27 Philadelphia Phillies Trivia Questions

Are you a die-hard Philadelphia Phillies fan? 

Do you bleed red and white? 

Whether you’re a seasoned baseball enthusiast or just love your hometown team, test your knowledge with these Philadelphia Phillies trivia questions. 

Challenge your friends, family, or fellow fans to see who knows the Phillies best!

Philadelphia Phillies Trivia Questions

  1. Who was the first Philadelphia Phillies player to win the National League MVP Award, and in what year?

  2. What year did the Phillies win their first World Series Championship, and who did they defeat?

  3. Name the Phillies pitcher who threw the only perfect game in franchise history, and the date it occurred.

  4. Which Phillies player holds the record for most home runs in a single season, and how many did he hit?

  5. In what year did the Philadelphia Phillies move to their current home stadium, and what is its name?

  6. Who was the first Phillie to have his number retired by the team, what was the number, and in what year was it retired?

  7. Which Phillies player won the National League Rookie of the Year Award in 2005, marking the first time a Phillie had won since 1997?

  8. What significant team record did the 2011 Phillies pitching staff set, and what was the record?

  9. Who was the manager of the Philadelphia Phillies when they won their second World Series in 2008, and against which team did they win?

  10. Which Phillies player has the most career hits in franchise history, and how many hits did he accumulate?

  11. Which Phillies player was the first in Major League Baseball history to win the Gold Glove Award at shortstop, and in what year?

  12. Who hit the winning home run in Game 5 of the 1980 World Series for the Phillies, and what inning was it hit?

  13. What is the name of the Phillies’ minor league affiliate that has been a stepping stone for many of its future stars, located in Allentown, PA?

  14. In what year did the Phillies become the first professional sports team to lose 10,000 games, and against which team did this historic loss occur?

  15. Which Phillies player set a Major League record for most consecutive games with a hit from the start of a career, and how many games was the streak?

  16. Name the Phillies player who led the National League in home runs and RBIs in 1933, a rare feat at the time.

  17. What was unique about Mike Schmidt’s 500th career home run, hit on April 18, 1987?

  18. In which season did the Philadelphia Phillies wear all-burgundy uniforms for the first time, and what was the occasion?

  19. Who was the longest-serving manager in Phillies history, and how many years did he manage the team?

  20. Which Phillies player was known for hitting four consecutive home runs in a single game, and on what date did this occur?

  21. Who was the first Philadelphia Phillie inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and in what year was he inducted?

  22. What year did the Phillies join the National League, solidifying their status as one of the oldest continuous, one-name, one-city franchises in all of professional American sports?

  23. Name the Phillies pitcher who led the National League in ERA for four consecutive years from 1972 to 1975.

  24. Which Phillies player was the first to hit for the cycle in the 21st century for the team, and on what date?

  25. What was the original name of the Philadelphia Phillies when they were established in 1883?

  26. Who holds the record for the most strikeouts in a single season by a Phillies pitcher, and how many strikeouts did he record?

  27. Which Phillies outfielder won the National League MVP Award in 2006, and what was notable about his season statistics?


  1. Chuck Klein, 1932

  2. 1980, Kansas City Royals

  3. Jim Bunning, June 21, 1964

  4. Ryan Howard, 58 home runs in 2006

  5. 2004, Citizens Bank Park

  6. Richie Ashburn, #1, retired in 1979

  7. Ryan Howard

  8. The staff set the franchise record for most strikeouts in a single season with 1,404 strikeouts.

  9. Charlie Manuel, Tampa Bay Rays

  10. Jimmy Rollins, 2,306 hits

  11. Bobby Wine, 1963

  12. Mike Schmidt, 8th inning

  13. Lehigh Valley IronPigs

  14. 2007, against the St. Louis Cardinals

  15. Chuck Aleno, 17 games in 1941

  16. Chuck Klein

  17. It was hit off a 3-0 pitch in the 9th inning to win the game.

  18. 1979, during a game famously dubbed “Saturday Night Special”

  19. Gene Mauch, 9 years (1960-1968)

  20. Mike Schmidt, April 17, 1976

  21. Grover Cleveland Alexander, inducted in 1938

  22. 1883

  23. Steve Carlton

  24. David Bell, June 28, 2004

  25. Philadelphia Quakers

  26. Steve Carlton, 310 strikeouts in 1972

  27. Ryan Howard, notable for leading the National League with 58 home runs and 149 RBIs
Philadelphia Phillies Trivia Questions

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