60 Riddles about the Moon

From its ethereal glow to its mystical nature, the moon has captivated our attention since time immemorial. 

And now it’s time to add a bit of extra layer to the mystery with these riddles about the moon.

So, delve into the mysterious world of the cosmos with our collection of these amazing riddles.

Let’s begin.

Riddles about the Moon

  1. I am visible in the day and shine bright at night, yet I have no light of my own. What am I?

  2. I’m the silver maiden, my phase a quarter, hidden in shadows I am. What am I?

  3. Though the day denies me, stars keep me company, sharing the sky’s grand design. What am I?

  4. Once in a month, I am a sight to behold, fully I show myself bold. What am I?

  5. I change my face but not my place, look up and you’ll see my trace. What am I?

  6. I’m the light that’s seldom seen, between the new and full, I gleam. What am I?

  7. In the midnight sky, you’ll find me, not a planet, star, or galaxy. What am I?

  8. More than a quarter but not quite full, growing brighter, I gently pull. What am I?

  9. I am the keeper of the tide, where I am, the seas abide. What am I?

  10. Although I often live in night, you can see me in daylight, so bright. What am I?

  11. With neither beams nor rays to shine, but borrowed light, I do incline. What am I?

  12. I am the subject of love and lore, with my face, some people adore. What am I?

  13. Eclipsed by earth, I hide away, only to return another day. What am I?

  14. I am often called Earth’s satellite, waxing, waning from dark to light. What am I?

  15. I am up in the sky but also in your eye, a reflection of light that cannot lie. What am I?

  16. Less than a half but more than none, showing a bit but not all the fun. What am I?

  17. Round I am, yet flat as a board, altar to the lunar lord. What am I?

  18. With one foot in light and one in dark, a line straight through my heart is marked. What am I?

  19. I am a mirror in the sky, reflecting sunlight from up high. What am I?

  20. Neither cheese nor a balloon, but a sight that can make a wolf croon. What am I?

  21. When the sun hides its face, I take its place. What am I?

  22. With every month I come and go, my phases in a constant flow. What am I?

  23. I’m seen at night, and sometimes noon, always changing, I’m the moon. What am I?

  24. I’m the celestial body that doesn’t roam, but I’m not the one that humans call home. What am I?

  25. Neither a lamp nor a spotlight’s beam, yet I’m the guide in a traveller’s dream. What am I?

  26. Though I’m not a sun or star, I’m glowing bright, both near and far. What am I?

  27. Not a bird, but I can fly, making my way across the sky. What am I?

  28. I’m a watchman of the night, changing shape in plain sight. What am I?

  29. The Earth’s companion, orbiting with grace, yet I cannot walk or pace. What am I?

  30. A shining pearl in the sea of black, I am always moving, but never leave my track. What am I?

  31. With a face, but not a head, I am not alive, nor am I dead. What am I?

  32. I am the realm of no man’s land, a field of dust where no tree stands. What am I?

  33. I illuminate the night sky, yet I have no light supply. What am I?

  34. People say I’m made of cheese, but that’s a jest, a tease. What am I?

  35. I am a world of cratered face, in orbit’s perpetual embrace. What am I?

  36. I come out at night without being called, and disappear in the day, though I’m not appalled. What am I?

  37. I rule the tides with unseen force, on a determined, steady course. What am I?

  38. Always following, never leading, through the night, I am proceeding. What am I?

  39. I’m ever present, always there, glowing silent in the night air. What am I?

  40. In the sky, I cast a hue, a hint of silver, through and through. What am I?

  41. I’m neither a star, nor a sun, nor a comet, but I’ve footprints on me, you can bet. What am I?

  42. Though I wax and wane, my journey is never in vain. What am I?

  43. I’ve seas without water, air, or tide, a barren world where no one resides. What am I?

  44. Not quite a circle when I’m thin, I’m only whole now and then. What am I?

  45. I’m a stage for the sun’s performance, casting a shadow in a solar dance. What am I?

  46. Neither wind nor rain touches me, yet I drift across the sky, free. What am I?

  47. Crescent, gibbous, new or full, I remain the night sky’s jewel. What am I?

  48. No atmosphere to breathe or feel, yet beauty I do reveal. What am I?

  49. I carry no warmth, yet I glow, bathing the night in soft low. What am I?

  50. Under sun’s veil, I disappear, only to return when the sky is clear. What am I?

  51. Neither born from a star’s death nor a nebula’s birth, but from Earth’s early mirth. What am I?

  52. I don’t spin on my axis, but I orbit around, the Earth is my ground. What am I?

  53. A guide for the lost in the night, with my pale, soothing light. What am I?

  54. An eye in the night, I watch silent and still, while stars twinkle at their will. What am I?

  55. In Earth’s shadow, I blush red, a sight that fills many with dread. What am I?

  56. I am no star, yet I shine at night, and offer poets a radiant sight. What am I?

  57. Neither planet nor comet my form, but in Earth’s sky, I’m the norm. What am I?

  58. An alien world in our sky, where astronauts once did fly. What am I?

  59. I am the celestial shepherd, herding the ocean’s ebb and flow, unseen forces I bestow. What am I?

  60. A pale lantern in the darkened night, my silvery glow provides soft light. What am I?


  1. The Moon

  2. The First Quarter Moon

  3. The Moon

  4. Full Moon

  5. The Moon

  6. Crescent Moon

  7. The Moon

  8. Gibbous Moon

  9. The Moon

  10. The Moon

  11. The Moon

  12. The Moon

  13. The Moon during a Lunar Eclipse

  14. The Moon

  15. The Moon

  16. Crescent Moon

  17. Full Moon

  18. First Quarter Moon

  19. The Moon

  20. The Moon

  21. The Moon

  22. The Moon

  23. The Moon

  24. The Moon

  25. The Moon

  26. The Moon

  27. The Moon

  28. The Moon

  29. The Moon

  30. The Moon

  31. The Moon

  32. The Moon

  33. The Moon

  34. The Moon

  35. The Moon

  36. The Moon

  37. The Moon

  38. The Moon

  39. The Moon

  40. The Moon

  41. The Moon

  42. The Moon

  43. The Moon

  44. The Moon

  45. The Moon during a Solar Eclipse

  46. The Moon

  47. The Moon

  48. The Moon

  49. The Moon

  50. The Moon

  51. The Moon

  52. The Moon

  53. The Moon

  54. The Moon

  55. The Moon during a Lunar Eclipse

  56. The Moon

  57. The Moon

  58. The Moon

  59. The Moon

  60. The Moon
riddles about the moon

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