37 New Girl Trivia Questions

Welcome, fellow New Girl enthusiasts! 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan who can recite every Winston prank or you just love a good dose of quirky humor, get ready to put your knowledge to the test! 

New Girl, the beloved sitcom that brought us the lovable Jess, the adorkable Nick, and a whole crew of unforgettable characters, has left us with countless memorable moments. 

So, grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of True American) and get ready to dive into some trivia that would make even Schmidt proud. 

Let’s see what you got.

New Girl Trivia Questions

  1. Throughout the series, Jess has held a number of different jobs. Can you list at least three different professions or job titles she has had, excluding any temporary gigs?

  2. Winston’s approach to pranking has been a running gag throughout the series. Describe one of his pranks that clearly illustrates how overly ambitious or “weirdly subtle” his pranking strategy could be.

  3. Nick Miller is known for his aspiration to be an author. Can you name the title of the novel he has been working on for years, including any detail about its plot or characters?

  4. Cece undergoes a significant career change during the series. What is her initial profession, and what new career path does she pursue later on?

  5. Schmidt has a distinctive first name that is not revealed until later in the series. What is Schmidt’s first name?

  6. The loft has been a central location throughout the series. Can you provide the address of the loft where Jess and her roommates live?

  7. Jess and Nick’s relationship is a key storyline. What is the name of the character played by Dermot Mulroney, who serves as a love interest for Jess and indirectly influences her relationship with Nick?

  8. True American is a fictional, elaborate drinking game featured in “New Girl.” Can you explain the basic rules of True American, as depicted in the series?

  9. Over the series, Jess develops a quirky and unique friendship with a character outside of the main group. Who is this character, and what is notable about their relationship?

  10. In the final season of “New Girl,” a time jump occurs. How many years into the future does the series jump, and what major life changes have occurred for the main characters during this time?

  11. Throughout the series, several famous faces make guest appearances. Can you name at least three celebrities who guest-starred on “New Girl” and the roles they played?

  12. Schmidt is known for his peculiar and often humorous use of the “Douchebag Jar.” Can you recall a specific instance or quote that resulted in Schmidt having to contribute to the jar?

  13. “New Girl” features a number of memorable holiday episodes. Describe the events of one Christmas episode, including the main plot and any significant character developments.

  14. The character Coach, played by Damon Wayans Jr., leaves the show after the pilot but then returns in later seasons. What reason is given for his initial departure and subsequent return?

  15. The game “True American” has a few variations introduced throughout the series. Describe the rules of one variation of the game as shown in an episode.

  16. Jess is known for her unique sense of style. Describe a memorable outfit or fashion choice that Jess makes in an episode and the context in which she wears it.

  17. Each character in “New Girl” has their own distinct quirks. What is one peculiar habit or preference of Nick’s, and how does it play into a storyline or joke in the series?

  18. The series finale of “New Girl” includes several callbacks to earlier seasons. Name one significant callback and explain its importance or relevance to the show’s conclusion.

  19. Throughout the series, the characters embark on various trips and outings. Detail one specific trip, including the destination, purpose, and any memorable moments or conflicts that arise.

  20. The dynamic between Jess and Cece evolves significantly from the start of the series to its conclusion. Discuss a pivotal moment in their friendship and how it reflects their growth.

  21. Nick’s bar plays a significant role in the series. What is the name of the bar, and what major event happens there that impacts the storyline or character relationships?

  22. Jess has a fear that is highlighted in a particular episode. What is she afraid of, and how does this fear manifest in a storyline?

  23. In the series, there’s a notable episode that revolves around a game night gone wrong. What happens during this game night, and how do the events affect the group dynamics?

  24. The character of Ferguson the cat becomes a beloved pet in the series. How does Winston come to adopt Ferguson, and what is one significant storyline involving Ferguson?

  25. Jess once takes on a unique challenge or project that significantly impacts her relationship with the loft mates. What is the project, and how does it affect her relationships?

  26. In an episode, a character is revealed to have an unexpected talent or hobby that surprises the other characters. What is the talent or hobby, and who possesses it?

  27. The series often features flashbacks to the characters’ pasts. Describe a flashback that reveals a surprising or unknown aspect of a character’s history.

  28. “New Girl” includes a memorable Thanksgiving episode where things don’t go as planned. Detail the events of this particular Thanksgiving episode, including the main mishap.

  29. A recurring theme in “New Girl” is the characters facing their fears or overcoming personal challenges. Describe a scenario where one of the characters confronts a fear or challenge, detailing the outcome.

  30. The show makes several references to a fictional TV show or movie that the characters occasionally watch or talk about. Name this fictional media and describe its significance or role in an episode.

  31. Throughout “New Girl,” the concept of the “roommate meeting” is used to address issues within the loft. Recount a specific roommate meeting and the issue it was called to resolve.

  32. There’s a specific episode where the gang tries to help Nick with his dating life. What unique strategy do they employ, and how does it unfold?

  33. Jess’s parents are portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner. Describe an episode that focuses on her relationship with her parents and any significant developments.

  34. The series finale of “New Girl” includes a twist or reveal about one of the characters. Without giving away spoilers, what is the nature of this twist or reveal?

  35. Schmidt and Cece’s wedding is a significant event in “New Girl.” What unexpected issue arises on their wedding day, and how is it resolved?

  36. In “New Girl,” there’s an episode that heavily features a physical object as a key plot point. Describe the object and its role in the episode.

  37. The series explores the theme of personal growth and change. Give an example of a character who undergoes significant personal growth, detailing the transformation.


  1. Jess has been a school teacher, vice principal, and principal.

  2. One example is when Winston attempted to prank Schmidt by putting a badger in his car, intending to scare him, but the plan goes awry when the badger escapes control.

  3. Nick has been working on a zombie-themed novel titled “Z Is for Zombie.”

  4. Cece starts as a model and later becomes a talent manager, opening her own modeling agency.

  5. Schmidt’s first name is revealed to be Winston.

  6. The address of the loft is 4D, 7590 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, California.

  7. Dermot Mulroney plays Russell, a wealthy, older man who dates Jess and complicates her feelings for Nick.

  8. True American is a game with a convoluted set of rules, involving a floor is lava concept, shouting presidential trivia, and navigating through zones to drink beer and reach a bottle of whiskey, which is the “King.”

  9. Jess forms an unusual friendship with her ex-boyfriend’s father, Bob Day, played by Rob Reiner, highlighting their odd but endearing bond.

  10. The series jumps three years into the future, showing major life changes such as Nick and Jess being married, Schmidt and Cece having a daughter named Ruth, and Winston and Aly expecting a child.

  11. Prince played himself in a party episode, Taylor Swift appeared as Elaine in a wedding episode, and Jamie Lee Curtis guest-starred as Joan, Jess’s mother.

  12. A memorable jar moment is when Schmidt suggests a “sexy roommate meeting,” and immediately, without hesitation, is told to put money in the jar.

  13. In one Christmas episode, Jess attempts to create a “White Christmas” inside the loft because they can’t go home for the holidays, leading to heartfelt exchanges and the strengthening of friendships.

  14. Coach’s initial departure is attributed to him moving out of the loft to live with a girlfriend. He returns after his relationship ends, rejoining the loft and resuming his role in the friendship group.

  15. One variation of “True American” introduced is a Clinton-themed version, where rules are adjusted to include references to political events and figures, though the core mechanics of the game remain centered around American history and drinking.

  16. A memorable Jess outfit is the chicken costume she wears in the episode where she is trying to cheer up a date who stood her up. It showcases her quirky and caring nature.

  17. Nick has a peculiar habit of fixing things around the loft with unconventional methods, like using a shoe as a hammer, which often becomes a source of humor and sometimes even a plot point.

  18. A significant callback in the series finale is the gang playing “True American” one last time, tying back to their many moments of camaraderie and symbolizing the end of an era.

  19. The group takes a trip to Mexico in the season three premiere. Jess and Nick are trying to solidify their new relationship, but their romantic getaway quickly turns chaotic, leading to conflicts and comical situations.

  20. A pivotal moment in Jess and Cece’s friendship occurs when they decide to get a friendship tattoo, but Cece backs out last minute, leading to a heartfelt confrontation and eventual reconciliation, showcasing the depth of their bond.

  21. The name of Nick’s bar is “The Griffin,” and a major event that happens there is Schmidt proposing to Cece, marking a significant development in their relationship.

  22. Jess reveals she has a fear of pogo sticks after a childhood accident. This fear is revisited when she confronts it during a loft party, leading to humorous and supportive moments from her friends.

  23. During the game night episode, secrets are revealed, and tensions rise, leading to arguments and hurt feelings among the group. The event tests their friendships but ultimately brings them closer together as they work through their issues.

  24. Winston adopts Ferguson after his then-girlfriend left the cat with him. A significant storyline involving Ferguson is when Winston must confront his own feelings of inadequacy and attachment as he considers breeding Ferguson.

  25. Jess decides to throw a “Parent Trap” style gathering in an attempt to reunite her divorced parents for Thanksgiving, affecting her relationships as she navigates the complexities of family dynamics.

  26. Nick’s unexpected talent is his ability to write emotional theme songs for himself, surprising the group with his depth and creativity.

  27. A flashback reveals Schmidt was overweight in college, which surprises many who only know the fit, confident Schmidt of the present, highlighting his personal growth and the origins of his insecurities.

  28. In one Thanksgiving episode, the turkey gets locked inside the oven, leading to a series of comedic and chaotic attempts to salvage the holiday dinner.

  29. Jess confronts her fear of public speaking in an episode where she must give a speech at a school event, ultimately overcoming her anxiety with support from her friends.

  30. The fictional TV show frequently referenced is “Chicago” (a parody of procedural dramas). It serves as a bonding activity for the characters and is used to parallel or contrast with their real-life situations.

  31. A memorable roommate meeting was called to address Nick’s lack of contribution to the housework, showcasing the group’s dynamics and ability to address communal living issues.

  32. To help Nick with his dating life, the gang sets up a series of speed dating at the bar. The plan spirals into unexpected revelations about everyone’s perceptions of dating and relationships.

  33. An episode focusing on Jess’s parents shows them coming together for Thanksgiving, leading to Jess trying and failing to recreate their past happiness, which brings up significant developments in understanding her family dynamics.

  34. The series finale reveals Nick and Jess’s future, providing a satisfying conclusion to their on-again, off-again relationship without spoiling the specific details of their journey.

  35. On Schmidt and Cece’s wedding day, the venue falls through. The group comes together to organize a makeshift wedding at the loft, showcasing their friendship and the theme of overcoming obstacles together.

  36. A key plot point revolves around a broken aquarium, which not only causes physical chaos in the loft but also serves as a catalyst for addressing underlying tensions among the characters.

  37. Schmidt undergoes significant personal growth from a self-centered, insecure man into a caring husband and father, showing how his relationships with the other main characters and his own self-reflection lead to maturity.
37 New Girl Trivia Questions

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