24 The Sopranos Trivia Questions

The Sopranos, created by David Chase, is one of the most iconic television series of all time

With its complex characters, intricate storytelling, and a deep exploration of the world of organized crime, it has been a fan-favorite of many. 

If you’re a die-hard fan or just looking to test your knowledge, this blog post is for you! 

We’ve put together a collection of trivia questions to challenge your understanding of this groundbreaking series. 

So, grab a cannoli and let’s dive into The Sopranos trivia!

The Sopranos Trivia Questions

  1. In the episode “Pine Barrens,” directed by Steve Buscemi, which two characters get lost in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, and what were they initially supposed to do there?

  2. What is the name of the racehorse owned by Tony Soprano that wins a significant race, and in which season does this occur?

  3. Dr. Melfi faces a moral dilemma after being attacked in a parking lot. Which episode fully explores her struggle with whether to tell Tony about her assault, and what decision does she ultimately make?

  4. Throughout the series, Christopher Moltisanti struggles with a particular addiction. How does this struggle impact his standing within the Soprano crime family, and which episode marks a turning point for his character in this context?

  5. Name the “ghost” character Tony Soprano sees during his coma dream in the episodes “Mayham” and “Join the Club” from Season 6, and discuss the significance of this character’s appearance.

  6. In which episode does Tony Soprano kill Ralph Cifaretto, and what are the two main reasons behind his actions?

  7. What is the name of the Russian who creates a significant problem for Paulie and Christopher in the episode “Pine Barrens,” and what is left unresolved about his fate?

  8. Adriana La Cerva becomes an FBI informant in the series. Which season reveals her status as an informant, and how does her relationship with the FBI come to an end?

  9. What is the name of the painting that Tony becomes fixated on, which depicts a farm and a house, leading him to see himself as the stately home’s owner? In which season does this occur?

  10. In the episode “Funhouse,” Tony has a series of fever dreams that help him come to a realization about one of his closest friends. Who is this friend, and what does Tony discover through his dreams?

  11. Vito Spatafore’s secret life leads to significant conflict within the Soprano crime family. In which season is Vito’s secret revealed, and what are the consequences of this revelation for him?

  12. Tony B. takes a drastic action against Phil Leotardo that escalates the tension between New York and New Jersey families. What does Tony B. do, and in which season does this happen?

  13. The character of Richie Aprile is released from prison and immediately causes tension within the Soprano family. What specific event leads to his demise, and who is responsible?

  14. “The Test Dream” is an episode filled with symbolic imagery and foreshadowing. What is the primary focus of Tony’s dream, and how does it relate to his real-life concerns in Season 5?

  15. In which episode does Junior Soprano shoot Tony, and what is Junior’s reason for this drastic action?

  16. The series finale, “Made in America,” ends with a famously ambiguous scene. Describe the setting of the final scene and discuss the significance of the song playing in the background.

  17. Which character is revealed to have been an FBI informant since the first season, and how is this revelation made to Tony?

  18. In the episode “University,” what parallel is drawn between the story of Tracee, a Bada Bing dancer, and Meadow Soprano?

  19. Who is the “man from another place” that Tony Soprano references in his therapy sessions with Dr. Melfi, and what is the significance of this character in the series?

  20. The episode “Whitecaps” is significant for several reasons. What is the primary conflict in this episode, and how does it impact Tony’s personal life?

  21. What specific event leads to the initiation of the war between the Lupertazzi and Soprano families in the final season?

  22. In the episode “Whoever Did This,” Tony and Ralph have a confrontation that leads to a drastic outcome. What ostensibly sparks this violent encounter?

  23. How does the show address the theme of “legacy” through the relationship between Tony and his son, A.J. Soprano, particularly in the later seasons?

  24. The series finale, “Made in America,” leaves many questions unanswered. What is one significant unresolved plot thread involving a main character?


  1. Paulie Gualtieri and Christopher Moltisanti get lost in the Pine Barrens. They were initially supposed to collect a debt from and subsequently execute Valery, a Russian associate.

  2. The name of the racehorse is Pie-O-My, and it wins a significant race in Season 4.

  3. The episode is “Employee of the Month” in Season 3. Dr. Melfi decides not to tell Tony about her assault, choosing to uphold her professional ethics over seeking personal vengeance.

  4. Christopher’s struggle with heroin addiction significantly affects his standing within the Soprano family, culminating in the episode “The Strong, Silent Type” (Season 4), where the family stages an intervention.

  5. Tony sees his cousin, Tony Blundetto, as a “ghost” during his coma dream. The appearance signifies Tony’s guilt and unresolved feelings about his cousin’s fate, whom he personally killed in Season 5.

  6. Tony kills Ralph Cifaretto in the episode “Whoever Did This” in Season 4. The main reasons are a dispute over the death of the racehorse Pie-O-My, which Tony believes Ralph caused, and an ongoing conflict over their business dealings.

  7. The Russian’s name is Valery. The unresolved element of his fate is whether he survives the ordeal in the snowy woods and escapes, as his ultimate fate is never disclosed in the series.

  8. Adriana’s status as an informant is revealed in Season 5. Her relationship with the FBI ends in Season 5, episode “Long Term Parking,” when she is killed by Silvio Dante after it becomes known she has been cooperating with the FBI.

  9. The painting is called “The Sopranos” (mistakenly believed by Tony to be called “The Path to Paradise”). This occurs in Season 1. Tony’s fixation on the painting reflects his internal struggle with his identity and aspirations.

  10. The friend is Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero. Through his dreams, Tony realizes that Big Pussy is an FBI informant. This leads to Big Pussy’s execution in the Season 2 finale, “Funhouse.”

  11. Vito’s secret life as a gay man is revealed in Season 6. The revelation leads to his eventual murder for violating the mob’s code of conduct, highlighting the organization’s homophobia and Vito’s tragic struggle with his identity.

  12. Tony B. shoots and kills Phil Leotardo’s brother, Billy, and severely injures Phil in Season 5. This act of retaliation for his brother’s death significantly escalates the tension between the two families.

  13. Richie Aprile is killed by his fiancée, Janice Soprano, after he hits her during an argument in Season 2. The specific event leading to his demise is his ongoing disrespect and challenge to Tony’s authority.

  14. In “The Test Dream” (Season 5), Tony’s dream focuses on his fear of losing his family and his guilt over his violent lifestyle. The dream is filled with symbolism about his past actions and unresolved conflicts.

  15. Junior shoots Tony in the episode “Members Only” in Season 6. Junior, suffering from dementia, mistakenly believes Tony is a threat, harking back to his own past and reflecting his confusion and loss of grip on reality.

  16. The final scene is set in a diner where Tony and his family are gathering for a meal. The song playing in the background is “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey. The scene’s abrupt cut to black and the choice of song have been widely interpreted as reflecting the show’s themes of family unity, the ongoing nature of life’s journey, and the uncertainty of Tony’s fate.

  17. Raymond Curto is revealed to have been an FBI informant since the first season. His role as an informant is made known to Tony posthumously, through FBI recordings played after Curto’s death.

  18. The episode draws a parallel between Tracee’s tragic fate and Meadow’s privileged life, highlighting the stark contrasts in their circumstances and the indifferent or abusive treatment of women within the show’s universe.

  19. The “man from another place” is a reference to the mysterious, supernatural character from “Twin Peaks.” In “The Sopranos,” this concept is used to discuss individuals like Pussy Bonpensiero, who haunt Tony from beyond the grave, symbolizing Tony’s guilt and the consequences of his life choices.

  20. The primary conflict in “Whitecaps” involves Tony’s infidelity and the subsequent breakdown of his marriage to Carmela. The episode marks a pivotal moment in their relationship, leading to their separation.

  21. The war between the Lupertazzi and Soprano families is initiated by disputes over business interests, particularly after the death of Johnny Sack and Phil Leotardo’s rise to power, which escalates tensions and disagreements.

  22. The violent encounter between Tony and Ralph is ostensibly sparked by the death of the racehorse, Pie-O-My, which Tony believes Ralph is responsible for, due to arson for insurance money, alongside underlying tensions and grievances between the two.

  23. The show explores the theme of “legacy” through Tony’s relationship with A.J. by highlighting Tony’s fears that A.J. will inherit his depressive tendencies and be drawn into the mafia lifestyle, despite Tony’s efforts to provide a better life for his son.

  24. One significant unresolved plot thread involves the fate of the Russian, Valery, from the episode “Pine Barrens.” His disappearance remains a mystery, serving as a lingering question mark and a source of fan speculation about his ultimate fate.
The Sopranos Trivia Questions

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