees player has achieved a 40 home run and 40 stolen base season.

  41. He hit a game-winning RBI single.

  42. Bernie Williams, 22 postseason home runs.

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