104 Riddles about Different Countries

Every country has its fair share of enigma, and we are here to unravel it.

From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the sweeping landscapes of South Africa, these riddles on various different countries can take you on an exhilarating adventure, challenging your geographical wisdom and tickling your intellect.

Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Well, let’s see how far you can go.

Riddles about Country Names

  1. Majestic and grand, with a tower that stands, I’m the home of romance, where the lovers dance. Where am I?

  2. Far to the north, where the cold winds blow, I’m the land of the midnight sun and the lights that glow. Where am I?

  3. Ancient pyramids and a river long, in history and mystery, I am strong. Where am I?

  4. I have a wall, but it’s not for a house; it’s long and old, a history espouse. Where am I?

  5. Pizza and pasta, in me, they hail; I’m shaped like a boot, but I’m not for sale. Where am I?

  6. Kangaroos hop and the barrier reef, I’m a land down under, beyond belief. Where am I?

  7. A big red circle on white, so bright; where the sun rises with might. Where am I?

  8. Samba and forests, and coffee galore, I host the Amazon, and so much more. Where am I?

  9. Mountains and chocolate, banks galore, I’m neutral in conflicts, peace at my core. Where am I?

  10. Tulips and windmills, by the sea, I reclaim land; flat as can be. Where am I?

  11. A dragon and a red dragon, too; I’m known for my choir, and a leek stew. Where am I?

  12. Big Ben chimes in my heart so grand, a city and a country, hand in hand. Where am I?

  13. From ancient ruins to a city of gold, where the empire of the sun once boldly took hold. Where am I?

  14. Land of the Maple Leaf, where the moose roam free, neighbors to the south, as polite as can be. Where am I?

  15. Known for my Taj Mahal, a beauty so grand, spices and Bollywood in this ancient land. Where am I?

  16. Lions and elephants, a safari’s delight, I have a famous peak that’s quite a sight. Where am I?

  17. My city is ancient, with a Blue Mosque’s grace, bridging two continents in a single space. Where am I?

  18. A desert blooms and skyscrapers soar, an oil-rich land with folklore of yore. Where am I?

  19. I’m a small country, but with banks known worldwide, famous for my neutrality, in me, secrets hide. Where am I?

  20. Vikings once called me home, with fjords and tales of old, a land of midnight sun, and winters cold. Where am I?

  21. Fiestas and siestas, and bullfights bold, a land where the language of Cervantes is told. Where am I?

  22. Goulash and spas, and a river divides, a city with Buda and Pest at its sides. Where am I?

  23. Castles and kilts, and a monster in a loch, bagpipes play tunes, in a land of rock. Where am I?

  24. In me, you’ll find Seoul, a vibrant display; divided in history, in a peninsula lay. Where am I?

  25. I’m an island nation, cricket and tea, where an elephant’s majesty roams free. Where am I?

  26. Soccer and samba, and rainforests too, a giant statue overlooks my view. Where am I?

  27. My name means rich coast in Spanish, a paradise for nature, where rainforests and beaches enhance the adventure. Where am I?

  28. With pyramids, but not in Egypt I stand, ancient Mayans left their mark on my land. Where am I?

  29. A landlocked heart in Europe’s midst, famous for watches and chocolates you can’t resist. Where am I?

  30. I am the land of the kiwi, not the fruit but the bird, where the Haka is performed, and sheep are heard. Where am I?

  31. A cross on my flag, and history with the Vikings, in the north, I stand, with tales exciting. Where am I?

  32. In me, you’ll find the Acropolis, and islands galore, ancient myths, and legends from folklore. Where am I?

  33. A merlion guards my gate, a tiny island, but a giant economic state. Where am I?

  34. Mountains, yodeling, and a famous flower, I’m neutral in wars, peace is my power. Where am I?

  35. A giant bear is my symbol, vast in size, with taigas, tundras, and cold, wintry skies. Where am I?

  36. Paella and flamenco, a dance so fine, in Europe, I sit, under the sun’s shine. Where am I?

  37. A land of Incas and a famous canal, where two oceans meet, a sight to enthrall. Where am I?

  38. Pharaohs and the Sphinx, in the desert, I lie, the gift of the Nile, under the sun’s eye. Where am I?

  39. With a dragon on my flag, and a capital in Hanoi, I’m known for my pho and a war from days gone by. Where am I?

  40. Land of the Thunder Dragon, high in the Himalayas, where happiness is measured, and nature amazes. Where am I?

  41. Land of fire and ice, where volcanoes and glaciers coexist nice. Where am I?

  42. Golden beaches and samba beats, a famous carnival where everyone meets. Where am I?

  43. I have a famous canal, and ruins of ancient lore, a land where two continents meet at my shore. Where am I?

  44. A land of Phoebus, where the gods did dwell, home of the Olympics, ancient stories to tell. Where am I?

  45. Land of the Delta and the mighty Mekong, a cuisine of balance, rich and strong. Where am I?

  46. I am a city and a country too, famous for a Merlion and a zoo. Where am I?

  47. Land of the long white cloud, where the All Blacks play loud. Where am I?

  48. With fjords and northern lights, a midnight sun’s sight, and Vikings’ historical might. Where am I?

  49. With a leaf upon my flag, and winters that chill, I am the neighbor to the USA, peaceful and still. Where am I?

  50. A land down under, where marsupials abound, the Great Barrier Reef can be found. Where am I?

  51. Known for my tango, and steaks so wide, I’m in the south, with pride I stride. Where am I?

  52. A land with a wall, ancient and grand, where dragons were legends, in this vast land. Where am I?

  53. I’m known for my pyramids, not in Giza but far west, where ancient Mayans performed their best. Where am I?

  54. In me, an ancient city, now in ruins, lies, a land of tacos and sunny skies. Where am I?


  1. France (Paris)

  2. Norway

  3. Egypt

  4. China (The Great Wall of China)

  5. Italy

  6. Australia

  7. Japan (The Land of the Rising Sun)

  8. Brazil

  9. Switzerland

  10. Netherlands

  11. Wales

  12. United Kingdom (London)

  1. Peru (Inca Empire)

  2. Canada

  3. India

  4. Tanzania (Mount Kilimanjaro)

  5. Turkey (Istanbul)

  6. United Arab Emirates

  7. Liechtenstein

  8. Norway

  9. Spain

  10. Hungary (Budapest)

  11. Scotland

  12. South Korea

  13. Sri Lanka

  14. Brazil (Christ the Redeemer statue)

  1. Costa Rica

  2. Mexico (Mayan Pyramids)

  3. Switzerland

  4. New Zealand

  5. Denmark

  6. Greece

  7. Singapore

  8. Austria (Edelweiss)

  9. Russia

  10. Spain

  11. Panama

  12. Egypt

  13. Vietnam

  14. Bhutan

  1. Iceland

  2. Brazil

  3. Turkey

  4. Greece

  5. Vietnam

  6. Singapore

  7. New Zealand

  8. Norway

  9. Canada

  10. Australia

  11. Argentina

  12. China

  13. Mexico

  14. Mexico (referring to Teotihuacan or other ancient sites)
riddles about different countries

Riddles about Country Names [Tougher Ones]

  1. I am an island to the East, my cuisine is a feast. Who am I?

  2. Bulls and flamenco may give it away, where exactly do I stay?

  3. Ends with a “land,” begins with a “Thai,” where could I be?

  4. Remove the first letter from a term for “savings,” and you get my name. What am I?

  5. On me, you’d find the Eiffel, and bread that is so delightful. Who am I?

  6. I sound like a bird that’s often adored, in my land, kangaroos are never bored. What am I?

  7. In the shape of a boot, I am quite cute. What country am I?

  8. Take a ‘mealbut remove the ‘m’, I’m a country, not a gem. What am I?

  9. Add an ‘n’ to an animal’s lair, a land of maple is found there. Who am I?

  10. I might sound like I’m always in pain, but I assure you, my landscapes are not plain. Who am I?

  11. I am a country, in me an “Indian” you’ll see. What country am I?

  12. On me, the city of love you’d find, world-class fashion, food, and wine. Who am I?

  13. Remove a letter from a “giant,” to find my home you won’t need a client. What am I?

  14. I’m the only one that ends with two K’s, where do you think is my place?

  15. Where am I if I’m standing high, on a mountain called Kilimanjaro that touches the sky? Who am I?

  16. Starts with a ‘Peru’, ends with ‘aguay’, where am I today?

  17. With pyramids tall and a river long, my history is deep and strong. Who am I?

  18. If I’m a dessert minus ‘s’, I’m a country, you can guess. Who am I?

  19. To find me, think of a mail post, add an ‘a’, and I’m your host. Who am I?

  20. In me, you’d find an ‘Oman’, but I’m more than just one man. What country am I?

  21. Combine a garden tool with a letter, my beaches are sunny, the weather better. Who am I?

  22. If I say Tango, would you know? Where the Pampas grasses grow. Who am I?

  23. From an “apple’s eye” take the ‘l’, a land of tulips, you can tell. Who am I?

  24. Turn the ‘anger’ into ‘rang’, you’ll be in a place where Kiwis hang. What am I?

  25. Change ‘a song’ to ‘sing’, a lion city it will bring. What am I?

  26. A sandwich type am I, with the first letter going by. What am I?

  27. My flag boasts a creature that can’t fly, but my people are known for their Wi-Fi. Who am I?

  28. Sounds like I’m asking for permission, but really, I’m a place with a tradition. What am I?

  29. If you remove a letter from a fairy’s wand tool, a Middle Eastern country you’d find cool. Who am I?

  30. Take a ‘raise’ and remove the ‘e’, my ancient structures you’d love to see. What am I?

  31. A feminine pronoun am I, when you speak Spanish, oh my! Who am I?

  32. I sound like I’m always praising thee, but I’m actually a country by the sea. Who am I?

  33. Beginning with an age-old cry, my beauty under the African sky. Who am I?

  34. I am quite great, though I’m not a Brit, in Africa, I am a hit. Who am I?

  35. Remove a letter from a sandy shore, in me, the Amazon you’ll explore. What am I?

  36. Though it sounds like I should be near Spain, I’m actually closer to Ukraine. Who am I?

  37. A landmark tower, I proudly hold, where romance is never cold. Who am I?

  38. I’m all about a dance and a spicy dish, find me where the mariachis swish. Who am I?

  39. From a ‘pearl’ remove the ‘p’, my sandy dunes are quite the leap. What am I?

  40. Add an ‘n’ to the end of a famous canal, you’ll land where the pyramids stand tall. Who am I?

  41. I sound like a drink, but you won’t get a buzz, instead, you’ll see kangaroos and a koala’s fuzz. What am I?

  42. I start with a cheer, then end with a van, my windmills are part of the plan. Who am I?

  43. To find me, think of a man’s best friend, and then just add an ‘a’ at the end. Who am I?

  44. Think of a vegetable, and remove a ‘p’, you’ll find me where the Vikings used to sleep. Who am I?

  45. Add an ‘n’ to a place for a horse, and you’ll find me of course. Who am I?

  46. Start with a ‘Morocco’, end with ‘ccan’, where am I, man?

  47. If you add ‘n’ to a fairy’s home, you’ll find a country where buffaloes roam. Who am I?

  48. I am known for a wall, but not just any fall. Who am I?

  49. Take a ‘basin’ but lose the ‘b’, I’m a country, you will see. Who am I?

  50. I’m where you might go to see Big Ben, just think of a lion’s den. Who am I?


  1. Japan

  2. Spain

  3. Thailand

  4. Bank -> Ankh -> Egypt (Ankh is a symbol of ancient Egypt).

  5. France

  6. Australia (Ostrich-alia).

  7. Italy

  8. Eal -> Real -> Brazil (“real” is the currency of Brazil).

  9. Den -> Den + n -> Dene -> Canada (Dene people are an indigenous group in Canada).

  10. Spain

  11. India

  12. France

  13. Giant – g = iant = I Ant = Antigua and Barbuda.

  14. Denmark

  15. Tanzania

  16. Paraguay

  17. Egypt

  18. Dessert – s = desert -> Desert = Sahara -> Sahara Desert is in Algeria.

  19. Post + a = Pasta -> Pasta is iconic for Italy.

  20. Oman

  21. R (our) + K (kay) = RK = Arka -> Ark + a = Arka -> Arka is in Croatia.

  22. Argentina

  23. Apple’s Eye – l = Appes Eye -> Appese -> Appese is in Netherlands.

  24. Rang = Ranga -> Ranga is in New Zealand.

  25. Song -> Sing -> Singa -> Singa is in Singapore.

  26. Urgent -> Urgen -> Urge -> Urge is in Hungary (Hungary sounds like “Hungry” which could be a sandwich type).

  27. South Korea (Their flag has a non-flying creature – a Yin and Yang symbol).

  28. Can I? -> Cana -> Cana is in Canada.

  29. Wand – W = and -> And is in Jordan.

  30. Raise – e = Rais -> Rais is in Greece.

  31. Ella (Spanish for ‘she’) -> Ella is in Venezuela.

  32. Haiti (sounds like “Hey thee”).

  33. Kenya (sounds like “Can ya”).

  34. Great -> Grea -> Grea is in Egypt (Great Pyramids of Giza).

  35. Beach – B = each -> Each is in Brazil (Amazon is in Brazil).

  36. Romania (sounds like it could be near Spain).

  37. France (Eiffel Tower is in France).

  38. Mexico (known for the dance ‘salsa’ and spicy food).

  39. Pearl – P = Earl -> Earl is in Israel (known for its desert landscapes).

  40. Suez + n = Suezn -> Suez is in Egypt.

  41. Australia (sounds like “Ostr-ale-ia”).

  42. Hooray + van = Hoorayvan -> Hoorayvan is in The Netherlands (known for windmills).

  43. Dog + a = Doga -> Dog is in Argentina.

  44. Peas – P = eas -> Eas is in Sweden.

  45. Stable + n = Stablen -> Stable is in Palestine.

  46. Moroccan.

  47. Den + n = Denn -> Denn is in India (Indian Water Buffalo).

  48. China (Great Wall of China).

  49. Basin – B = asin -> Asin is in the Philippines.

  50. England (Big Ben is in England).

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