30 Sex and the City Trivia Questions

Welcome, fellow urbanites and aficionados of all things cosmopolitan! 

Today, we’re diving into the glamorous world of Manhattan’s finest quartet: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. 

That’s right, it’s time to test your knowledge with some scintillating Sex and the City trivia questions! 

From iconic fashion statements to sizzling romances, this beloved series is literally the flagbearer of perfect wit, charm, and unabashed exploration of modern love and life in the city that never sleeps

So, grab your cosmopolitans and prepare to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw as we embark on a journey through the streets of New York City and beyond!

Sex and the City Trivia Questions

  1. What is the full name of each of the four main characters, including any middle names mentioned throughout the series, and detail the significant career changes each character goes through from the first to the last season?

  2. Name at least three designers whose outfits Carrie Bradshaw famously wore on the show and detail the specific episodes or scenes where these outfits were featured.

  3. Can you list all of Miranda Hobbes’ serious relationships throughout the series, including the movies, and describe how each relationship started and ended?

  4. Detail the complete storyline of Samantha Jones’ battle with cancer, including how she discovered her illness, her treatments, and how it affected her relationships and career.

  5. What is the name of the article that Carrie Bradshaw was supposed to write for Vogue, who encouraged her to take the assignment, and what personal events led to her struggling with writing it?

  6. Describe the evolution of Charlotte York’s quest for love, including her marriages, significant relationships, and her journey towards motherhood, highlighting how her views on love and family change throughout the series and movies.

  7. Recall a specific episode where each of the main characters faces a significant moral dilemma and describe how they resolved it, including the season and episode number.

  8. Identify the episode where Carrie Bradshaw says the line “I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet,” and explain the context and significance of this statement within the episode.

  9. What are the full names and professional backgrounds of all the main characters’ first significant others introduced in the series, and how does each relationship impact the character’s development?

  10. Provide a detailed description of the “Post-it” breakup, including the full text of the note, who left it, the recipient’s initial reaction, and how this event was referenced in later episodes or movies.

  11. Detail the “face girl” storyline involving Samantha Jones, including the campaign’s concept, the unexpected turn it took, and how Samantha handled the fallout.

  12. How did Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment change throughout the series, including the major renovations and the reasons behind them? Include details about significant events that occurred in the apartment.

  13. List all the jobs Big had throughout the series, explain why he left them or changed positions, and how this affected his relationship with Carrie.

  14. Describe the unique wedding proposal from Harry to Charlotte, including the location, the circumstances leading up to it, and Charlotte’s reaction.

  15. Recall the episode where Miranda accidentally wears two different shoes to work. How does she discover the mistake, and what does this incident symbolize about her life at the time?

  16. What specific advice does Carrie give to a young woman writer in the episode titled “A Woman’s Right to Shoes,” and how does this encounter reflect on Carrie’s own values and experiences?

  17. Explain the significance of the necklace Carrie often wears that spells out her name, including when she received it and key moments it appeared in throughout the series.

  18. Detail the storyline involving Petrovsky’s daughter and how her relationship with Carrie evolves, including any conflicts and resolutions.

  19. What are the circumstances surrounding Samantha’s decision to break up with Smith Jerrod, and how does this decision align with her character development throughout the series and movies?

  20. Provide a detailed account of the “last single girl kiss” that Carrie mentions in the series finale, including who it was with, the setting, and the significance of this moment in Carrie’s narrative.

  21. What specific legal issue does Miranda face regarding her apartment and how is it resolved? Detail the legal and personal implications this issue had on her life and relationships within the series.

  22. In which episode does Carrie first meet Aleksandr Petrovsky, and what were her initial impressions of him? Describe the context of their meeting and how their relationship develops in subsequent episodes.

  23. Detail the story behind the creation of Carrie’s book cover in the series, including who designed it, the inspiration behind it, and Carrie’s reaction to the final product.

  24. How does the series address the theme of motherhood through Samantha’s character, including her thoughts on having children, interactions with children in the series, and how this reflects her personal values and life choices?

  25. Describe the process and challenges Charlotte and Harry face in their adoption journey, including any specific hurdles they had to overcome and the emotional impact these challenges had on their relationship.

  26. Recall the episode where Carrie loses her Carrie necklace in Paris. How does this event symbolize her feelings and situation at the time, and what does its recovery represent in the context of the series finale?

  27. What major health scare does Steve Brady experience, how is it discovered, and what impact does this have on his relationship with Miranda and their family dynamics?

  28. Detail the professional challenges Carrie faces when she decides to take her writing in a new direction post-breakup with Big. Include specific projects she undertakes and the outcomes of these endeavors.

  29. How does the series finale reconcile the complex friendship dynamics among the four main characters, especially considering the personal growth and changes they’ve undergone throughout the series?

  30. Describe the theme and execution of Carrie’s “single and fabulous” photo shoot, including how the published photo differed from her expectations, her reaction to the magazine article, and the episode’s commentary on perceptions of single women in society.


  1. Carrie Bradshaw (no middle name mentioned), Charlotte York Goldenblatt (York is her maiden name, married name Goldenblatt), Miranda Hobbes (no middle name mentioned), and Samantha Jones (no middle name mentioned). Carrie transitions from columnist to author; Miranda from lawyer to partner in a law firm, then considers a change in career focus; Charlotte from art gallery manager to full-time mother and philanthropist; Samantha from public relations executive to a more self-focused career path, exploring her own ventures.

  2. Manolo Blahnik, Vivienne Westwood (her wedding dress in the movie), and Patricia Field (the show’s costume designer, who often mixed designer pieces with her own creations). Specific episodes include the blue Manolo Blahnik shoes in the movie and the newspaper dress by John Galliano in Season 3.

  3. Steve Brady (bartender, later her husband), Dr. Robert Leeds (sports doctor), and Skipper Johnston (early in the series). Relationships start from casual dating or professional encounters and end due to incompatibility, infidelity, or realization of true feelings for another.

  4. Samantha’s cancer storyline begins in Season 6 when she finds a lump in her breast. She undergoes chemotherapy, loses her hair, and the experience significantly affects her views on relationships, especially with Smith Jerrod, who supports her throughout.

  5. “Love and the Single Girl,” encouraged by Enid Frick. Her struggle with writing it is compounded by her recent breakup with Aleksandr Petrovsky and her unresolved feelings for Big.

  6. Charlotte’s quest for love includes marriage to Trey MacDougal, divorce, marriage to Harry Goldenblatt, and her struggles with infertility before adopting a daughter, Lily, and later having a biological daughter, Rose.

  7. Specific episodes include Carrie’s affair with Big while he’s married (Season 3), Miranda’s decision to keep her baby (Season 4), Samantha’s monogamous relationship challenge with Smith (Season 6), and Charlotte’s struggle with her beliefs when converting to Judaism (Season 6).

  8. Season 4, Episode 16 (“Ring a Ding Ding”). Carrie realizes she has spent too much money on shoes instead of saving for her apartment.

  9. Kurt Harrington (Carrie), Skipper Johnston (Miranda), Capote Duncan (Samantha), Trey MacDougal (Charlotte). Each relationship reveals the characters’ vulnerabilities, strengths, and growth.

  10. The “Post-it” note read, “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me,” left by Jack Berger for Carrie. Her initial reaction is one of shock and hurt, leading to a comedic yet poignant episode where she gets arrested for smoking marijuana. This breakup is referenced in later episodes as a symbol of cowardly exits.

  11. The campaign was for Samantha to become the “face” of a menopause medication, celebrating a positive image of aging. The campaign took an unexpected turn when it was revealed the medication had serious side effects, leading Samantha to publicly withdraw and criticize the company, showcasing her integrity and self-respect.

  12. Carrie’s apartment undergoes a significant renovation in Season 5 when she decides to update her space, symbolizing a new chapter in her life. Notable events include her breakup with Aidan after he moves in and the installation of a new closet in the movie.

  13. Big is initially introduced as a powerful businessman. Throughout the series, he experiences several job changes, including a temporary retirement and a move to Napa. These changes often reflect his internal struggle with commitment and impact his relationship with Carrie by highlighting their different lifestyles and priorities.

  14. Harry proposed to Charlotte in her apartment after a miscarriage, showing his unwavering love and support during a difficult time. Charlotte’s reaction was one of joy and acceptance, marking a turning point in her quest for true love.

  15. Miranda discovers her shoe mishap during a meeting, symbolizing her struggle to balance her professional and personal life, especially as a single mother.

  16. Carrie advises the young writer to invest in herself rather than expensive shoes, reflecting on her own journey of self-discovery and emphasizing the importance of self-worth over material possessions.

  17. The necklace was a gift from Carrie to herself, symbolizing her independence and self-love. It appears in key moments, including her breakups and reconciliations, serving as a motif for her personal growth.

  18. Petrovsky’s daughter initially resents Carrie, seeing her as an interloper. However, their relationship softens over time, highlighting Carrie’s efforts to connect with her and the complexities of forming a new family.

  19. Samantha breaks up with Smith Jerrod to embrace her independence, reflecting her growth from someone seeking purely physical connections to someone who values her own needs and freedom above all.

  20. The “last single girl kiss” occurs with a waiter in Paris, symbolizing Carrie’s farewell to her single life and her readiness to embrace a future with Big, marking a significant moment of closure and new beginnings in her love life.

  21. Miranda faces a legal issue when she learns her apartment is rent-controlled under a deceased woman’s name. The issue is resolved through legal channels, emphasizing the importance of honesty and integrity, and it brings her closer to her boyfriend, Steve, as they navigate the challenge together.

  22. Carrie meets Aleksandr Petrovsky in Season 6, episode “The Ick Factor.” Her initial impression is one of awe and fascination, intrigued by his sophistication and international lifestyle. Their relationship develops with Petrovsky’s grand romantic gestures and Carrie’s growing desire for an epic love story.

  23. The book cover for “Sex and the City” is designed by Carrie’s friend Stanford Blatch, inspired by a photograph of Carrie looking carefree and fabulous in New York City. Carrie’s reaction is one of delight and gratitude, seeing it as a perfect representation of her and her column.

  24. The series explores motherhood through Samantha by addressing her decision not to have children, her role as a supportive aunt to Brady, and her nurturing relationships, especially with her friends. This reflects her belief in choosing a life path that’s true to oneself, despite societal expectations.

  25. Charlotte and Harry’s adoption journey includes dealing with agencies, facing rejection from birth mothers, and the emotional rollercoaster of waiting. Their perseverance and love for each other are highlighted, culminating in the joyful adoption of their daughter, Lily.

  26. Carrie loses her necklace in Paris, symbolizing her loss of identity and disconnection from her roots. The recovery of the necklace represents her reclaiming her sense of self and readiness to return to her life in New York, reinforced by her final reunion with Big.

  27. Steve experiences a testicular cancer scare, discovered during a routine checkup. This health scare brings Miranda and Steve closer, highlighting the importance of support and communication in relationships and leading to their decision to marry.

  28. Post-breakup with Big, Carrie faces professional challenges, such as struggling with writer’s block and deciding to write a book about their relationship. This leads to new opportunities, including a successful book launch and increased recognition as an author.

  29. The series finale reconciles the friendship dynamics by showing the women supporting each other through life’s highs and lows, celebrating their individual paths while maintaining their strong bond, showcasing the enduring power of friendship.

  30. The “single and fabulous” photo shoot aims to portray Carrie as a strong, independent woman. However, the published photo and article misconstrue her image, presenting her as “single and fabulous…question mark.” Carrie’s reaction is one of disappointment and frustration, critiquing the media’s often skewed portrayal of single women and reinforcing the series’ theme of embracing one’s personal narrative.
Sex and the City Trivia Questions

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