25 Gilligan’s Island Trivia Questions

Welcome aboard the S.S. Minnow, where the adventures are endless and the trivia is abundant! Gilligan’s Island, the beloved television show that aired from 1964 to 1967, continues to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide with its whimsical escapades and unforgettable characters. 

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or just setting sail on this delightful journey, get ready to test your knowledge with these Gilligan’s Island trivia questions!

Let’s go. 

Gilligan’s Island Trivia Questions

  1. In the pilot episode of “Gilligan’s Island,” what was the name of the boat before it was officially named the S.S. Minnow?

  2. Which two characters on “Gilligan’s Island” were not mentioned by name in the original theme song, and why?

  3. What is the full name of the character known as “The Professor,” and what university did he reportedly teach at?

  4. During the series, the castaways encounter a variety of guest characters. Name the episode that features a character who claims to be a World War II Japanese soldier.

  5. What was the unique feature of the plant discovered by Gilligan that could be used as a powerful source of food, and what was its downside?

  6. “Gilligan’s Island” featured a famous episode with a dream sequence inspired by which William Shakespeare play?

  7. What was the name of the Soviet satellite that crashes on the island, and in which season and episode does this occur?

  8. The character Mary Ann hails from which U.S. state, and how does this detail contribute to her character’s background?

  9. In the show, a specific episode parodies the story of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” What does Gilligan turn into after drinking a potion?

  10. What was the original air date of the final episode of “Gilligan’s Island,” and how does the series conclude?

  11. What was the title of the unproduced episode that involved the castaways finally being rescued, and who was the supposed savior?

  12. In which episode does a famous silent film star make an appearance on the island, and what character do they play?

  13. What is the name of the episode where the castaways discover a prehistoric cave, and what unique item do they find inside?

  14. How does the character Thurston Howell III refer to money, and what is the significance of this terminology?

  15. What was the original working title of “Gilligan’s Island” before it was changed to its final name?

  16. Which character had a twin that appeared in the series, and in what episode does this occur?

  17. What notable physical characteristic did the actor who played Gilligan use to enhance his comedic performance?

  18. Which episode reveals the Skipper’s full name, and what is it?

  19. What unique method do the castaways use in an attempt to escape the island in the episode “Quick Before It Sinks”?

  20. What was the name of the band that visited the island, and in which episode do they appear?

  21. In the episode “The Postman Cometh,” what false news does a washed-up message bring to one of the castaways?

  22. What hobby does Mary Ann pursue that becomes a key plot point in several episodes?

  23. In which episode does a lion appear on the island, and how do the castaways deal with it?

  24. What was the name of Gilligan’s pet that made occasional appearances on the show, and what kind of animal was it?

  25. How does the series address the issue of power generation on the island?


  1. The boat was unnamed in the pilot episode, as the pilot was filmed with a generic boat for the purpose of the show’s presentation to networks.

  2. The characters not mentioned by name in the original theme song are “The Professor” and “Mary Ann” due to the song’s original lyrics focusing on the other characters; they were later added in subsequent seasons.

  3. The Professor’s full name is Roy Hinkley, and he reportedly taught at a college rather than a university; the specific institution is not mentioned in the series.

  4. The episode is “So Sorry, My Island Now,” featuring a character who believes he is still fighting World War II.

  5. The plant discovered by Gilligan was a source of a vegetable that could grow extremely large, providing ample food, but its downside was that it had a short shelf life and would quickly spoil.

  6. The dream sequence episode was inspired by “Hamlet,” featuring Gilligan in the titular role.

  7. The Soviet satellite was named “Gikotik,” and it appears in the episode “Nyet, Nyet, Not Yet” in Season 3.

  8. Mary Ann Summers hails from Kansas, and her Midwestern background contributes to her wholesome, down-to-earth personality.

  9. After drinking the potion, Gilligan turns into a mosquito-like creature in the episode, showcasing the show’s penchant for surreal and comedic scenarios.

  10. The original air date of the final episode was April 17, 1967. The series does not conclude with a definitive ending, leaving the castaways still stranded on the island.

  11. The unproduced episode titled “Rescue from Gilligan’s Island” was planned to have the castaways rescued by a character named “Lord Beasley Waterford,” a butterfly collector.

  12. In the episode “The Silent Movie,” silent film star Harold Gould guest stars as a movie director who ends up on the island.

  13. The episode is “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane,” where they find a prehistoric bird’s egg.

  14. Howell refers to money as “dough,” reflecting his casual attitude towards his vast wealth.

  15. The original working title was “Shipwrecked.”

  16. Ginger has a twin named “Eva Grubb” who appears in the episode “All About Eva.”

  17. Bob Denver (Gilligan) often used his physicality, especially his ability to perform pratfalls, to enhance his comedic performance.

  18. The Skipper’s full name, Jonas Grumby, is revealed in the episode “Goodbye Island.”

  19. They attempt to make the island float by filling it with helium-filled coconuts.

  20. The band was “The Mosquitoes,” and they appear in the episode “Don’t Bug the Mosquitoes.”

  21. The message falsely informs Mrs. Howell that Thurston Howell III has lost all his money.

  22. Mary Ann pursues farming, which helps the castaways sustain themselves.

  23. In “Feed the Kitty,” a lion escapes from a wrecked ship, and the castaways eventually manage to calm it with music.

  24. Gilligan’s pet was a monkey named “Skipper,” reflecting his close relationship with the Skipper.

  25. The series creatively addresses power generation through various makeshift inventions, often involving bicycles for manual power generation or using the island’s natural resources.
Gilligan’s Island Trivia Questions

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