30 Gen-Z Trivia Questions

Generation Z, born roughly between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, is the generation that has grown up in the age of technology and rapid change. 

They are known for their unique perspectives, cultural influences, and digital fluency. 

But how well do you know this generation? 

Let’s put your knowledge to the test with these Gen Z trivia questions!

Gen-Z Trivia Questions

  1. Digital Landmarks: In the era of smartphones and social media, Gen-Z has witnessed the rise and fall of various platforms. Name the social media platform, launched in 2010, known for its filters and square format photos, which became a staple for sharing daily life and artistic photography. It was particularly noted for popularizing the selfie trend among the younger generation.

  2. Influential Games: This 2011 sandbox video game, created by a Swedish developer, allows players to build and explore pixelated worlds using blocks. It gained immense popularity among Gen-Z for its creative and educational potential, leading to its use in educational settings. What is the name of this game, which also has a significant online community and has inspired a range of merchandise and spin-off games?

  3. Music Evolution: A Canadian singer and songwriter rose to fame in the 2010s and became a prominent figure among Gen-Z. Known for his hit song “Stitches” and his 2019 collaboration with Camila Cabello, “Señorita,” he started his music career by posting cover songs on a popular video-sharing app. Who is this artist?

  4. Climate Activism: A Swedish environmental activist became a global icon for her straightforward speeches and activism, starting with her solo protest in 2018 outside the Swedish Parliament. She inspired an international movement among young people for climate change awareness. What is her name?

  5. Technological Milestones: In 2020, amidst a global pandemic, a particular video conferencing software became essential for remote work, online classes, and virtual social gatherings. Starting as a business tool, it quickly adapted to become a household name for Gen-Z and beyond. What is the name of this software?

  6. Viral Challenges: One viral internet challenge in 2014 involved pouring a bucket of ice water over oneself and nominating others to do the same or donate to a charitable cause. This challenge became widely popular among Gen-Z and celebrities, significantly raising awareness and funds for a specific disease. What was this challenge called?

  7. E-Sports Rise: A multiplayer online battle arena game, released in 2009, became a significant part of the e-sports world, especially among Gen-Z. It is known for its annual world championship tournaments and has a vast roster of characters players can choose from. What is the name of this game?

  8. Fashion Trends: In the late 2010s, a particular style of high-waisted, loose-fitting jeans became a fashion statement among Gen-Z, marking a shift away from the previously popular skinny jeans. These jeans are often associated with a revival of 90s fashion trends. What are these jeans called?

  9. Meme Culture: A specific British children’s show character, a yellow creature known for its incoherent speech and amusing antics, became an unexpected meme icon among Gen-Z in the 2010s. This character is from a show that originally aired in the 1990s. Can you name this character?

  10. Streaming Revolution: This American subscription-based streaming service, founded in 1997, transformed the way Gen-Z consumes media. Initially a DVD rental service, it transitioned to streaming in 2007 and has since produced a plethora of original content, becoming a staple in digital entertainment. What is this service called?

  11. Social Media Evolution: This social media platform, launched in 2016 by a Chinese company, became a phenomenon among Gen-Z for its short-form videos. Known for its lip-syncing, dancing, and comedic content, it also played a significant role in music trends and viral challenges. What is the name of this platform?

  12. Iconic Smartphone Games: Released in 2016, this augmented reality mobile game became a cultural sensation, leading Gen-Z and others to venture outdoors to catch virtual creatures in real-world locations. Name this game that revitalized a classic franchise.

  13. Fashion and Environmentalism: A Swedish retail clothing company became popular among Gen-Z not only for its affordable fashion but also for its initiatives in sustainability and ethical fashion. Known for its global presence, what is the name of this brand?

  14. Young Adult Fiction: This dystopian trilogy, written by Suzanne Collins, became a cultural hit among Gen-Z, leading to a successful film series. The story revolves around a televised battle to the death among young participants from different districts. What is the title of this trilogy?

  15. Streaming Music Evolution: In 2008, a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider was launched, revolutionizing how Gen-Z listens to music. Offering millions of songs and podcasts at their fingertips, what is the name of this service?

  16. Social Movements: In 2012, following the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin, a movement began to address racism, inequality, and violence against black people. This movement became a significant part of Gen-Z’s social consciousness. What is the name of this movement?

  17. Innovative Transportation: In 2003, an American electric vehicle and clean energy company was founded, becoming a leader in the push for sustainable transportation. Known for its electric cars and the charismatic personality of its CEO, what is the name of this company?

  18. Space Exploration: In 2012, a private American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation company, founded by a tech entrepreneur, sent the first commercial spacecraft to the International Space Station. What is the name of this company?

  19. Viral Internet Sensations: In 2015, a dance move, involving a squatting stance and an arm motion, became a viral sensation and a dance craze among Gen-Z, often accompanied by a specific trap song. What is this dance move called?

  20. Gen-Z Advocacy: A 2018 high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, led to a significant youth-led movement for gun control in the United States. This movement, led by survivors of the shooting, organized nationwide protests and advocacy efforts. What is the name of this movement?

  21. Viral Internet Dances: In 2020, a dance challenge to a song by Megan Thee Stallion became a massive hit on TikTok, symbolizing Gen-Z’s love for dance and music. What was the name of this dance challenge that took the internet by storm?

  22. Esports Phenomenon: This battle royale game, released in 2017, became a cultural phenomenon with its free-to-play model and unique building mechanics. It also hosted virtual concerts and events, attracting millions of Gen-Z players. What is the name of this game?

  23. Global Protests: In 2019, a series of protests erupted in Hong Kong against proposed extradition legislation, drawing international attention and support, especially among young activists. What was this movement commonly known as?

  24. Streaming Series Sensation: A science fiction horror series, released on Netflix in 2016, set in the 1980s, captivated Gen-Z with its blend of supernatural, mystery, and nostalgic elements. What is the name of this series, known for its young ensemble cast?

  25. Youth-Led Environmental Initiatives: This movement, founded in 2018 by American teenagers, focuses on combating climate change and creating jobs through renewable energy projects. It is named after a massive economic and social proposal. What is this movement called?

  26. Influential Youtubers: A Swedish YouTuber, known for his Let’s Play videos and comedic formatted shows, became one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube, highly popular among Gen-Z. What is his online pseudonym?

  27. Revolutionary Smartphones: In 2016, Apple released a smartphone that removed the traditional headphone jack, a controversial move that influenced future smartphone designs. Which iPhone model was this?

  28. Anime Influence: A Japanese anime series, adapted from a manga, became a global hit among Gen-Z. It follows the story of a young boy who dreams of becoming the greatest hero, in a world where almost everyone has superpowers. What is the name of this anime?

  29. Viral Food Trends: In 2019, a coffee-making method involving whipping instant coffee, sugar, and hot water until it becomes creamy, and then adding it to cold or hot milk, became a viral sensation on social media. What is this coffee trend called?

  30. LGBTQ+ Representation: A groundbreaking 2020 Pixar animated short film featured the studio’s first LGBTQ+ protagonist. It tells the story of a young man who must come out to his parents. What is the title of this short film?


  1. Instagram

  2. Minecraft

  3. Shawn Mendes

  4. Greta Thunberg

  5. Zoom

  6. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

  7. League of Legends

  8. Mom Jeans

  9. Teletubby (specifically, the yellow one, Laa-Laa)

  10. Netflix

  11. TikTok

  12. Pokémon GO

  13. H&M (Hennes & Mauritz)

  14. The Hunger Games

  15. Spotify

  16. Black Lives Matter

  17. Tesla, Inc.

  18. SpaceX

  19. The Dab

  20. March for Our Lives

  21. Savage Challenge

  22. Fortnite

  23. 2019–2020 Hong Kong Protests

  24. Stranger Things

  25. Sunrise Movement

  26. PewDiePie

  27. iPhone 7

  28. My Hero Academia

  29. Dalgona Coffee

  30. Out
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