52 Riddles about Canada with Answers

How well do you really know the Great White North?

We’re talking beyond just maple syrup and igloos (although those are pretty awesome too).

This list of some riddles is packed with fun facts, geographical oddities, and a healthy dose of Canadian trivia.

So grab your favorite double-double (or poutine, if that’s your jam), put on your thinking cap, and get ready to test your knowledge.

Ready, eh?

Let’s get puzzlin’!

Riddles about Canada

  1. In a land of cold and snow, a tower stands tall, where winds blow. Its needle-like top is seen far and wide, in a bustling city where cultures collide. What is it?

  2. I am a water giant, thunderous and grand, straddling borders with a misty hand. Majestic and powerful, I fall with grace, where two nations meet in a watery embrace. What am I?

  3. I am a creature, large and proud, a symbol of Canada, quiet, not loud. With antlers that reach to the sky so high, through the northern forests, I gracefully fly. What am I?

  4. Found in the east, a rocky isle’s name, known for its seafood, its fame is no game. A colorful town with houses so bright, it’s a maritime jewel, a picturesque sight. What is it?

  5. In the heart of the country, a festival glows, with sculptures of ice and winter’s snows. Celebrating the cold with joy and fun, a capital city, second to none. Where am I?

  6. I am a sport, on ice, played with grace, with stones and brooms in a slippery race. Born in Scotland, but in Canada, I thrive, a wintery pastime, keeping spirits alive. What am I?

  7. I’m a structure high, with a French name, in a city of festivals, I’m part of the fame. A grand view I offer, of a city so dear, in the province of Quebec, I stand clear. What am I?

  8. In the west, a path runs, scenic and grand, through mountains and forests, it’s wonderfully planned. Connecting the east to the western sea, this route is a marvel, a journey to be. What is it?

  9. A delicacy I am, savory and sweet, a dish of fries, cheese, and gravy, a treat. Originating in Quebec, I’ve gained widespread fame, a comfort food classic, what is my name?

  10. I am a sport, known for its speed, on ice, with sticks, a competitive deed. Born in the cold, with a puck and a net, Canada’s pride, in winter we’re set. What am I?

  11. Under the northern lights, a territory vast, with a name meaning “our land” in the tongue of the past. A land of the midnight sun, wild and free, in Canada’s north, a place to be. What is it?

  12. A famous train, with a route so long, crossing the country, where landscapes belong. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, it glides, through Canada’s heart, where adventure resides. What is it?

  13. In the sky, a flag flies, with a leaf so red, on a background of white, it’s proudly spread. A symbol of Canada, from sea to sea, an emblem of pride, what can it be?

  14. In the heart of the prairies, a city stands proud, known for a festival with a cowboy crowd. A ten-day event with rodeos and races, where cowboys and cowgirls show their paces. Where am I?

  15. I’m a bear, white as snow, in the north, I roam and grow. A symbol of the Arctic, majestic and rare, in Canada’s wilderness, you’ll find me there. What am I?

  16. In the east, a historical site, where French and English once did fight. A plains of battle, now a peaceful field, in a city of culture, history revealed. Where am I?

  17. A garden blooms on an island fair, with flowers and trees beyond compare. Named for a queen, it’s a colorful sight, in British Columbia, a horticultural delight. What is it?

  18. I am a lake, deep and vast, in the Rockies, my beauty’s cast. A jewel of nature, blue and clear, surrounded by mountains, deer, and bear. What am I?

  19. In the north, a passage lies, a route of ice, under polar skies. A navigational dream, once hard to find, linking oceans, through a pathway unkind. What is it?

  20. I am a tower, not for defense or height, but to celebrate sports, with a flame so bright. In Alberta’s city, from the Olympics past, a symbol of sport, my fame will last. What am I?

  21. A maritime province, small but keen, known for red soil and landscapes green. A fictional girl from here did hail, with red hair and tales that prevail. What is it?

  22. I’m a dish with meat, gravy, and dough, a comfort food, in the cold, it glows. Originating from the UK, but in Canada, I shine, in pubs and diners, I’m served just fine. What am I?

  23. A historic trade, once led by a company so grand, its influence spread across the land. Fur and goods, in exchange and trade, in Canadian history, its mark was made. What is it?

  24. In Ontario, a peninsula known, for its wines and vines beautifully grown. A region of lakes and fertile ground, where Canada’s finest wines are found. What is it?

  25. I am a festival of light, in winter’s night, in Quebec, a sight so bright. Ice hotels and sculptures stand, in a celebration grand. What is it?

  26. A bridge in Vancouver, hanging with might, connecting the city with nature’s sight. A marvel of engineering, high and grand, over a gorge, it proudly stands. What is it?

  27. In the land of the midnight sun, a highway stretches, never done. Connecting the south to a distant north, through wilderness and beauty it forth. What is it?

  28. I am a sport, with sticks and a field, not on ice, but in summer’s yield. Popular across the land, with a bat and a ball in hand. What am I?

  29. At the edge of Canada, an island lies, with Viking history under its skies. A land of fjords and rugged coasts, where early explorers made their boasts. What is it?

  30. In a province French and proud, a dish is known, in crowds, it’s loud. Meat pie, rich and deep, a holiday treat, in memories to keep. What is it?

  31. A towering peak, in the Rockies high, named for a man who aimed for the sky. Its peak so sharp, like a needle it seems, among snow-capped ranges, it beams. What is it?

  32. A river grand, flowing to the sea, across Canada, in majesty. From the Rockies, it starts its run, through prairies and forests, under the sun. What is it?

  33. In a maritime province, a bay is known, for the world’s highest tides, where the sea has flown. Twice a day, the waters rise and fall, a natural wonder, it enthralls. What is it?

  34. A city of bridges, with a river so wide, in Saskatchewan, it takes pride. Known for its arts and a vibrant scene, in the heart of the prairies, it’s a dream. What is it?

  35. An island province, with red sand and dunes, known for its music and cultural tunes. Anne’s land of stories, with green gables and more, a maritime beauty, with shores to adore. What is it?

  36. A festival of jazz, in a city so bright, where music fills the air, day and night. In summer it thrives, with rhythms and blues, a cultural mosaic, it amuses. Where is it?

  37. In the west, a park of renown, with hot springs and wildlife, it wears nature’s crown. A gem in the Rockies, with lakes so blue, a paradise for the adventurous crew. What is it?

  38. A Canadian treat, sweet and rich, made from sap, with a sugary switch. Boiled down in spring, a sticky delight, on snow or pancakes, it’s just right. What is it?

  39. In the Arctic’s cold, a territory vast, where the Inuit live, traditions that last. A place of the midnight sun, and the polar night, a land of the north, with the aurora’s light. What is it?

  40. In the land of the Great Lakes, a tower of strength and might makes. It celebrates a natural wonder, where water and power never asunder. What is it?

  41. I’m a festival, not of music or film, but of flowers in spring, a visual thrill. In the nation’s capital, these blooms are a sight, a gift of friendship, in daylight and night. What is it?

  42. In the east, a fortress stands, overlooking the sea, on rocky lands. A star-shaped structure, with history so vast, in a city of sails, its shadow it casts. What is it?

  43. A Canadian pie, not sweet but savory, with a filling of meat, a comfort flavory. Originating from England, in Canada, it’s a treat, in pubs and homes, it’s often to eat. What is it?

  44. In Alberta, a prehistoric site, where dinosaurs once roamed, a paleontologist’s delight. A valley of bones, under the sun and the moon, where history sleeps in a rocky cocoon. What is it?

  45. A maritime adventure, in a province so green, where a famous trail winds, through landscapes unseen. Hikers and bikers, they come from afar, to experience nature, under the sun and stars. What is it?

  46. In Toronto, a market, known far and wide, for food and culture, side by side. A place of commerce, since the 1800s it’s been, a hub of the city, vibrant and seen. What is it?

  47. A Canadian pastry, fried and sweet, with a hole in the middle, a sugary treat. Often paired with coffee, in mornings or breaks, a national favorite, for all it partakes. What is it?

  48. A river in Quebec, wide and grand, known for its beauty across the land. Historic and vital, to trade it was key, flowing through the province, to the sea. What is it?

  49. In the Yukon, a race of dogs and sleds, through snowy landscapes, where adventure treads. A test of endurance, in the cold and the wild, a journey of spirit, nature’s child. What is it?

  50. An island park, in a Great Lake, a peaceful retreat, a natural escape. Known for its trails and scenic views, a place for relaxation, away from the news. What is it?

  51. A Canadian snack, cheesy and crisp, orange and flavorful, a party’s accomplice. A staple of snack foods, in bags it’s found, in pantries and stores, all around. What is it?

  52. In Manitoba, a festival of winter’s charm, with sculptures of snow, cold but warm. A celebration of culture, with music and art, in the heart of the prairies, it plays its part. What is it?


  1. The CN Tower in Toronto.

  2. Niagara Falls.

  3. The Canadian Moose.

  4. Newfoundland.

  5. Winterlude in Ottawa.

  6. Curling.

  7. Montreal’s Mont Royal.

  8. The Trans-Canada Highway.

  9. Poutine.

  10. Ice Hockey.

  11. Nunavut.

  12. The Canadian Pacific Railway.

  13. The Canadian Flag.

  14. The Calgary Stampede in Calgary.

  15. The Polar Bear.

  16. The Plains of Abraham in Quebec City.

  17. Butchart Gardens in Victoria.

  18. Lake Louise in Alberta.

  19. The Northwest Passage.

  20. The Calgary Tower.

  21. Prince Edward Island.

  22. Meat Pie (Tourtière).

  23. The Fur Trade led by the Hudson’s Bay Company.

  24. The Niagara Peninsula.

  25. The Quebec Winter Carnival.

  26. The Capilano Suspension Bridge.

  27. The Alaska Highway.

  28. Baseball.

  29. Newfoundland and Labrador (specifically L’Anse aux Meadows for Viking history).

  30. Tourtière.

  31. Mount Assiniboine.

  32. The Mackenzie River.

  33. The Bay of Fundy.

  34. Saskatoon.

  35. Prince Edward Island.

  36. The Montreal International Jazz Festival.

  37. Banff National Park.

  38. Maple Syrup.

  39. Nunavut.

  40. The Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Power Stations at Niagara Falls.

  41. The Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa.

  42. The Citadel in Halifax.

  43. Meat Pie (Tourtière).

  44. Dinosaur Provincial Park.

  45. The Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

  46. St. Lawrence Market.

  47. The Canadian Doughnut (often simply called a ‘donut’ in Canada).

  48. The Saint Lawrence River.

  49. The Yukon Quest.

  50. Toronto Islands.

  51. Cheezies.

  52. The Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg.

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