35 Best Riddles about Horses

Saddle up, everyone! 

If you’re an equestrian enthusiast, a fan of mythical stallions, or just someone who enjoys good wordplay, you’re going to love our collection of these riddles centered around horses.

It’s time to let your imagination gallop because whether you’re an expert horseman or a complete novice, we bet these brain teasers will give you a little bit of a ride. 

Enjoy the journey and see how many you can solve!

Riddles about Horses

  1. Majestic and Tall: I am majestic and tall, running with grace. What am I?

  2. Never Tires: I gallop around yet never move. What am I?

  3. Mane in the Wind: With a mane that flies in the wind, I run but am always bridled. What am I?

  4. Strength and Speed: I have strength and speed but do not breathe. What am I?

  5. Rider’s Partner: I can dance, I can prance, and carry a rider. What am I?

  6. Four-Legged Puzzle: I have four legs but never walk. What am I?

  7. Hooves’ Sound: I make a clip-clop sound but am not a dancer. What am I?

  8. Knight’s Steed: In tales of old, I carried knights. What am I?

  9. Desert Traveler: I am a horse with no name, traveling through the desert. What am I?

  10. Horseshoe’s Home: I am where the horseshoe resides. What am I?

  11. Race to the Finish: I am known for races but never run alone. What am I?

  12. Barn Resident: I sleep standing up and am found in a barn. What am I?

  13. Country’s Symbol: I am a horse, not real but a symbol for a country. What am I?

  14. Merry-Go-Round: I go round and round but never leave the ground. What am I?

  15. Chess Piece: I jump over others in a game, but I am not an athlete. What am I?

  16. Mythical Creature: I am a horse with a single horn. What am I?

  17. Fabled Fast: I am a horse known for incredible speed in legend. What am I?

  18. Not a Zebra: I look like a horse but am not found in the wild. What am I?

  19. Carries No Weight: I am named like a horse but carry no weight. What am I?

  20. Child’s Toy: I rock but don’t roll, and children can ride me. What am I?

  21. Fairy Tale Transport: In fairy tales, I’m often ridden by princes and princesses. What am I?

  22. No Need for Hay: I have a mane and a tail but don’t eat hay. What am I?

  23. Horsing Around: I’m known for horsing around, yet I’m not a horse. What am I?

  24. Pasture Guardian: I stand in a field but am not a horse. What am I?

  25. Legendary Speed: I’m faster than any horse but don’t have legs. What am I?

  26. Horse Power: I measure power, but I’m not a horse. What am I?

  27. Mythical and Magical: I am a horse that can fly but am not found in the sky. What am I?

  28. Tiny Trotter: I trot around gardens but am not a horse. What am I?

  29. Water Horse: I am a horse that lives in the water. What am I?

  30. Silent Gallop: I gallop in silence, without hooves or a mane. What am I?

  31. Horse’s Cousin: I look like a horse, but I’m known for my stripes. What am I?

  32. Mountainous Steed: I am a horse known for my strength in the mountains. What am I?

  33. Shadow Racer: I run like a horse, but only when you do. What am I?

  34. Moonlit Horse: I am a horse that appears in the night sky. What am I?

  35. Dreamland Ride: I am ridden in dreams but never in reality. What am I?


  1. Majestic and Tall: A horse.

  2. Never Tires: A carousel horse.

  3. Mane in the Wind: A horse.

  4. Strength and Speed: A car (often measured in horsepower).

  5. Rider’s Partner: A horse.

  6. Four-Legged Puzzle: A table or chair (in the context of horse-themed riddles, it’s a whimsical answer).

  7. Hooves’ Sound: A horse.

  8. Knight’s Steed: A warhorse.

  9. Desert Traveler: The song “A Horse with No Name” by America.

  10. Horseshoe’s Home: A horse’s hoof.

  11. Race to the Finish: A racehorse.

  12. Barn Resident: A horse.

  13. Country’s Symbol: The Unicorn (Scotland) or Pegasus (part of the emblem for several countries).

  14. Merry-Go-Round: A carousel horse.

  15. Chess Piece: The knight in chess.

  16. Mythical Creature: A unicorn.

  17. Fabled Fast: Pegasus or a legendary racehorse like Bucephalus.

  18. Not a Zebra: A domestic horse.

  19. Carries No Weight: Seahorse.

  20. Child’s Toy: A rocking horse.

  21. Fairy Tale Transport: A magical horse.

  22. No Need for Hay: A toy horse.

  23. Horsing Around: A person joking or playing.

  24. Pasture Guardian: A scarecrow (in a field).

  25. Legendary Speed: A bullet or a high-speed vehicle.

  26. Horse Power: A unit of power in engines.

  27. Mythical and Magical: A Pegasus (in mythology).

  28. Tiny Trotter: A snail or an insect.

  29. Water Horse: Hippocampus or a seahorse.

  30. Silent Gallop: A shadow or a thought.

  31. Horse’s Cousin: A zebra.

  32. Mountainous Steed: A mountain horse or a yak.

  33. Shadow Racer: Your shadow.

  34. Moonlit Horse: The constellation Pegasus.

  35. Dreamland Ride: A dream horse or a fantasy horse.
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