48 The Office Trivia Questions

Welcome to Scranton, Pennsylvania, the home of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, a place where paper sales are just the tip of the iceberg. 

The Office, a beloved sitcom created by Greg Daniels, has left an indelible mark on pop culture with its quirky characters, hilarious antics, and memorable quotes. 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test with this ultimate Office trivia quiz!

Let’s go. 

The Office Trivia Questions

  1. What is the full name of the Scranton Strangler, a character mentioned throughout the series?

  2. During the “Dinner Party” episode, what is the name of Jan’s candle company?

  3. In “The Duel” episode, what specific make and model is Dwight’s car that Andy damages?

  4. What is the exact title of the book that Michael Scott writes?

  5. In the episode “Product Recall,” Jim impersonates Dwight. Name the specific items Jim purchases to complete his costume.

  6. What is the name of the screenplay written by Michael Scott?

  7. Name the exclusive club that Pam, Oscar, and Toby establish in the episode “Branch Wars.”

  8. In “The Convict” episode, what is the name of the prison-based character Michael invents?

  9. During the “Niagara” episodes, what specific song does Andy play on his banjo?

  10. What is the name of the property that Dwight converts into a bed and breakfast?

  11. In which episode does Michael fall into a koi pond, and what is the name of the client he is visiting?

  12. What is the name of the machine that Dwight installs at the office entrance to take everyone’s temperature in the “Lecture Circuit” episode?

  13. What specific type of farm does Dwight own?

  14. In “The Job” episode, what is the brand and model of the printer Pam uses to print her résumé?

  15. What is the name of Angela’s cat that Dwight euthanizes?

  16. Name the video game that Kevin Malone is exceptionally good at, as revealed in the series.

  17. What is the name of Michael Scott’s alter ego that he introduces during his lecture at Ryan’s business school?

  18. In “The Fire” episode, who is revealed to have started the fire in the toaster oven?

  19. What unique gift does Jim give Pam that originally belonged to his grandmother?

  20. Name the board game created by Jim Halpert that appears in the series.

  21. In “Stress Relief: Part 1,” what is the name of the movie the office watches during CPR training?

  22. Who is the only character to successfully cross the coal walk in “Beach Games”?

  23. What is the name of the paper company Dunder Mifflin merges with in season 6?

  24. What specific item does Jim put in Jell-O in the pilot episode?

  25. In “Frame Toby,” what does Michael buy from the vending machine to make friends with the new HR rep?

  26. What is the name of Dwight’s cousin who frequently appears on the show?

  27. During “The Surplus” episode, what does Oscar suggest they use the surplus for?

  28. What is the name of the invention that Kevin proposes in “The Seminar” episode?

  29. In “Goodbye, Toby,” what does Michael buy as a going-away gift for Toby?

  30. Name the company that buys Dunder Mifflin.

  31. In “The Injury,” what specific breakfast item is Michael cooking when he burns his foot?

  32. What is the name of the annual award ceremony hosted by Michael Scott?

  33. What is the title of the only original song performed by Andy Bernard and his college a cappella group in the series?

  34. In the episode “Lecture Circuit,” what is the name of the cat Angela wants to adopt from the animal shelter?

  35. What is the full name of the Scranton Business Park’s security guard introduced in Season 6?

  36. In “Weight Loss,” what specific diet does Dwight prescribe for the office, based on historical figures?

  37. Name the video game console that appears in the break room in later seasons.

  38. In “The Deposition,” what nickname is Michael referred to in Jan’s lawsuit documents?

  39. What does Michael burn his foot on in “The Injury” episode?

  40. In “Garage Sale,” what is the name of the legume-based currency that Dwight invents?

  41. What is the name of the company founded by Ryan Howard?

  42. In the episode “Local Ad,” Jim creates a second life character for Dwight. What is the name of Dwight’s character?

  43. During “The Merger,” what is the name of the Stamford branch employee who claims to have a black belt in karate?

  44. What is the name of the program Michael invents to cover his tracks when he’s procrastinating at work?

  45. In “Moroccan Christmas,” what is the name of the drink that leads to Meredith’s hair catching on fire?

  46. What is the title of the action movie starring Michael Scarn, a character created by Michael Scott?

  47. Name the HR representative who replaces Toby Flenderson while he is in Costa Rica.

  48. In “Niagara,” what does Michael accidentally reveal about Pam to her grandmother?


  1. George Howard Skub

  2. Serenity by Jan

  3. 1987 Pontiac Trans Am

  4. “Somehow I Manage”

  5. A mustard-colored dress shirt, a brown suit, and a dark brown tie.

  6. “Threat Level Midnight”

  7. The Finer Things Club

  8. Prison Mike

  9. “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver

  10. Schrute Farms

  11. “Koi Pond,” they visit Mr. A. Knife.

  12. Thermo-Stat

  13. Beet farm

  14. Lexmark X342n

  15. Sprinkles

  16. Call of Duty

  17. Michael Klump

  18. Ryan Howard

  19. A teapot filled with personal mementos.

  20. “Hate Ball


  22. Pam Beesly

  23. Sabre

  24. Dwight’s stapler

  25. A whole bunch of reams of paper.

  26. Mose Schrute

  27. A new copier

  28. The “Keleven”

  29. A rock with the inscription “Suck on this”

  30. Sabre

  31. Bacon

  32. The Dundies

  33. “Take a Chance on Me” by ABBA

  34. Princess Lady

  35. Hank Tate

  36. The Schrute Buck

  37. Xbox 360

  38. “The Tool Man” (though not explicitly mentioned, he’s mocked with various insinuations about his intelligence and usefulness)

  39. George Foreman Grill

  40. Schrute Bucks

  41. WUPHF.com

  42. Dwight Shelford

  43. Andy Bernard (though it’s later revealed he doesn’t actually have a black belt until Season 9)

  44. Dunder Mifflin Infinity

  45. Flaming Moe/Homer (though in the context of the show, it’s likely a parody, the drink is reminiscent of the “Flaming Moe” from The Simpsons)

  46. “Threat Level Midnight”

  47. Holly Flax

  48. Pam is pregnant.

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