42 Supernatural Trivia Questions

For fifteen thrilling seasons, “Supernatural” has captured our hearts with its gripping tales of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, as they crisscross the country battling demons, ghosts, and everything in between. 

As we delve into the depths of this universe, prepare to test your knowledge with some trivia questions on “Supernatural” that will separate the casual viewers from the die-hard fans. 

Let’s go. 

Supernatural Trivia Questions

  1. In the series “Supernatural,” what is the name of the demon responsible for the death of Sam and Dean Winchester’s mother?

  2. Throughout the series, the Winchester brothers use a series of fake names as aliases. Which two rock stars’ names do they most frequently use as aliases?

  3. What is the name of the powerful artifact that the Winchesters frequently use to kill demons, which is also known as the Colt?

  4. In the show, Castiel is an angel who frequently assists the Winchester brothers. From which famous literary work is his name derived?

  5. During the series, the brothers encounter a creature known as the Trickster, who is later revealed to be an archangel. What is his angelic name?

  6. The Men of Letters, introduced in Season 8, are described as preceptors, observers, beholders, chroniclers of all things supernatural. What is the bunker’s location that becomes the base of operations for Sam and Dean?

  7. In which season and episode do the Winchester brothers find themselves inside a series of TV show parodies, including a sitcom, a procedural drama, and a Japanese game show?

  8. Who is the first character in the series to kill a Knight of Hell with the First Blade?

  9. The character Chuck Shurley is revealed to be a significant figure in the universe of “Supernatural.” Who is he truly?

  10. In “Supernatural,” what is the name of the parallel universe where Sam and Dean meet alternate versions of themselves, including a world where they are not brothers but actors named Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki?

  11. What is the name of the angel who initially helps Sam and Dean Winchester by pulling Dean out of Hell in Season 4?

  12. In “Supernatural,” what specific type of creature is Ruby, who initially appears to be an ally to Sam and Dean?

  13. What is the name of the fallen angel who becomes the King of Hell during the series?

  14. In which season do the Winchester brothers first encounter the Leviathans, ancient creatures released from Purgatory?

  15. What is the name of Sam and Dean’s half-brother who is also a Winchester, but has a different mother?

  16. The Winchester brothers drive a distinctive car throughout the series. What is the make, model, and year of this car?

  17. In “Supernatural,” who is the reoccurring prophet that writes the Winchester Gospels, which chronicle the adventures of Sam and Dean?

  18. Who is the creator of the series “Supernatural”?

  19. In Season 12, the British Men of Letters are introduced. What is their ultimate goal regarding supernatural creatures in the United States?

  20. What is the name of the Scribe of God who helps Sam and Dean with the trials to close the gates of Hell permanently?

  21. Which character is revealed to have been possessed by the archangel Michael in Season 13’s finale?

  22. In the series finale, what is the ultimate fate of Dean Winchester?

  23. What powerful object is used to open a rift between worlds, allowing travel to alternate universes?

  24. Name the witch who is a recurrent ally and sometimes adversary to the Winchesters, famous for her Scottish accent.

  25. What is the title of the episode that is filmed entirely from the perspective of the Impala, the Winchester brothers’ car?

  26. In which season and episode does Sam Winchester die for the first time?

  27. What supernatural entity is responsible for the creation of the first curse in the series, directly affecting the Winchester family?

  28. What is the name of the powerful witch who is the mother of Rowena MacLeod, making her the grandmother of Crowley?

  29. In the series, what is the unique ability of the character Jack Kline, son of Lucifer?

  30. Which character famously uses the catchphrase “Idjits” when referring to Sam and Dean Winchester?

  31. Name the ancient and powerful entity that is awakened in Season 11, posing a massive threat to the world.

  32. In “Supernatural,” what is the name of the alternate dimension that is a dystopian world where Sam and Dean were never born?

  33. What significant role does Billie play in the later seasons of “Supernatural”?

  34. During the series, which character becomes God’s temporary replacement before being ultimately betrayed?

  35. What artifact do Sam and Dean seek that can remove the Mark of Cain from Dean’s arm?

  36. In what season do Sam and Dean Winchester face off against the “British Men of Letters”?

  37. What is the name of Dean Winchester’s favorite pie?

  38. Who is the angel that betrays Heaven to assist Lucifer in Season 5?

  39. In the series, what significant event occurs in Lawrence, Kansas, that profoundly affects the Winchester family?

  40. What is the name of the creature that feeds on human souls, leaving its victims in a comatose state?

  41. Name the powerful spell used to banish or kill all angels from Heaven, enacted in Season 8.

  42. What is the name of the vampire who leads a group against hunters and has a personal vendetta against the Winchesters?


  1. Azazel.

  2. They frequently use the names of rock stars “Dean” and “Sam” as aliases, specifically referencing “Sammy Hagar” and “Dean Martin.”

  3. The Colt.

  4. His name, Castiel, is believed to be inspired by the angel Cassiel, from theology and mythology, though Castiel himself does not appear in traditional religious texts.

  5. The Trickster’s angelic name is Gabriel.

  6. The bunker’s location is in Lebanon, Kansas.

  7. Season 5, Episode 8, titled “Changing Channels.”

  8. Dean Winchester is the first to kill a Knight of Hell with the First Blade.

  9. Chuck Shurley is revealed to be God.

  10. The parallel universe is referred to as “The French Mistake” in Season 6, Episode 15.

  11. Castiel.

  12. Ruby is a demon.

  13. Crowley.

  14. Season 7.

  15. Adam Milligan.

  16. 1967 Chevrolet Impala.

  17. Chuck Shurley.

  18. Eric Kripke.

  19. Their goal is to exterminate all supernatural entities in the United States.

  20. Metatron.

  21. Dean Winchester.

  22. Dean dies during a vampire hunt.

  23. The object is known as the “Key to Oz” in one instance, but more prominently, the rift is opened using a spell with ingredients like the Grace of an Archangel, a fruit from the tree of life, the Seal of Solomon, etc. However, for the sake of a single answer: Nephilim’s Grace (Jack’s grace) or Archangel’s Grace.

  24. Rowena MacLeod.

  25. “Baby” (Season 11, Episode 4).

  26. Season 2, Episode 21, titled “All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One.”

  27. Eve, the Mother of All Monsters.

  28. The show does not introduce Rowena’s mother or suggest her name, making this a trick question. Rowena MacLeod is presented as a powerful witch without reference to her own mother’s identity within the series.

  29. Jack Kline has the ability to manipulate reality, create life, and resurrect the dead, among other powers due to his Nephilim nature.

  30. Bobby Singer.

  31. The Darkness (Amara).

  32. Apocalypse World.

  33. Billie becomes the new Death after the original Death is killed by Dean.

  34. Metatron.

  35. The First Blade, combined with the Mark of Cain, is sought for its power, but the artifact specifically sought to remove the Mark is the Book of the Damned, used alongside a spell.

  36. Season 12.

  37. Apple pie.

  38. Anna Milton.

  39. The murder of Mary Winchester by the demon Azazel, which sets the entire series in motion.

  40. Soul Eater.

  41. The spell is known as the Angel Banishing Spell, but the specific event involving casting all angels out of heaven is facilitated by Metatron’s spell.

  42. Benny Lafitte.

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